Latest Cannabis News (2 June 2020)

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Herbie’s is back with another installment of the latest cannabis news. The world is changing every day, and the world of cannabis is changing with it. Check out these snippets from recent articles highlighting cannabis in the news.

Marijuana Dispensary Looted, Owner Values Justice Over Profits

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In the midst of national anger regarding police brutality, a well-known dispensary in Los Angeles, Cookies, was looted during Saturday’s massive protests provoked by the murder of George Floyd. The San Francisco-based pot shop was broken into by looters who subsequently stole products. Police are shown in a video to be in the vicinity, but no arrests appear to have been made. The owner of Cookies, a rapper who goes by Berner, says he is less concerned about the damage to his business, and more troubled by the underlying injustices being stressed by protestors. Berner values justice overall, showing solidarity with protestors.

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Ancient Israelites Burned Cannabis During Worship


In a 2,700 year old temple in Tel Arad, Archaeologists identified a well-preserved substance as THC-containing cannabis, the BBC reports. It seems that it may have been burned to induce a high among worshippers, which would be the first evidence of psychoactive substances being used in early Jewish worship. On two altars were found Frankincense, which is prominent in religious texts, and cannabis containing THC, CBD, and CBN. Researchers conclude that ancient Israelites must have burned cannabis as part of their religious rituals, and are studying other similar shrines.

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THC Is Detectable In Semen, Study Finds

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Finally, some interesting new cannabis research has come to light. In a study of 12 participants, researchers were able to detect delta-9 THC in two subjects’ semen samples. All of the 12 participants were “heavy” users of cannabis, meaning they consumed weed for 25-30 days out of the last month, and most reported to have been smoking pot regularly for at least five years. This is the first study to report whether THC can cross the blood test barrier, specifically in the human reproductive system. The researches appear to have succeeded, but with results that ask more questions. It’s unclear why only two of the semen samples tested positive for THC, and more research needs to be done to determine how exactly THC affects sperm. This definitely lays some groundwork for future studies.

Cannabis: Bridging The Gap

It’s pretty wild to consider how just one plant, cannabis, can be used in so many ways, and be interesting to people from all walks of life. Its prominence in the economy, history, and the medical world shows just how diverse people really are: researchers, business owners, and religious leaders alike have been interested in this magical plant’s effects. Overall, cannabis continues to make the news in a variety of ways.

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