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Male Vs. Female Cannabis
18 August 2020
Male Vs. Female Cannabis: How To Identify The Sex Of Your Plant
As much as we love cannabis in all its entirety, most growers would prefer having female weed plants over male ones in their garden at any given time. That’s because female cannabis has some great advantages for growers and smokers alike (not to diminish the value of male weed plants, which are essential for breeding purposes). In regular cannabis seeds, the split between the two sexes comes close to 50%/50%. So, if you’re looking to grow female plants only, or even both types together, knowing the differences between male and female cannabis plants and how to sex them on time is essential. Don’t let the success of your harvest rely on pure chance – learn the crucial skill of sexing weed in this article.
cannabis trichomes
28 January 2020
What Are Cannabis Trichomes?
Cannabis is an extremely complex plant. If you’ve ever taken a closer look at the plant itself, you’ve likely noticed a bunch of tiny, glistening crystals that cover the buds and leaves like a blanket. They’re what’s known as trichomes, and they play a very important role in cannabis composition.
The best time to harvest
16 January 2020
When Is The Best Time To Harvest Your Cannabis Plants?
Harvesting your cannabis plants is a culmination of months-long growing efforts. Timing it right is crucial as it ensures that flavors, effects, and the overall quality of cannabis buds will be just as you expected. In fact, early or late harvesting can put into question all of your hopes and expectations from your crop. To help you harvest your plants in the correct timeframe, we have put together all of our harvesting know-hows to guide you to the best growing results and allow you to enjoy cannabis cultivation.
grades of weed
30 April 2020
Different Grades Of Weed: How High Can You Go?
Marijuana is a natural product. While most of the time, this aspect of weed is celebrated and even revered, it also means that every single bud consumed has gone through several stages of life before coming to you. With each of the steps such as breeding, flowering or storing, there’s the opportunity to add quality and value to the product. However, there’s also the chance of something going wrong, with the end product coming out as nothing more than schwag. But what’s the actual difference between different grades of bud? Let us explain.
how much weed will one plant produce
18 February 2020
How Much Weed Does One Plant Produce?
There are two main goals for every cannabis grower. Obviously, they need to grow quality plants. However, they also need to grow large in terms of weight. But how much weed does one plant produce? That’s something of a loaded question. In fact, there are numerous variables that can affect how much weed a grower can harvest per plant.
Cannabis Ruderalis Strains
29 January 2020
What Is Cannabis Ruderalis? Definition, Effects, And More
Quite often in modern culture, we see how things that have been around forever undergo a revival thanks to advanced research and modern-day applications. Cannabis Ruderalis is a great example of such a phenomenon taking place in the marijuana industry. While cannabis Ruderalis plants are ancient in nature, their unique characteristics are affecting today’s world of weed more than ever before. Let’s review the past, present, and future of the species to find out how cannabis Ruderalis and its unique characteristics are used in the modern cannabis market.
How To Increase Cannabis Yield
15 March 2020
How To Increase Cannabis Yield
One of the ultimate goals that every marijuana grower has in mind is increasing their cannabis yield. That being said, several factors can negatively impact your yield. Therefore, you need to be ready and prepared to overcome these problems to protect it. Factors like harvesting time, climate issues, nutrition, etc. can make or break your yield, so you need to be sure to handle these correctly to get the best out of your cannabis crop. This article will guide you through several important tips that will explain how to maximize any cannabis yield.
How To Decarb Weed
2 April 2020
How To Decarb Weed
If you’ve ever been interested in making your own edibles, you may have run across the first step in your recipe as being to “decarb your weed.” But what exactly is decarbing and why is it necessary? Doesn't weed just get you high however you ingest it? While the answer is actually much more scientific, the process of decarbing is easy enough to follow, so you'll be properly informed and never have to purchase edibles ever again.
how fast does weed grow
12 March 2020
How Long Does It Take To Grow Weed?
If you’ve never grown your own cannabis before, it can be an incredibly fun and rewarding project to take on. However, there are many details to acquaint yourself with before you get started. If you’re asking yourself, “How long does it take to grow marijuana?” or “How fast can weed grow?” then sit back and let us walk you through it! In this article, we’ll be introducing you to different grow times for various strains and discussing the stages of maturity of cannabis plants.