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9 November 2021
10 Top Weed Apparel Brands We Love
As an important aspect of your life, it’s only natural to want to express your love of cannabis through fashion. From simple plant-based weed clothing brands to fun statement pieces that never fail to turn heads, the world of weed apparel stretches far and wide to meet your unique style preferences.
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Best strains for relaxation
5 October 2021
The Only 7 Best Strains for Relaxation You Will Ever Need
Times may be pretty strange and uncertain right now, but it’s also possible to take this time to practice some (probably long-overdue) self-care. It’s never been more okay than it is right now to take some time to wind down on the couch, sit around your house and do basically nothing – so why not enjoy your time with a strain of cannabis that will absolutely amplify your couch-filled days? For whenever you need to relax, weed from this list should be your first stop on the way to the ultimate chill. Here are our best strains for relaxation:
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16 August 2021
People Answer: Therapeutic Cannabis Use
Weed can be a source of great fun, but it’s also a potent medicine. The research of therapeutic cannabis use is still coming to its full force, but it’s already safe to say that marijuana is proved active against many conditions and ailments. Cannabis helps mental health, eating and sleeping disorders, pains, and more. In this edition of People Answer we asked our readers to share what health benefits of cannabis they’re experiencing the most, and here are they’re answers.
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21 July 2021
People Answer: Crazy Weed Stories Edition
No weed smoking session is the same, but some highs are definitely crazier than others! This time we asked growers to remember their weed experiences and share their crazy and funny high stories with us.
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People Answer: What is Your Favorite Strain to Grow?
28 June 2021
People Answer: What is Your Favorite Strain to Grow?
Choosing a cannabis seed to grow can be one hell of a challenge, especially considering that only at Herbies we have more than 2000 strains available for purchase. That’s why, to help facilitate your choice, we asked some stoners from all over the globe to share their favorite weed strain to grow. Perhaps, their choice can give you some direction on the way to finding your own favorite strain of weed?
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best strains for creativity
18 June 2021
Best Cannabis Strains for Creativity: Find Your Inner Genius
For centuries, famous artists have applauded cannabis for its beneficial properties, specifically in fueling their creativity and widening the imagination for their work and art. With widespread legalization, cannabis consumers are more and more prone to using marijuana at home or work to promote their creative senses while providing fine-tuned focus. If you’re looking to benefit from the same effects, read on for the 6 best strains for creativity.
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4 June 2021
People Answer: What Cannabis Seeds are You Going to Be Growing in 2022?
Sometimes when looking for the highest rated weed online, it’s really helpful to learn from the experiences of fellow growers. That’s why to help you find a real top cannabis strain to grow this year, we asked some growers “What are you going to be growing in 2022?”. They answered, and now you can read 5 different takes on the number one weed strain to grow in 2022.
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2 June 2021
Best Weed Lube Recipe To Ignite Better Intimacy
Content What is DIY weed lube?Weed lube: THC or CBD?THC weed lube effectsBest strains for making THC lubeCBD weed lube effectsBest strains for making CBD lubeEffects of combined THC and CBD
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What Are Your Weed Growing Tips?
18 May 2021
People Answer: What Are Your Weed Growing Tips?
Despite its name, weed rarely grows and yields plentiful harvests on its own. Cannabis cultivation is a process that’s learned through experience and experimentation, trial and errors. Another great source of weed growing wisdom is, without a doubt, fellow growers. Today we’re asking our readers “What’s your secret to growing perfect weed?”. And here’s what they think.
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