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12 May 2021
People Answer: What’s in Your Weed Stash?
The choice of cannabis strains and seeds these days is nothing short of overwhelming. How do you navigate this abundance and choose what to try next? One way to do it is to ask your fellow growers and tokers: what’s in your weed stash right now? We, at Herbies, did exactly this and asked some weed enthusiasts about the strains they turn to these days. Let’s get to their answers - your next favorite strain might be right there!
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People Answer: What’s Your Favorite Strain?
4 May 2021
People Answer: What’s Your Favorite Strain?
Here at Herbies Blog we often post lists of the best weed strains in many categories - we do our research and handpick varieties according to our own tastes, customer observations, and expert opinions. Anyhow, we think it’s about time to hand over the baton to our readers. At the end of the day, we trust their perspective as our own!
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How do cannabis-infused topicals work?
24 March 2021
The Many Benefits Of Cannabis Topicals & How To Make Your Own
Content How do cannabis-infused topicals work?Health benefits of cannabis topicals Making your own marijuana topicalHow to make cannabis salveHow to make a canna lotion or cream
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Cannabis roots recipes
26 February 2021
Cannabis Roots: Easy Recipes To Try Today For Many Health Benefits
Content Cannabis roots in historyThe medicinal valueCancer treatmentCannabis roots for your Tea with cannabis rootsCannabis roots & skin care
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Ganja Yoga
8 February 2021
Nirvana Of Ganja Yoga: Start Doing Yoga High And Find A Perfect Strain For Practice
Content History of weed in yogaBenefits of using weed for yogaThings to keep in mindTips for doing ganja yogaBest strains for high yogaStarting your day off right with a half-hour of yoga and a bowl packed full of weed might be just the workout experience you’re looking for. Interestingly, marijuana is a secret ingredient to yoga that could provide a boost for elevated practice. Read on to learn more about “ganja yoga” and which strains are best to pair with it.
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Fun Smoking Games
27 January 2021
Fun Smoking Games To Play With Friends While Smoking Weed (PART III)
Herbies cares about the way you smoke weed, and as we want you to have the best possible experience, we’re ready to present nine more weed challenges and fun smoking games for you to have the time of your life! Do you have your stash full and friends ready? Then keep reading and we’ll give you some ideas for having a night to remember!
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Fun Smoking Games
12 January 2021
Fun Smoking Games To Play With Friends While Smoking Weed (PART II)
Today, we’re back with a new list of fun smoking games to play while high. Plenty of practice has shown that these games are also perfect for when you want to get high as never before while also sharing a great moment with your friends. Ready for nine more ideas for a great time? Let’s go!
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Time For Some Netflix And Weed
4 January 2021
Marijuana Marathon: Cannabis-Themed Episodes From Your Favorite Shows
Marijuana can be quite the hilarious topic in television, leading to all kinds of shenanigans and hijinks. A cannabis-themed marathon just might be in your future after checking out this list of some of our favorite television episodes about weed. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to smoke along with the characters as you watch!
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Fun Smoking Games
30 December 2020
Fun Smoking Games To Play With Friends While Smoking Weed
You might think smoking weed is an activity that’s already perfect in every sense. We agree! However, a little variety brought to group smoking sessions never hurts. In this series of articles, we’ve compiled some of the best games to play while smoking weed. Go through it and find something to try with your friends the next time you light up. Ready, set, go!
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