People Answer: Therapeutic Cannabis Use

People Answer: Therapeutic Cannabis Use

Weed can be a source of great fun, but it’s also a potent medicine. The research of therapeutic cannabis use is still coming to its full force, but it’s already safe to say that marijuana is proved active against many conditions and ailments. Cannabis helps mental health, eating and sleeping disorders, pains, and more. In this edition of People Answer we asked our readers to share what health benefits of cannabis they’re experiencing the most, and here are they’re answers.

WeedKB uses Cannabis For Pain

Cannabis Strains For Pain Relief

I love to smoke weed with my friends, but this doesn’t happen too often. Usually, I smoke alone, late in the evening, and sometimes wonder if I’m really a medical user. When you’re so tired from a day’s work that your whole body is sore, the warm and fuzzy feeling from the smoke acts like a mild painkiller.

Also, maybe once every year or so, I get a sudden pain in my stomach. I don’t know if it's the gall bladder or intestines or something, but the spasm and the pain feel severe and nauseating and last for a couple of hours. I used to tough it out, but one time I said to myself: why not try weed?

So I fill my tiny pipe and think: well, at least the effect will DISTRACT me from the pain. I make one hit, hold it, lay the pipe down, and like PUFF the pain is gone. I mean one moment I’m writhing in pain, the next... nothing. And I’m not even high yet, just a bit buzzy in my chest and shoulders. I don’t know how that happens, but I have since learned that weed is extremely effective when there’s something wrong with your gut.

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Stephanie uses Marijuana for Sleep

How to Stop Algae from Growing in Hydroponics

I have trouble sleeping. My main use of cannabis is to help me sleep at night and there are some great strains out there that do the trick. Right now, the best one I have tried is Do-Si-Dos OG. The THC content ensures that it will provide relaxation and rest.

Do-Si-Dos OG (Original Sensible Seeds) Do-Si-Dos OG (Original Sensible Seeds)
  • Photoperiod
  • 28 %
  • Liberate your mind
  • 600 g/m² indoors
    800 g/plant outdoors
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If you are new to Do-Si-Dos OG, start slow. It may take a few minutes for the full effect to kick in but when it does, it will numb you. It makes me feel lazy and tired and ready for sleep. Getting more sleep definitely helps my well-being as it ensures I have energy to tackle the next day.

Rowan uses Cannabis to Treat Anxiety and Boost Creativity

How to Stop Algae from Growing in Hydroponics

Since I am a music producer, I've always found weed to help with my creativity flow when I am having a writer’s block moment. Sometimes when producing for hours on end, taking a break and hitting a joint is always a great way to ground me and hear my music from a different angle too. This helps replenish my creative stores and allows me to carry on producing late into the night.

Weed has also always been a great help to my anxiety and will often help me feel comforted when being alone for a couple of days. When I work, I am often alone in the studio for days at a time and am so focused on my work that I don’t get a chance to pick up my phone and chat with friends and family. This is when cannabis can be a great companion and bring me that comfort and ease with being in my own mind. Weed can be very stabilizing for some people and I am one of those people.

George and His Daily Cannabis Therapy

How to Stop Algae from Growing in Hydroponics

I pretty much use cannabis daily to help my well-being. In the morning, a puff of some good sativa like Super Lemon Haze helps me get out of bed and start the day off right. Combining it with a cup of coffee is one of the best ways to super-charge my day with both creativity and focus.

Super Lemon Haze (GHS) Super Lemon Haze (GHS)
  • Photoperiod
  • 19.33 %
  • On wings of High
  • 800 g/m² indoors
    1200 g/plant outdoors
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I’ll chief another bowl of a sativa or hybrid later in the day, sometime between noon and 2:00 PM, to give me the little boost I need to finish out the day.

Finally, once I’m done for the day and ready to take a load off, I’ll spark up some indica-dominant genetics to help me de-stress, relax, and get me nice and hungry for dinnertime.

Rose and Her Use of Cannabis for Mental Health

How to Stop Algae from Growing in Hydroponics

Cannabis can be powerful medicine for so many mental illnesses and disorders, especially those that often require strong psychiatric medication. Chronic depression has been a big part of my life since losing my mother when I was young. I later went on to be diagnosed with multiple anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia, and an eating disorder. Once I discovered the huge benefit that smoking weed could have on all of these diagnoses, I used it daily for many years to help me recover. When recovering from my eating disorder especially, weed helped me find an appetite again and helped me to overcome the worry and care about my appearance. For many years I would start my day smoking to help me cope, lower my anxiety levels, and help uplift me from depressive feelings. I was able to laugh more freely, feel more comfortable around friends, and build up my physical health. Today, I do not smoke for various reasons, but I avidly use CBD oil for anxiety and am dying to try a high CBD medicinal strain in the future, as in my country we do not have medicinal weed available unless grown ourselves.

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Dinah Uses Cannabis For Appetite

How to Stop Algae from Growing in Hydroponics

At times, I suffer from appetite loss. This often happens when I am stressed or disturbed. I didn't realize, or rather, believe that after smoking weed someone can eat heavily.

There is this day I hadn't eaten anything the whole day. I was up and about with my daily routine of hectic classes. These classes drain me honestly. The only thing I crave after a tiresome day is sleep, not food.

I had to eat because it would be pointless having to sleep on an empty stomach, only to be woken up in the wee hours of the night by hunger. I had my blunts in the house, so I smoked one, of which I didn't even finish.

Within a jiffy of Pineapple Chunk, I could feel the urge of wanting to eat. Luckily, I had bought some fries earlier. I fried two eggs and had my dinner. I felt relieved because I was full and I had eaten a nice meal.

From that day, whenever I lack appetite I would first smoke then definitely eat. I would recommend someone else to try if you have a similar problem.

Also, weed kind of increases my concentration and proactivity, I don't know if this works for you too!

Sometimes I can decide to study in the middle of the night or work on something. After smoking, I can go for many hours without getting tired or bored. But once I am done, I wouldn't want any form of disturbance because I'll have exhausted all my strength. I'll want to rest, nothing more, nothing less.

Lola and Her Use of Weed for Focus

How to Stop Algae from Growing in Hydroponics

When I first started smoking weed, it was an alternative to alcohol. So, in that sense, marijuana indirectly improved my health. I didn’t drink a huge amount before, but I was living the typical boozy university lifestyle. For me, marijuana gave me all the relaxing effects I wanted in a social situation, with none of the side effects associated with alcohol. With a joint, I find it a lot easier to manage my dosing and just enjoy the high. With alcohol, 1-2 drinks would too often turn into a row of shots tonight and a banging hangover the next day.

Gorilla Zkittlez (Barney's Farm) Gorilla Zkittlez (Barney's Farm)
  • Photoperiod
  • Total tranquillity
  • 24 %
  • 600 - 700 g/m² indoors
    2000 - 2500 g/plant outdoors
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Now, I really appreciate the high I experience when smoking/vaping. I’m a doer – I’m constantly starting new projects, chasing various pipe dreams and striving for success. Smoking weed helps me to slow down and focus on nothing apart from what’s right in front of me. A puff of Gorilla Zkittlez can be really helpful for work, when I can’t concentrate on that really frustrating task. It also just helps me tune out from all the stresses of the world, when I want a nice relaxing evening.

Tanya and Her Use of Cannabis for Mental Health

How to Stop Algae from Growing in Hydroponics

I started smoking weed when I was around 14 years old. Why so young? Because everyone else was doing it of course. I slotted in easily with cannabis culture and at 15 years old I was even identifying as a rasta!

Around the same time, I started suffering from depression. Waking up each day was torture, I was hardly eating and it was like I couldn’t bear living through each day. The only thing that brought me comfort and a reason to exist was smoking a soothing joint.

When I smoked weed, the world became instantly bearable like a huge physical weight had been lifted from my shoulders. My mind stopped racing and sometimes it would give me a much-needed appetite too. But my medicine was illegal and I usually had to get it from dodgy drug dealers and of course, I had to hide it from my parents.

They noticed my depression and not knowing any better they took the advice of the doctor and put me on strong, chemical antidepressants. The particular brand I took, Seroxat, has since been banned for under 18-year-olds. Needless to say, I had a really bad time with them and they made my condition much worse.

I’ve no doubt that weed saved me, spiritually and medically and I would go so far as to say it cured my deep depression. When you smoke it, it gives you a different outlook on life and helps you to put things into perspective. It physically relaxes you and encourages you to be creative which is also good for well-being. It’s not for everyone though, sometimes it can heighten anxiety and paranoia, but for me, it was, and continues to be the perfect medicine.

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What’s Your Story?

From these answers you can clearly see that cannabis and mental health go hand in hand. The herb also proves to be helpful in treating pains and appetite loss. But how is cannabis good for your health? Let us know in the comments below about your personal experiences with therapeutic cannabis use, we’d love to hear from you!

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