Blueberry Pot Tart feminized seeds

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Blueberry Pot Tart is a feminized cannabis strain famous for its intense blueberry flavor. An Indica-dominant hybrid containing an average 22% THC by dry weight, it provides potent mood-elevating effects, while the enchantingly sharp blueberry flavors are enriched further by the subtle tastes of grape and banana. However, unlike most Indica varieties, Blueberry Pot Tart is equally suited for daytime use due to its anti-anxiety and stress-relieving properties.

  • Dr Krippling Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Work with a smile on your face
  • Blueberry x Critical
  • 60 days
  • Mid October
  • 22 %

Blueberry Pop Tart: A Potent And Uplifting High

Blueberry Pot Tart is a feminized cannabis variety with an impressive 22% THC by dry weight. This Indica-dominant hybrid is capable of reducing anxiety and depression, improving mood and promoting total relaxation. Due to its substantial mood-elevating traits, Blueberry Pot Tart is best suited for early morning consumption for all-day stress relief and anti-depression effects.

Enchanting Blueberry Flavor And Aroma

Blueberry Pot Tart delights the senses with perhaps one of the fruitiest strains in existence. The enchantingly sharp blueberry flavors are enriched further with the subtle tastes of grape and banana. Meanwhile, the intense spicy fragrance and musky undertones of Blueberry Pot Tart suggest complex notes of petrol and skunk. 

Blueberry Pot Tart: A Rare Hybrid That Thrives Outdoors

Blueberry Pot Tart is an Indica-dominant feminized cannabis variety of medium to tall height. Its indoor flowering time is about 60 days from seed, while outdoor cultivators can expect to see buds at some point in mid-October. Blueberry Pot Tart yields an average of 350g/m2 depending on indoor/outdoor conditions.

  • This strain is rare hybrid that thrives better in outdoor conditions, though it’s additionally suitable for indoor grow ops.
  • Early pruning will help encourage more horizontal growth and higher bud production.
  • Prune interior branches and stems occasionally to help prevent mildew, disease and other damaging conditions. 

Blueberry Kush Crossed With Critical Kush Genetics

Blueberry Pot Tart is the direct result of crossbreeding Blueberry Kush with Critical Kush genetics. The merging of these two legendary strains yields an Indica-dominant hybrid with potent mood-elevating effects. Unlike most Indica varieties, however, Blueberry Pot Tart is equally ideal for daytime use due to its ability to help decrease depression thanks to its uplifting and anti-anxiety effects.

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