Let’s Dive Into A Detective Mystery Challenge!

27 February 2020

Detective Challenge

At Herbies, there’s always time to have fun and win some goodies! This challenge is for those with a good eye for detail and want some freebies. So grab some coffee, put your glasses on and enjoy the Detective Mystery challenge!

What Are The Rules?

In Detective Mystery, the challenge is to find the secret word hidden on our website letter by letter.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Find all letters scattered randomly among the seed photos on herbiesheadshop.com.
  2. Make screenshots of these letters.
  3. Make a word out of these letters and email it to [email protected] with the screenshots attached.

Here are some clues:

November x2

The three lucky participants who are first to find the letters and unscramble the word will get two packs of their choice from the goodies below :

The letters are hidden on the seed photos only! Don't look for them on banners, social networks, text materials or websites other than herbiesheadshop.com.

Have fun!