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Cannabis Seeds on Gold Coast

Cannabis Seeds on Gold Coast

Recreational cannabis on the Gold Coast remains illegal even though medical marijuana was legalized in 2016. If you suffer from a chronic disease, you can apply for a medical license to be able to grow medical cannabis seeds. Although weed is largely illegal in Queensland, that doesn't stop some growers from sprouting their seeds (with enough privacy). Below, you’ll find everything you need to know prior to planting and growing pot seeds on the Gold Coast.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds on Gold Coast?

Cannabis seeds are considered a novelty item and not a drug as long as they don’t germinate. This means it’s legal to buy marijuana seeds on the Gold Coast, but you’ll hardly find any local providers, so your best option would be getting them from an online seed bank.

Can You Grow Cannabis on Gold Coast?

Can You Grow Cannabis on Gold Coast

Like in the majority of Australia, cannabis cultivation and possession for recreational use is illegal in the state of Queensland. Penalties can range from small fines to jail terms. You’ll need to get a license from the Health Department to legally purchase and grow medical marijuana (under strict controls). As you can guess, finding marijuana seeds for sale on the Gold Coast is no easy task, so read on to know your options.

What to Consider When Buying Weed Seeds on Gold Coast

Aside from the laws in the state, it’s time to learn about the climate and the strains suitable for it. It’s important to know these things to avoid any trouble while growing. Read on to learn more about the Gold Coast climate and the strains that will bring the best yields.

Climate on Gold Coast

Queensland has a subtropical climate with hot and humid summers, while winters are cool to mild. The Gold Coast has around 300 days of sunshine each year but still gets plenty of rain, making it an ideal place for cannabis growing. If you live on the Gold Coast, you can grow your plants from August until May. Such a long growing period is great for the cultivation of Sativa-dominant strains with long flowering cycles. However, keep in mind that humidity levels can get pretty high in this area, so getting mold-resistant strains will be crucial for a successful harvest.

Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds on Gold Coast

Looking for the best place that offers cannabis seeds for sale on the Gold Coast but don’t know where to start? Since there aren’t many trusted local providers there, it’s time to look for a reputable seed bank that ships to the city. Herbies is your go-to place to buy marijuana seeds online on the Gold Coast – our catalog offers hundreds of strains with premium genetics for the most affordable prices, while our 24/7 customer service is there to help you handle any issues you might run into. To top it off, we ship our seeds to Australia in stealth packaging for maximum safety.

Best Cannabis Strains to Grow on Gold Coast

Choosing the right pot seeds for your climate will allow you to manage your crops without stress. Right below, we’ve selected the top five strains to grow on the Gold Coast.

Pineapple Chunk (Barney's Farm)

Pineapple Chunk (Barney's Farm) Pineapple Chunk (Barney's Farm)
  • Photoperiod
  • Couch-locking stone
  • 600 g/m² indoors
  • 25 %
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Pineapple Chunk is an award-winning Indica-dominant strain that was made by crossing Pineapple, Skunk #1, and Cheese varieties. This combo resulted in a hybrid with 25% THC that delivers a punch of cerebral effects, which quickly turns into a pleasant state of relaxation. Its unique terpenes form a combination of earthy and cheesy aromas and flavors with strong notes of sweet pineapple.

Pineapple Chunk takes around 60 days of flowering after you flip her to 12/12, bringing up to 600 g/m2, while outdoor growers can expect their buds by late March.

Blue Dream'matic Auto (FastBuds)

Blue Dream'matic Auto (FastBuds) Blue Dream'matic Auto (FastBuds)
  • Autoflowering
  • 22 %
  • Lingers on the palate like a fine liqueur
  • 450 - 600 g/m² indoors
    60 - 250 g/plant outdoors
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Blue Dream’matic Auto is a combination of Blue Dream and Tangie’Matic lineages, resulting in a mostly Sativa strain with 22% THC. Stoners can expect a fast-acting euphoric high balanced with pleasant relaxing properties. Terpene-wise, this variety offers a citrusy smell and taste combined with notes of berries and earth.

Blue Dream’matic Auto plants grow vigorously, finishing their life cycle in just 63-77 days. Indoor yields can reach up to a massive 600 g/m2, while outdoor-grown plants can produce a respectable 300 g of sticky bud each.

Super Lemon Haze (GHS)

Super Lemon Haze (GHS) Super Lemon Haze (GHS)
  • Photoperiod
  • 19.33 %
  • 800 g/m² indoors
    1200 g/plant outdoors
  • On wings of High
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One of the favorite lemon varieties among stoners, Super Lemon Haze is a 70% Sativa strain that comes as a cross between Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. It contains a moderate 19% THC and produces a stimulating and energizing high that will sharpen your focus and eliminate any signs of stress and anxiety.

The reason behind its name is an amazing terpene profile that gives off the rich aromas and flavors of sweet lemon. Super Lemon Haze performs well both indoors and outdoors, where it can yield up to 800 g/m2 and 1200 g per plant respectively.

Monster Profit (Heavyweight Seeds)

Monster Profit (Heavyweight Seeds) Monster Profit (Heavyweight Seeds)
  • Photoperiod
  • 22 %
  • Mind clarification
  • 800 g/m² indoors
    1000 g/plant outdoors
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Monster Profit is a balanced hybrid with a slight Sativa influence whose family tree includes Amnesia Haze and Dream Machine genetics. With a respectable 22% THC, this variety from Heavyweight Seeds offers a pleasant euphoric and uplifting high that is an ideal option for parties and other social gatherings.

Monster Profit’s terpene profile produces incredible sweet and exotic flavors and aromas – a true delight for all your senses. Come harvest time, you’ll find out why this strain is called Monster Profit, as indoor yields can reach up to 800 g/m2, while an outdoor-grown plant can produce up to a massive 1000 g!

Godzilla Original Glue GG#4 (Herbies Seeds)

Godzilla Original Glue GG#4 (Herbies Seeds) Godzilla Original Glue GG#4 (Herbies Seeds)
  • Photoperiod
  • 29 %
  • Mighty tolerance breaker
  • 600 - 800 g/m² indoors
    800 - 1200 g/plant outdoors
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Godzilla Original Glue GG#4 is a 50/50 hybrid created by crossbreeding Chem Sis, Sour Diesel, and Chocolate Thai genetics. With THC levels reaching up to 29%, this is one of the most potent varieties in our catalog. Godzilla Original Glue GG#4 delivers a strong euphoric high that’s nicely balanced with pleasant relaxing properties.

Its sticky buds form a pungent piney aroma, while its flavors of sweet lemon and chocolate will make you crave this strain all day long. Indoors, this hybrid can produce up to 800 g/m2 in just 65 days of flowering, while outdoors, growers can get up to 1200 g per plant sometime in March.