Apple Betty feminized seeds


Perfect For: Experienced Indica Lovers 

  • Potent 28-33% THC content
  • Massive yields
  • Psychedelic Indica effects

Apple Betty Smoke Review

This is an exciting smoke review, as the 33% THC content is not for the faint of heart. Apple Betty has a lineage from the ages, with Chem’s Sister at the forefront followed by Sour Apple and Chocolate Diesel. With that kind of family tree, it’s no wonder her effects and flavors are something from a 60s psychedelic movie.

Apple Betty: Effects

Upon first puff, even an experienced smoker will be surprised by the heavy-handed euphoria dished out by old aunty Apple Betty! Once fully submerged, her warm embrace takes over with a deep pull into the center of the couch and a noteworthy psychedelic feel to wash away your worries.


Apple Betty: Flavors

Adding to her powerful delight is the terpene profile of this yummy dessert-style strain. Her good-for-the-soul woodfired apple pie flavor with hints of cinnamon and chocolate is enough to warm even the coldest of hearts.


Apple Betty Grow Info: Appearance and Grow Tips

Not as quaint as you’d expect, Apple Betty is a medium-sized and robust, bushy plant yielding incredible harvests of up to 2,600g/plant (92oz/plant) outdoors. Indoors, she musters between 600-800g/m2 (2-2.6g/ft2), and every bud is sugar-frosted with buckets of sticky trichomes. All that in just 55-65 days – she really is impressive!

 Help Apple Betty along and watch her bloom her best by following this simple grow info:

  • For more discreet indoor growing, use a carbon filter to filter out Apple Betty’s pungent aromas.
  • If you like potent concentrates, be sure to set some of your massive yields aside, as you won’t be short of trichome-covered buds and leaves.
  • For indoor environments, space your plants out well to allow better airflow between this strain's thick, bushy branches.
  • You can use LST to optimize your plant's height for your growing environment, as this strain’s branches are strong and can get quite tall.

What Herbies Seed Is Right For You?

Apple Betty Seeds

If mind-bending, peace-loving highs are your jam and you have a special place in your heart for apple pie, then buy these Apple Betty feminized seeds online today and get ready for a monstrous dessert-flavored yield coming your way!


  • Brand

    AKA seed bank. They create and preserve cannabis genetics, then we get them to you.

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    Herbies Seeds
  • Type of seeds

    Regular or feminized. Pick feminized if you want female plants only.

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  • Type of seeds

    Either autoflowering or photoperiod. Both have their pros and cons, but growing autos is easier.

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  • Suitable for growing

    This strain is perfect for growing both indoors and outdoors.

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    Outdoor, Indoor
  • Effect *

    Each strain produces a certain effect on your body. This is what you can expect from this variety.

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    Sugary psychedelia
  • Genetics

    Genetic composition of the strain. Shows parent strains that were used to create this particular variety.

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    Chem’s Sister x Sour Apple x Chocolate Diesel
  • Height

    This is how tall the plant can become. Use this info when planning your grow space.

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    80 - 120 cm indoors
    140 - 180 cm outdoors
  • Harvest

    This is how much bud you can get from this variety come harvest time.

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    600 - 800 g/m² indoors
    2300 - 2600 g/plant outdoors
  • Indoor flowering time

    The length of the flowering stage for photoperiod strains, or seed-to-harvest time for autoflowers.

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    55 - 65 days
  • Outdoor finish

    This is when your plant will be ready for harvest when grown outdoors. Make sure it's still warm enough by then!

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    Late September
  • % Sativa/ Indica/ Ruderalis

    The ratio of Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis in this particular variety.

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    40% Sativa / 60% Indica
  • THC

    The main psychoactive compound in cannabis. The higher THC level, the more potent the strain.

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    28 - 33 %

*Herbies sells cannabis seeds exclusively as souvenirs that aren’t meant for cultivation or germination. Customers should be aware that the germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. Herbies sells cannabis seeds exclusively for collecting and preservation for future generations. We advise customers to check with their local laws before germination, as Herbies does not accept responsibility for the illegal use of our products.

  • Unexpected
    22 October 2022
    22 October 2022
    • Advantages
      Fast and vigorous.
    • Disadvantages
      Seemingly, will not stop growing. 4th week of flower and still growing.
    • General impressions

      This is without a doubt the most insane plant I've ever had my hands on. Quite literally, this plant seemingly never stops growing even while in the flower. I started flowering this plant when it was just 12 inches tall and now it exceeds 43 inches. I've had to super crop the very tops just to keep it within a reasonable level of the light. I'm now 4 weeks into flower and it's still growing taller. Will it ever stop?

      I can't comment on the end result, but my first impression is of shock and awe. For future attempts with this plan, I would highly recommend flowering when it's just 6 inches tall, cropping of your choice and using a scrog net. Doing one plant in a 4x4 tent is all you would need.

      I'm patiently waiting for the end result and can't wait to try it again knowing what I know now. The AppleBetties are the back left and back right in the photo. The right mid and right forward are True Landrace Afghan and I'm really hoping they are males so I can free up space.

    1 November 2022

    Thank you for taking some time to leave your feedback. The situation you've experienced is indeed quite unusual, however, we believe there should be a reason for this. At this point, we would kindly ask you to contact us at [email protected], so we'll be able to look into the case more closely
    Respectfully, Herbies Team
  • Matthew
    19 July 2022
    19 July 2022
    • Advantages
      Tastes great 💛
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions

      High potency and rich, trichome-covered buds are the main reasons why you should choose this amazing strain 😍💚

  • cameronbearden938682
    12 August 2023
    12 August 2023
    • Advantages
      Grows fast
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions

      Love it can’t wait for budding

    Customer's photos
    5 October 2023
    Hello cameronbearden,

    Thank you for your positive feedback, we are truly happy that you liked the strain. Wish you best of luck with your hobby and hope to hear about your success soon!
    Respectfully, Herbies Team
  • Cre
    12 March 2023
    12 March 2023
    • Advantages
      Easy grow
    • Disadvantages
      No issues
    • General impressions

      Great genetics

    3 November 2023
    Hello Cre!

    Thanks for the review - we're happy to see you rated the strain 5 stars :)
    Respectfully, Herbies Team