Return Policy

We at Herbies truly intend to make each and every one of you, our clients, happy with our seeds and service. We are confident in our products and can therefore guarantee your satisfaction with their quality and delivery. Here’s what you get when ordering at Herbies:

Always Fresh Seeds. We store them under temperatures of 4-6 °С

Damage-Proof Packaging. Seed protection is our priority.

Pre-Shipment Inspection. Every pack is checked before shipment.

Guaranteed Germination. We work only with top-grade products.

Safe Stealth Delivery. All around the globe, with all precautions.

If you have faced any issue that needs resolving, please feel free to check our FAQ, or to contact us at [email protected] or via our “contact us” – we will provide assistance in a timely manner and make sure no problem remains unsolved. At the end of the day, happy growers are our top priority.

Our quality control department works Monday through Friday according to the following schedule:

11:00 - 20:00, 23:00 - 8:00 (CET) / 1am - 10am, 1pm - 10pm (PST) / 4am - 1pm, 4pm - 1am (EST)


What do you do to keep seeds fresh and properly stored?

We know how to keep seeds fresh up until they leave for their new owners. All cannabis seeds at Herbies’ warehouses are stored in a cool, dry environment and under stable temperatures of +4-6°С.

What if my seeds don’t germinate?

All seedbanks we work with guarantee maximum germination rates, meaning that at least 7 out of 10 seeds in a pack will germinate. However, cannabis seeds are a biological material and their ability to germinate can be affected by external factors. To achieve the best germination results, we highly recommend using the methods described here.

In the unlikely case that the amount of failed seeds exceeds the acceptable level, you can send us a claim and we’ll resolve the problem as soon as possible. You can find more detailed information below.

Seeds in a packNumber of failed seeds for a guarantee claim
1 seed1
2 seeds2
3 seeds2 or more
4 seeds2 or more
5 seeds3 or more
6 seeds3 or more
7 seeds3 or more
8 seeds3 or more
9 seeds4 or more
10 seeds4 or more
11 seeds4 or more
12 seeds5 or more
15 seeds5 or more
20 seeds7 or more
25 seeds8 or more
30 seeds9 or more

Please note:

  • Our germination guarantee is applicable within 90 days of purchase.
  • Promo and bonus seeds aren’t included in the germination rate and aren't eligible for replacements. For example, if 3 seeds from a 5+2 pack don’t germinate, it will still count as 1 seed that didn’t germinate.
  • Once the seed has shown its root, it’s considered germinated.
  • The germination guarantee rests on the adherence to our germination recommendations.
  • Photos of the ungerminated seeds are mandatory to be eligible for replacements.
  • We will request information about the germination method and conditions.
  • We reserve the right to deny a claim if the previous requirements aren't fulfilled.
  • If the amount of failed seeds exceeds the acceptable level, don’t hesitate contact us at [email protected] or via our Contact Form below.

Why does the seed I have received look small/pale/etc.?

Seeds are a biological material, and it is quite common for them to differ from one another in size, shape, and shade. This should not affect their ability to germinate or yield the harvests described by their producers. Small seeds don’t mean small plants.

Therefore, the appearance of the seed may not be the reason enough for compensation. However, if these seeds do not germinate, please contact us and we will resolve the issue the same way it is described in “What if my seeds don’t germinate?”

🔥Delivery guarantees and insurance policy

If you choose the stealth delivery option, we’ll dispatch your parcel in discreet packaging. For maximum safety, we also use a trusted postal service to make sure that the package finds its way to you. You can find all shipping options here.

For certain countries, however, we have an insurance policy in place. If an insured package does not arrive, you will receive a replacement. Currently, this policy applies to Australia and New Zealand. If your shipping destination is one of these countries, please read more about it in the dedicated section below.

Please note: if the customer’s actions (incorrect shipping address, absence at the time of delivery, etc.) result in non-delivery, a replacement package will not be provided.

According to our updated company policy, our stealth-sent parcels and/or insured orders are covered by the following guarantees:

We provide a free replacement package or a refund if, according to the tracking number on 17track, the order has not been delivered in more than twice the average shipping time. For example, if the average shipping time to your country is 13-17 days and the parcel hasn’t been delivered in 34 days, your order will be covered by our guarantee.

You can find out the average delivery time to your location at checkout or by using the shipping calculator here. Delivery times may change depending on multiple external factors beyond our company's control – e.g. the pandemic situation or the Christmas holiday period.

In addition, if your seeds arrive in an unusable condition (for example, crushed or damaged), please take a photo of the problem and submit it to us via the Contact Form below. We’ll resolve this issue as soon as possible.

🔥What is the insurance for Australia and New Zealand and why should I pay for it?

Due to recent customs clearance issues in Australia and New Zealand, we have introduced a mandatory insurance policy for shipments to these countries. If an insured package does not arrive or arrives in poor condition, you will receive a replacement. This insurance policy significantly improves our success rate in delivering orders, with a 94% success rate compared to only 60% without insurance. The insurance fee is automatically calculated based on the value of your order at checkout. Please note that the insurance fee is non-refundable.

With this insurance, we offer up to two reshipments at no additional cost. In such cases, please provide a new address for delivery. Note that we do not offer refunds for undelivered shipments.

If your order has not arrived within double the average delivery time or if you have received a customs interception letter, be sure to contact us promptly at [email protected]. Please include a photo of the customs interception letter in your message.

For how long do you accept complaints?

We accept complaints within 90 days of the order dispatch date. We also accept any inquiry regarding product quality within 60 days after the order is received.

What if my order gets misdelivered?

Each order is followed by an automated message from Herbies sent to the email address provided by the customer. This contains the list of ordered items, bonuses, and the full address chosen for delivery at checkout. That is the exact address the parcel will be sent to, so please double-check the automated message. If the parcel has been misdelivered despite the correct address being chosen for delivery, please contact us via Contact Form below and we will resolve the issue.

Please note that if there was any mistake in the address provided by the customer, Herbies cannot be held responsible for the loss of the parcel, regardless of whether it was lost due to that reason or delivered to the wrong address.

What do I do if my parcel status is marked as “delivered” but I haven’t received it?

If the tracking number states that the parcel has been delivered but you have not received it, please contact your postal service for clarification. The parcel could still be at the post office due to them being unable to reach your location or complete the delivery. If this does not help, please contact us via Contact Form below and we will assist in resolving the issue.

At the same time, the official tracking information remains a valid reason to consider a parcel delivered. Once it is stated as “delivered”, our obligations are considered fulfilled, and our company bears no further responsibility regarding the parcel’s actual location.

Will there be issues at customs if I order cannabis seeds online?

We are constantly improving our stealth packaging solutions to prevent customs from finding what’s inside. Although a parcel can still be seized, there’s no reason for you to worry. In this unlikely case, you’ll receive an interception notice from customs. Take a picture of it and send it to us – we will provide a replacement package.

Note for customers from Australia and New Zealand: if the customer’s actions (incorrect shipping address, absence at the time of delivery, etc.) result in non-delivery, a replacement package will not be provided.

What if my plant turns hermaphrodite?

The plant can become hermaphrodite if it has been stressed during any point of the growing cycle. Stress can be caused by factors such as unsuitable temperature, over or underwatering, poor soil content, parasites, fungus and mold, stressful transplantation, excessive foliage trimming, and many others. To prevent the plant from becoming hermaphrodite, it is recommended to maintain it in a favorable environment.

However, the hermaphrodite plant may still provide a decent harvest if the grower follows these steps:

1) Move the plant away from other feminized plants in order to prevent accidental pollination.

2) Carefully remove all pollen sacs (banana-shaped growths) from the plant.

3) Check the plant every day for new sacs and remove them as they appear.

If you need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Contact Form below.

What if my feminized seeds become male plants?

Feminized seeds are seeds with the ability to grow into a female plant with much higher chances than regular seeds. However, seeds and plants are live biological material – thus, it is impossible to guarantee a 100% female plant from even a feminized seed; the chances are about 97%. Plant gender depends not only on genetics but also on the surrounding environment.

You can increase the chances of your seed growing into a female plant by ensuring you take the following precautions:

- Provide the plant with blue spectrum-dominant lighting (70%).

- Maintain humidity levels of 70-75%.

- Maintain a temperature of 20-25 ° C during the day and 18-22 ° C at night.

- Increase the nitrogen content in the soil to 0.3-0.4%.

Another affordable and no less effective way is described by Jorge Cervantes in his book, Marijuana Horticulture. The method is to feed plants with ethylene, which stimulates the growth and maturation of female flowers. The most affordable and reliable source of ethylene is ripe fruits, especially bananas. By placing several bundles of bananas together with plants in the grow box, the plant will be saturated with biologically active substances that contribute to its feminization. Thus, the gender of the plant will be easier to determine, and it will soon begin to produce female hormones and form female pre-flowers.

If you need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Contact Form below.

Why do plants grown from the same seed pack look different?

When two seeds from the same pack grow up into two different-looking plants, this can be explained by the phenotype of the plant – most modern strains are hybrids that combine different parent genetics. For this reason, seeds of the same strain and even from the same pack may eventually grow into different-looking plants. For example, the Serious 6 strain from Serious Seeds naturally has two phenotypes – about half of the plants will have a purple tint, while the other half will have a regular green color. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that plants will be 50% purple and 50% green. The ratio might be 4/2, 5/1, or even 6/0.

Stability of the strains is guaranteed by the seedbanks, but there can sometimes be fluctuations. Nonetheless, the chances of this happening are relatively small and should not affect the plant’s ability to grow and provide a potent harvest.

If you need any additional help, please don’t hesitate to contact us via Contact Form below.

Why does the product taste different from expected?

Personal perception and impression of the product is subjective, and therefore cannot be a reason for a claim. However, you may leave feedback about this strain on our website to share your opinion with us and other growers. To do this, please find the strain’s page and go to the Reviews section. It’s also always a good idea to go through reviews before placing the order to see how growers react to the flavor and other characteristics of a particular strain.

Why won’t the plant grow after sprouting or grow as tall and high-yielding as stated?

The plant is a living organism that can be affected by a wide variety of external factors that may cause it to stop growing, become ill, or suffer heavy stress, and thus provide yields of lesser quality and quantity than stated in the description.

The yield, height of the plant, and other characteristics stated in the description are true for conditions that are close to perfect. It means that the plant can produce such results if it is properly treated and not overstressed – even a slight deviation from the proper conditions can cause the plant to grow differently or yield less.

Where can I leave a suggestion or recommendation for Herbies?

We are always open to your feedback – please feel free to contact us and ask questions, provide suggestions, or share your experiences. To contact us directly, go here. Also, don’t forget about the Herbies online chat – our Support Team is always happy to assist you.