Shipping and Payment

At Herbies Seeds, we go to every effort to make sure your order reaches you as quickly and securely as possible. All packaging is completely discreet, and we take great care in ensuring your order is packaged to minimize the risk of damage.

Order Processing and Shipping

Nobody likes to wait, and we at Herbies Seeds strive to process your order as soon as you place it - within just 24 hours.

Once your contact details are approved, your order is added to the dispatch list that is updated every weekday at 7.00 a.m. (GMT+2).

If your order is not shipped right after you place it, no need to worry – it will be dispatched the very next day.

If our order processing team needs to verify your shipping details, we will contact you to make sure that your order is shipped correctly. Remember, the sooner you help us verify your shipping details, the sooner your order will be dispatched.

Please note that we ship on business days only.

Postal Options 

Shipping in Europe: orders are shipped out by the Correos national postal service and arrive within 5 business days from the date of payment receipt. 

Worldwide shipping: international orders can take 7-10 days from the payment confirmation date to delivery. 

Some countries we ship to are listed in the table below. For your convenience we provide the shipping times for these countries.

Australia6 - 8
Austria3 - 5
Belgium3 - 5
Brazil6 - 8
Bulgaria2 - 4
Canada3 - 5
Croatia3 - 5
Cyprus3 - 5
Czech Republic3 - 5
Denmark3 - 5
Estonia3 - 5
Finland3 - 5
France3 - 5
Germany3 - 5
Greece3 - 5
Hungary3 - 5
Iceland6 - 8
Ireland3 - 5
Italy3 - 5
Japan6 - 8
Latvia3 - 5
Liechtenstein3 - 5
Lithuania3 - 5
Luxembourg3 - 5
Malta3 - 5
Monaco3 - 5
Montenegro3 - 5
Netherlands3 - 5
New Zealand6 - 8
Norway3 - 5
Poland3 - 5
Portugal3 - 5
Romania3 - 5
Serbia3 - 5
Singapore6 - 8
Slovakia3 - 5
Slovenia3 - 5
South Korea3 - 5
Spain3 - 5
Sweden6 - 8
Switzerland3 - 5
Ukraine3 - 5
United Kingdom3 - 5
United States5 - 8

We respect your privacy and ship all orders in discreet brown envelopes that state your name and address only and bear no mention of Herbies Seeds or what is inside of them.

Every envelope contains a plain DVD case that raises no suspicion, keeping your seeds away from unwanted attention. Additionally, the order will not contain any receipts with your personal data or the Herbies Seeds' name.


For maximum confidentiality, you can use ‘stealth’ option. In this case, seeds will be removed from the original seed bank’s pack and placed in a zipper bag to be disguised as some other item. For example, we can place the zipper bag inside a wallet as if you ordered it at AliExpress.

Stealth option is set as a default one for countries where customs may open your shipment to check its contents. If you live in a country for which Stealth option is set as default one, but you would like to choose another shipping option (not Stealth), we will ship your order in DVD case as mentioned above. However, in this case Herbies Seeds bears no responsibility for the successful delivery of your order. We also will have no obligation to refund you in case of the delivery failure.

Payment options 

We currently accept payment by cards, bank transfers and cash. Please order as normal and you will receive directions for payment options at checkout. 

Credit Card Payments 

Herbies Seeds accepts credit cards! Please note that all credit card payments are made in euros and are subject to an additional 4% fee. 

If your credit card is not in euros, consider that the currency exchange rate on our website may differ from the rate in your bank. 

All transactions are secured with the Weldpay anti-fraud system. All credit cards are accepted and in the case of non-receipt of an order, customer protection is in place through the anti-fraud service. 

Bank Transfer 

Once you've placed an order you will receive an e-mail containing our banking details: 

Beneficiary name: PURE ATMOSPHERE S.A.M. SL
Head Quarters address: Plaza San Nicolás, 4 - 48005 Bilbao
Branch office address: Rambla Mendez Nuñez, 42 - 03002, Alicante
IBAN: ES60 0182 0100 2502 0170 5251
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0201705251 

It's important that you mention your order ID and your surname on payment description. After that, e-mail us at [email protected] to inform us that you have made payment for your order, including the order ID. 

Cash In An Envelope 

If you choose to pay by cash in an envelope, after you place an order on our website, select the payment option "cash in an envelope" on the order form. 

You will receive your order form on your e-mail. Print it and enclose your payment in an envelope and send it to the address as follows: 

PURE ATMOSPHERE S.A.M. SL C/ San Vicente, 20 - 1° 03004 Alicante, Spain 

Make sure you write the full shipping name and address clearly on the form. 

PLEASE NOTE: we only accept cash in Euros, US, NZ, AU, CA Dollars or Pound Sterlings. Please also note that we don't accept money orders or checks.

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