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Mephisto Genetics is a small team of cannabis breeders whose aim is to create the world’s best autoflowering weed. Never taking shortcuts, they breed every one of their strains from scratch, first searching for the most elite clone-only varieties and then turning them into autos through five consecutive generations. With every one of their autoflowers, you can be sure of boutique-level quality.

Mephisto Genetics: Best Strains From The Realm Of Autos

Mephisto Genetics has been in the business of breeding weed seeds for more than a dozen years. The origin of this seed bank was two British growers’ dissatisfaction with the autoflowering genetics available on the market at the time. These guys had been raising autos in their closets and kind of competing with each other, but also sharing tips and comparing notes. And one rainy day, they decided that everything they’d tried was subpar and that they needed to breed their own autoflowers. In the historic decision to move to Spain and start making seeds, Mephisto Genetics was born.

Unheard Of Before Transparency Of Breeding

Once in Spain, the breeders began their work. From the start, they refused to cut corners and started breeding the only way it should be done. It’s fairly easy to ‘create’ an auto that’s a simple copy of something else or make a hybrid of two existing autoflowers. However, if you want to give the world something truly unique (as Mephisto Genetics certainly did), you have to first breed an exceptional photoperiod variety that you’re perfectly happy with, then introduce Ruderalis genes into its DNA, and finally stabilize the autoflowering traits and other desired features.

What makes Mephisto breeders stand out from the rest is that they’ve never kept a secret out of their work. All the information regarding the origin of their autos and even the step-by-step description of the process is available because the breeders shared it with their many friends online. The first and arguably most important part is the hunt for the world’s best clone-only varieties, along with the germination of hundreds of seeds in search of an outstanding phenotype. The second part of the job is to make sure that after several generations (usually five), the genetics stay the same, but acquire the ability to flower automatically and finish in no more than 75 days from seed. This exclusive new strain can then be marketed.

Mephisto Genetics: Buy Seeds That Only One Pair of Hands Has Touched

Started by just two guys, the company has by now grown to an 8-person working on two continents. Such wide geography allows them to acquire new groundbreaking cuts all the more easily, but it also means that the seeds you buy from Mephisto Genetics have received the love and care of one member of the team working independently from the others. This personal responsibility for every seed you germinate is the ultimate guarantee of quality for these fast, productive, flavorful and potent autos.

Official website: Mephisto Genetics