• Live in australia and have ordered for 4 odd yrs with 100% satisfaction i highly recommend ordering from herbies.
    • I've never ordered seeds outside of the U.S., as I have heard of horror stories and seen reviews that were terrible. I decided to take a chance. and found a company, placed my order. It was a disaster, they took 3 months to deliver my seeds. The stories were true, I thought to myself. Discouraged and angry, I kept ordering from banks in the U.S., the only problem I had with this, was the cost.
      Then one day while browsing for potential seed banks to expand my collection for breeding, Herbies pops up. I saw it was a European based company, and flash backs of the last one (U.K.) were hitting me again. All that aside I decided to check out the site. The first thing that caught my attention was price, they were reasonable, the second was selection. After days of contemplation, I decided to give Europe another shot, and placed my order via CC, it went through, and I waited for delivery confirmation. A week had gone by and no confirmation, I inquired, and received word back that, some of the seeds I had ordered were not on stock. Once again I thought "Oh no, not again!" But then something happened that was unexpected. I received an e-mail from customer service apologizing for the delay, and to compensate they would make up for it, with extra bonus seeds. I closed the e-mail, and opened it again, to make sure it wasn't a joke, and it had link to those bonus seeds. So I've been ordering seeds for years, and had delivery problems within the U.S. But not one of the companies I've dealt with had ever offered a token of compensation such as that. Two days after my inquiry. I received confirmation and a tracking number that my seeds were well on their way. I then chose my bonus seeds, which by the way were sent a week later with a tracking number. All in all, my experience with Herbies, was by far an eye opener, as to just how far customers were important to them, and the lengths they would go through to keep them. Since then I've moved Herbies to the number one slot on my list of strain acquisition. As far as germination, THEY ALL GERMINATED, another trait of top notch quality. So to the staff of Herbies. WELL DONE!!! You have gotten yourself a customer for life!!!
    • So happy to have found this website. Till now, I've found it's not easy to get reasonably-priced seeds if you're ordering from the U.S. I've ordered seeds from other sites, and either they don't ship to the U.S. at all, or they want mailed-in cash (arrrrrrgggghh!) or a certified check/money order (ugghhh). Herbie's has a GREAT selection, the prices are fine, and the ordering process is easy and quick .... with a reasonable credit card fee that is below what I'd pay with other sites to send in cash or a certified check by registered mail. And far far less hassle. I also love their comprehensive description of each strain on the individual seeds' pages. Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, as I've just placed my first order. But I must say I'm very excited about Herbies, and am bookmarking this website to be my new go-to for new seeds.
    • Was a little nervous at first never ordered seeds before didn’t know what to expect but the representatives I spoke with made me feel at ease by tracking my package and providing me with great customer service and they came on time no problems love this place definitely ordering again
    • Great service and fast delivery!!!!
    • best service ever , Best asistance. i'm gonna be a loyal costumer after this . for sure ! THUMB UP! <3
    • Excellent service..
    • Website is well laid out and easy to navigate.
    • First time user of Herbies. Seeds arrived very quickly and where stealth packaged. Recieved bonus seeds with our ordered seeds. Have sprouted some seeds with 100% strike rate. Overall couldn't be happier !
    • Wow! This is the seed source I've been looking for! My seeds arrived in the U.S., nicely packaged in a suitably stealthy manner, in about a week. I was floored. I'd ordered from a different European source before because of the selection and prices, but ended up having to send cash through the mail (arrrrgggghhhh) and waiting for well over a month and a half for the delivery (ugggghhhhh). I will be updating my review once I germinate the seeds, but so far, more than so good. Thanks so much.

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