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20 October 2021
11 Weed Strains to Make You Laugh
There’s nothing like a good laugh after a delicious toke of your favorite giggly strains. Cannabis is known and loved for its ability to lighten the mood and shift your perspective, so it’s no surprise that weed can really bring out the humor in any situation.
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19 October 2021
Revegetation of Cannabis : Friend or Foe?
When it comes to caring for your cannabis plants, there are a few things to know that can sometimes fall through the cracks.Revegetation is a great way to re-use the plant after it has been harvested and potentially get a second harvest. There are also ways you might end up with accidental revegetation when you don’t really want it.
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best strains for edibles
18 October 2021
Best Strains For Edibles: Your Secret To Making Potent And Delicious Meals
It’s time to talk best strains for edibles. Whether you want to make infused brownies, cocktails, or an Italian pasta dish, there’s still one thing left to consider: which strain to use! In this article, we’ll tackle the various factors you should consider when making marijuana edibles, then clue you in on what we consider to be the best strains for them.
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14 October 2021
Banana Skin Tea: A Potent Natural Fertilizer for Cannabis
Have you ever balked at the price of commercial cannabis fertilizers, all glitzed up in nice, shiny bottles? We know we have. Luckily, there are easy, homemade alternatives that can be created from food scraps. Enter the banana peel: a massively underrated bit of waste normally discarded or composted.
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runtz muffin grow report
13 October 2021
Runtz Muffin Grow Report: Another Great Run with Barney’s Seeds
Hello, my friends! Let me share with you my Runtz Muffin grow report. As is always the case with Barney’s Farm genetics, this was a joy from start to finish.Content One seed to fill the whole tent
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12 October 2021
Does Herbies Seeds Ship to the USA?
Among the most challenging aspects of ordering seeds is finding a reliable supplier. This is why Herbies Seeds ships to the USA, and most other countries worldwide as well.No matter where you wish to grow cannabis, you can count on us. See why cultivators around the world turn to our inventory.
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best auto strains in 2021
11 October 2021
Top 10 Autoflowering Strains in 2021
Now that many states are approving marijuana growth for personal use, growers have it easier than ever before. While there are tons of strains out there, autoflowering strains are the easiest to grow and maintain, making them the perfect plant for rookie growers. Below, we've gathered up 10 of the best autoflowering strains, highlighting their effects, THC content, and what you’ll have to do as a grower.
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7 October 2021
Meet Berta, a Senior Graphic Designer at Herbies
In this series of articles, we continue to interrupt Herbies employees from their main duties (just for a little bit) to talk about their experiences working with us. This time, we’re with our Senior Graphic Designer, Berta, who allows Herbies to speak to customers not just through text, but through a variety of visual media.
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Bieber Getting into Weed Biz, Smartphones Detecting Stoners, and More
6 October 2021
Latest Cannabis News (October 6, 2021): Bieber Getting into Weed Biz, Smartphones Detecting Stoners, and More
Cannabis makes the world go round, and once again it becomes apparent with this week’s edition of the Latest Cannabis News! Dive in to learn what happened in the world of weed this week.Clint Eastwood VS CBD Company from Lithuania
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