Top 10 Strains In 2019
17 January 2020
Top 10 Marijuana Strains In 2019
The new year brings new buds to explore, but before we make a fresh start and usher in 2020, we’d like to look back and honor the top 10 trending genetics of 2019. Why did these cannabis strains see a surge in popularity? Let’s take a look at these bestsellers and investigate what made them so renowned!
The best time to harvest
16 January 2020
When Is The Best Time To Harvest Your Cannabis Plants?
Harvesting your cannabis plants is a culmination of months-long growing efforts. Timing it right is crucial as it ensures that flavors, effects, and the overall quality of cannabis buds will be just as you expected. In fact, early or late harvesting can put into question all of your hopes and expectations from your crop. To help you harvest your plants in the correct timeframe, we have put together all of our harvesting know-hows to guide you to the best growing results and allow you to enjoy cannabis cultivation.
The Best Way To Grow Cannabis
14 January 2020
The Best Way To Grow Cannabis
Growing cannabis is one of the most rewarding things you can choose to do. This enjoyable pass-time will leave you enriched with a repertoire of cannabis knowledge and buckets of cannabis buds to be used the way you like. Let's take look at the differences in growing cannabis indoors and outdoors, and find the best growing option to fit your intentions and available means.
Herbies articles
22 October 2019
Germination – How to Get Healthy Shoots Every Single Time
Germination is the first step of growing any cannabis plant. Cannabis seeds are small in size and have a light to dark brown hard outer layer. When put in enough moisture and darkness, they crack open and let out the first of what will become a fruitful plant. But before we get into the details of growing a plant, lets learn about the seed and its structure.

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