low thc weed
27 March 2020
Top 10 Low THC Strains That Will Take The Pain Away
For the longest time, cannabis growers, both commercial and hobbyists, have focused on coming up with strains with the highest THC levels. THC is the psychoactive component in the marijuana plant, and having strains with such insane concentrations implies getting as high as possible. In recent times, however, we’ve understood that CBD is one of the most healing and therapeutic cannabinoids in the plant. Now, the attention of many growers and users has turned to low-THC high-CBD strains, to which we’re dedicating this article.
what do weed seeds look like
25 March 2020
Quality Weed Seeds And Why You Need Them
With the amount of care it takes to grow marijuana, it’s important to start off on the right foot. This means beginning with healthy cannabis seeds that will give your crop the best chance to return high-quality plants. Purchasing seeds from a trusted seed bank is the first step toward success. Even then, you should be able to identify viable cannabis seeds and know how to tell if a marijuana seed is good to avoid wasting your time sprouting duds. So, what are some methods to identify bad and good weed seeds? Keep reading to learn more on how to identify weed seeds – good or bad.
pot cupcakes
23 March 2020
How To Make Weed Cupcakes
Every sweet tooth out there knows that an energizing sugar rush is not just a myth, and that a good dessert can significantly increase the level of the happiness hormone, endorphin, in one’s body. Luckily for us, some genius once decided to combine the pleasure of eating sweets with getting a high from cannabis, and edibles flooded our world. Today, we want to introduce to you a recipe for a weed-infused chocolate cupcake worthy of the best coffee shops around the world!
stealth micro grow box
26 March 2020
Micro and Stealth Cannabis Growing
If you don’t have the space for more than a few plants, considering a cannabis micro grow is a good call. You only need a couple square meters to get started, whether that’s in your closet, dresser or out in the garden. Even though a micro grow is a small operation, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a lot of work! You’ll have to pay special attention to detail, taking into consideration the lighting, environment and strain.
how to hide the smell of weed
27 March 2020
How To Hide Weed Smell: Keeping Fresh, Smoked, Or Growing Buds Odor-Free
Once you smell cannabis for the first time, you won’t ever forget that dank scent. However, because it’s so unmistakable, it’s highly important to be able to cover the smell up after indulging. Growing and using cannabis is still illegal in many parts of the world, and you don’t want to be caught on something as insignificant as smell, especially when there are so many ways to hide this dead giveaway! Stay tuned to learn about each of them.
homemade dabs
24 March 2020
DIY Dabs At Home
Dabbing is the latest and greatest method for cannabis consumers to enjoy elevated effects. The pure concentrated extracts used for dabbing are not only heightened in potency but deliver instant relief, with refined flavors too. However, these desirable dabbing benefits come at a cost, as concentrates are typically the priciest products on the shelves. Many cannabis consumers are therefore asking themselves, what’s an easy way to make dabs at home? We’ve got the answers to saving on dab costs with the easiest ways to make your own delectable concentrates.
9 March 2020
What Is THC?
THC is probably one of the most recognizable terms in the cannabis community – but what actually is THC? In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the chemical compound that is THC, how it reacts in our bodies, the different ways in which it can be consumed, its various benefits and much more.
transplanting marijuana plants
5 March 2020
Transplanting Cannabis 101: All You Need To Know
Weed is just like any other plant: sometimes, it outgrows its home. That’s where transplanting comes in. Whether a grower keeps their marijuana plants indoors or outdoors, transplanting is an important technique for any cannabis cultivator. However, it’s not always easy. That’s why we’ve compiled some vital information about transplanting here for you!
How To Roll A Joint
18 March 2020
How To Roll A Perfect Joint
Even if it’s just a fanciful idea, many people wonder how to roll a perfect joint. Just as food tastes better when cooked with love, cannabis is even more enjoyable when smoked* as a joint rolled with your own fingertips. From this article, you’ll learn about 3 different ways of rolling weed – broken down in short and absolutely doable actions. Just follow these easy steps to roll a joint and you’ll be ready to show off your newfound skill in no time!