Male marijuana plants
11 February 2020
Male Marijuana Plants: What Can You Do With Them?
The first thing you probably learned as a cannabis grower is how to identify and toss male marijuana plants to prevent them from ‘accidentally’ pollinating your precious females. However, did you know that male marijuana plants can be just as useful as their female counterparts? In this article, we will show you how you can put those males to work!
marijuana fertilizers
6 March 2020
5 Best Fertilizers For Growing Cannabis
It’s true that cannabis plants really do grow like a weed, but in order to thrive, marijuana plants need nutrients. Also referred to as fertilizers, these are utilized by growers to give plants the essential nutrients they need. Using the right fertilizers when growing cannabis can help plants flourish, significantly increasing their health and ensuring optimal yields come harvest.
Hermaphrodite marijuana
30 January 2020
Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants
In both the animal and plant kingdom, hermaphroditic organisms elicit a lot of interest. Luckily, this is an area that has been widely studied, thus availing us with a wealth of knowledge. The existence of both male and female features in plants and animals, also known as hermaphroditism, is mainly a natural occurrence. Although considered rare among humans and other animals, this is rather common in plants. In some cases, plants depend entirely on hermaphroditism in order to grow, thrive and spread within a given environment. It is paramount that you identify and remove hermaphrodite plants from your cannabis crop to avoid pollination that could cause your whole crop of female plants to start forming seeds, significantly lowering the quality of your harvest. In the discussion that follows, we explore these phenomena in detail to understand its overall effect on the cannabis plant.
how much light is too much for cannabis
6 February 2020
Cannabis Light Stress And Light Burn
Experiencing cannabis light burn can be very stressful – especially if it’s your first time going through it. However, with the right precautions and growing know-how, it’s possible to bounce back from even the worst light stress! Let’s learn how to do it.
low stress training
13 February 2020
Low Stress Training (LST) vs High Stress Training (HST)
Training your cannabis plants is important because it can dramatically increase the yield and quality of your crop. Low stress training (LST) and high stress training (HST) techniques can help achieve this through minimal monetary investment and a little extra time. LST involves bending your plants into a desired shape, and HST methods are based on intentionally wounding the cannabis plant.
how to germinate cannabis seeds
16 August 2020
How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds And Get Healthy Shoots Every Single Time
All cannabis plants, whether tall and lanky Sativa trees or compact and sturdy Indica bushes, start from a single weed seed. This tiny brown nut contains everything necessary to eventually yield hundreds or even thousands of grams of potent buds! However, to reach that point, it’s important to place the seed in a special environment that will trigger life inside it, crack the shell open, and let the roots and stalk out.
cannabutter with stems
2 May 2020
Learn How To Make Cannabis Stem Weed Butter
Cannabis-infused butter, or cannabutter, is the gold standard when it comes to making weed edibles. Did you know that cannabutter can be made with stems? If not, no worries! It’s just as easy as making regular cannabutter, and a great way to utilize resources when times are scarce.
Male Vs. Female Cannabis
18 August 2020
Male Vs. Female Cannabis: How To Identify The Sex Of Your Plant
As much as we love cannabis in all its entirety, most growers would prefer having female weed plants over male ones in their garden at any given time. That’s because female cannabis has some great advantages for growers and smokers alike (not to diminish the value of male weed plants, which are essential for breeding purposes). In regular cannabis seeds, the split between the two sexes comes close to 50%/50%. So, if you’re looking to grow female plants only, or even both types together, knowing the differences between male and female cannabis plants and how to sex them on time is essential. Don’t let the success of your harvest rely on pure chance – learn the crucial skill of sexing weed in this article.
fimming vs topping
4 February 2020
Topping Vs. FIMming
Topping vs. FIMming cannabis plants – the age-old debate. Both are high-stress training methods that can drastically improve the quality and quantity of your harvest. By sacrificing a part of the plant early in its life, one can get a greater number of tops and therefore more colas – but how does this work? Which is the better method for training your plants? Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each method and their suitability for various growers.