Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version Grow Diary: A Scale-Busting Monster of a Plant

Last updated: 10 April 2023

tropicanna poison f1 fast version grow diary

What’s up, growmies! Today, I’m excited to share my Tropicanna Poison grow diary with you. This amazing weed strain from Sweet Seeds is a real game-changer. Not only did it have a short flowering time of only 16 weeks from seed, but I also ended up with impressive yields of 489g (17.25oz) from just one plant.

tropicanna poison f1 fast version grow characteristics

In this grow report, I’ll talk about my experience growing Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version, including its flowering time, yields, and effects. So, without further ado, let's dive into my Tropicanna Poison review!

Germination and Seedling Stage

tropicanna poison f1 fast version soil

I planted one Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version seed directly into a peat moss cup filled with soil. It sprouted after a few days. Once week one was over, I just inserted the whole thing – cup and all – into a 3-gallon grow bag with a soil/perlite mix. The temperature was 28°C during the day and 23°C at night, with the relative humidity at a constant 75% – almost perfect for a seedling this young!

I started my grow indoors under a 450-watt LED grow light (Mars TS 3000), but for the flowering stage, I moved my whole garden outdoors where the conditions were about the same, with hot days and pleasant, mild nights.

My Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version had the strongest start out of all the seeds in the batch. She looked great, but I’d expected nothing less from her. Moving on to the second week, the conditions remained mild, just right for strong growth. My baby’s inner leaves had a reddish-pinkish purple hue, making her look like a winner already.

The Vegetative Phase

The plant was doing great through veg, with a bushy structure and impressive size. She responded well to various training techniques, including defoliation and LST. My Tropicanna Poison reached 18 cm in height in week 3 and a whopping 89 cm by week 8!

I transplanted her from a 5-gallon pot to a 15-gallon container in week 6 since the roots had already reached the perimeter of the original pot. Even in the huge new container, she looked big, as she spread far beyond the grow bag, showcasing her vigorous growth. The plant had a wide, flat canopy with huge fan leaves, and it had become a real beast with lots of new shoots.

A Simple Nutrient Diet

My Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version wasn’t a heavy feeder at first, probably because she was feasting on plenty of nutrients in her big containers. However, as a seasoned grower, I know that nutrients are one of the key factors in achieving a successful grow, so I started feeding my Tropicanna Poison Fast some staple nutes in week 4 – namely, a two-part formula from Advanced Nutrients, pH Perfect Sensi Bloom Part A & Part B.

The beauty of this product is that you can use the two bottles throughout the entire life cycle. I only extended this simple feeding schedule with a Cal-Mag supplement in week 10 and used Terpinator to make the flowers more aromatic starting from week 13. My Tropicanna devoured all those products eagerly and also drank a lot of water. I was happy with her appetite and was also giving her organic teas.

The Flowering Stage

Tropicanna Poison F1 Fast Version has an extremely short flowering time. She starts budding earlier than most strains, but that doesn’t mean this quick version is an autoflower. So, to induce flowering, I had to change the light cycle from 18/6 to 12/12 in week 9 from sprout. I did this through light deprivation, or simply speaking, by covering my garden from natural light for the night.

In two weeks, she was already forming the first blooms, and they were purple right from the start! It was amazing since there hadn’t been any cool nights to trigger this hue. On a side note, the plant didn’t show any signs of heat stress either – a very global warming-friendly strain! She had already started to smell, too – a very pungent skunky odor with a note of earth.

Too Lush for Her Own Good?

The plant stopped stretching at 114 cm, but she had a lot of girth and the number of branches was insane! With her starting to fill out so early, I knew the final haul would be impressive. I even had to prune some lower growth and also those small branches that were deep inside the canopy to improve airflow. In week 14, she required still more canopy management, as I had to remove a heap of fan leaves for better ventilation and light penetration.

Two weeks before the harvest, the branches were already about to snap under the strain of all those heavy colas. I had to tie the weaker branches to the stronger ones as a kind of makeshift support, but they kept on sagging until the whole thing finally capsized.

Now, I had to be more serious about trellising with stakes, wires, and rubber bands and whatnot. The colas kept filling out, but with this sturdier support, only one big branch snapped on me – luckily, not completely. I patched it, and it made it all the way to harvest. It would have been a shame to lose even a single one of those beautiful buds – they were so full and heavy, not to mention incredibly frosty.

tropicanna poison f1 fast version seeds for saleVIEW STRAIN

Harvest, Yields, and Smoke Review

By week 16, I was ready to harvest, so I flushed the medium for a week to get rid of built-up salts and cut down my Tropicanna Poison on day 46 after the start of flowering. An impressive speed, considering how mature the buds were.

I probably rushed things just a bit, but we had a volcanic eruption nearby, and I was afraid of ash coming our way and getting in the buds. Anyway, some buds had about 20-25% amber trichomes or more, and others only had cloudy ones, although I could see occasional clear trichs here and there.

When the harvest was trimmed and dried, I was impressed by the generous yields, which clocked in at 489 grams (17.25 oz) from just one plant – about what the breeder promised.

The buds were dense, sticky, and had a great pungent aroma of tropical fruit, skunk, and earth. The smoke had a sweet and sour taste that lingered on the tongue. The effects were medium-strong, inducing a euphoric and energetic high that made me feel creative and focused. It was a great strain to smoke during the day, and it helped me stay productive and creative while also feeling relaxed.

To wrap off my Tropicanna Poison grow journal, growing this strain was a pleasure. The plant was easy to grow, had a quick flowering time, and provided generous yields. The only thing I’d do differently next time is provide more support for the branches or prune more of them to get a smaller bush. As for the buds, they were high quality and had a great aroma, taste, and effects. I’d recommend this strain to other growers who want to try something new and exciting. Happy growing!

tropicanna poison f1 fast version harvest

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