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Smoke Report: The Highest I've Ever Been With Amherst Sour Diesel

Last updated: 24 December 2020

Amherst Sour Diesel Smoke Report

Usually, we can only get our hands on some ambiguous Haze variety, or sometimes even a Mr. Nice Guy, but tonight, we’re in for a special treat. Cory bought some Amherst Sour Diesel weed strain seeds online and has been growing them in his off-campus apartment for the last several months. He did a bunch of research, so between the high-quality seeds and how well he took care of his plants, this bud is sure to be dank. Now that he’s harvested, dried, and cured the buds, it’s time to test them out. I smoke a lot of weed and like to document my experiences, so this is a smoke review of Amherst Sour Diesel. 

We’re a group of freshmen and sophomores at a college that’s basically in the middle of nowhere. There’s barely any cell service, campus is surrounded by forest, and the closest town is a 45-minute walk away and with a population of only around 7,000 people. It’s a beautiful area, but isolated enough that finding weed can be hard sometimes. So it’s extra exciting that Cory started growing. 

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Getting The Crew Together

Cory picks everyone up (he has a car since he lives off-campus) in his rickety Honda Civic. We all pile in – me, my roommate Johanna, and the rest of our friend group: Katherine, Dylan, Mike, and Raegan. It’s like a clown car as we squeeze in and get on each other’s laps. We drive down and out of campus, turning onto a forest road that leads to a nearby lake. Cory parks on the turnoff across the road from the lake’s shore. “You wanna hotbox the car?” Everyone is down. As Cory and Dylan roll up a couple of joints in the front seats, I connect my phone to the car’s Bluetooth and start playing some music. Just the smell of the weed being ground up is already intoxicating: fruity, woody, musky. 

Giggly High With Amherst Sour Diesel

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They light up the joints and Dylan passes his to me, getting two rotations started. I puff, puff, pass it to Katherine, who’s perched on Mike’s lap. The joints start making the rounds and smoke starts to fill the car. The windows are all rolled up and the air starts to get hazy after just a minute. 

I start getting high before the second joint is in my fingers, feeling a bubbly sensation rising up from my stomach and into my chest. The stereo is bumping Chance the Rapper and I can feel the percussive strikes of the beat even more acutely. I feel myself smiling as I puff away at the joint and pass it along. Raegan is rapping along to the track and the other girls are hyping her up. At some point, the rotation gets backed up and I’ve got both joints at the same time. I hit both of them simultaneously and end up going into a small coughing fit. My feelings of euphoria bubble up with the warmness inside my chest, and I can feel my heart beating. It’s a little physically uncomfortable, but I’m experienced with smoking weed so I know it’ll pass soon. 

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After another song, both joints have been smoked down to the paper, but everyone stays put in the hotbox. We’re all really high, but trying to get higher by chilling in the car and taking in as much smoke as possible. I had put on my playlist dedicated to smoking weed, and the next song in the playlist that comes on is “The Next Episode” by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg. We’re rapping along, all bopping to the beat, and the song comes to an end. Dead silence for a few moments, then all of us scream, “Smoke weed every day!” along with the song. It’s perfectly timed, and we all start laughing our asses off. Then I start coughing again, and so do Katherine and Dylan, and suddenly everyone’s coughing and laughing. Cory is the first to open his door, and we all follow suit, tumbling out of the car and still cracking up. I’m again reminded of a clown car as seven of us stumble out, and I’m still getting higher. The situation is ridiculous but so much fun, and this is some really good weed. 

Dip In The Lake 

a smoke review of Amherst Sour Diesel

Once everyone calms down, we decide to walk over to the lake. The moon is a thin crescent and stars are shining, the sky clear of clouds. Since we’re basically in the middle of nowhere, there’s not much light pollution and I can even see the Milky Way tonight. I’m feeling full of energy from our hotbox, and the air is warm enough that I make a decision: I want to go in the water. 

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I run toward the shore, strip down to my underwear, and dunk myself underwater. The water is shocking and delightful at the same time. Some of my friends splash in with me, and we wade out until we can’t touch the bottom anymore. Dylan, Raegan, and I convince the others to join us, and soon everyone is swimming out in the moonlight. I’m feeling pleasantly buzzed and super aware of everything around me: the trees outlined against the night sky, the crickets chirping, the splashing of Dylan and Mike roughhousing. It’s a perfect night, I’m with the best people I know, and I’m probably the highest I’ve ever been. It’s complete euphoria. At this point, I understand that the night is so magical that tomorrow, I’m definitely going to be writing this smoke review.

Being in the water gets exhausting after a while and we get out. Johanna and I lie down on top of the picnic table not far from the shore of the lake. We’re soaking wet, but it’s still pretty warm out. The sensation of the warm air against my wet skin is really nice, a bit tingly in my stoned state. I definitely feel the body buzz, every inch of my skin feels super sensitive, and the wind keeps touching me – it feels like cold flames but in the best way possible. I feel that body/mind connection that I usually achieve while meditating or doing yoga. I look up at the stars, getting lost in the randomness of their placement. It’s hard to focus my eyes on them, and they seem to be moving a bit. Wow, I’m high. This weed lasts a while! It’s been a while since we smoked, and I still feel bubbly and smiley. 

Final Thoughts On The Night With Amherst Sour Diesel

I really hope you enjoyed my smoke report on Amherst Sour Diesel! It was a blast to have a totally spontaneous evening with my friends. Hotboxing, swimming, and just hanging out was the perfect way to test out Cory’s new bud. That was for sure up there in the top 10 highest I’ve ever been, and it was awesome how energetic and funny it was. Pretty different from the Indicas I’ve been smoking lately. I’ll definitely be hitting Cory up for some more Amherst Sour Diesel.

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Thanks! Great story. And review. I'll be on the lookout for the strain
Hello Scott,We are happy to hear that you like this article, we hope it will be useful when selecting a strain :)
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