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Trippy Gorilla Smoke Report: A Psychedelic Weed Experience

Last updated: 30 September 2020

Critical Orange Punch trip report

I want to share with you my first experience with Big Head Trippy Gorilla that I grew myself from seed. It wasn’t my first grow, nor my first Sativa strain, but the trip really stood out from the rest.

I chose a Wednesday afternoon to try my Trippy Gorilla for the first time because it was my day off and exactly 3 weeks since the strain had been curing. The buds looked beautiful in the jars: so fresh, vibrant, and richly-colored, with bright reddish hairs and some purple hues, and all this covered by a thick coat of resin. I love how they make my closet smell of coffee when the jars are closed, but when you open them, you get overwhelmed by this intense piney aroma, with hints of something fruity and hoppy maybe.

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And So It Starts…

I decided to smoke a bowl from my water bong, then take a bicycle ride to the nearby park and smoke another bowl there from a tiny pipe I usually use on the go. To split a smoking session in two like this is the best way to really savor the flavor, because the first dose of THC sharpens your senses and turns you into a kind of expert taster.

So I smoked a bowl and went for a ride. The smoke was kind of harsh on the throat and lungs from all that THC and felt peppery, which made me cough quite a bit.

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It’s a 20-minute ride from my place to the park. It was a beautiful spring afternoon, windy closer to the ocean but really warm in our valley, sunny and a little hazy. The traffic was light due to Covid, and this was a good thing because although I’m a regular smoker, I was a bit intimidated by the promised 25+% THC in this strain.

Initial Trippy Gorilla Effects: Some Mild Visuals And Intense Focus

Critical Orange Punch trip report

The effects really kicked in about halfway to the park. I was suddenly really focused on how my feet were pushing the pedals, and the swishing of tires felt like streaks of euphoria coursing through my body. Every time the wheels hit a crack or a tiny rock, I felt a jolt of joy in my chest and back. Presently, the air started to feel somehow solid, like I was underwater or inside some crystal-like substance, which was full of bright ripples and dapples in my peripheral vision. When I tried to see what exactly it was, I realized it was all in my head. The feeling of being underwater and overcoming resistance gradually increased, and it suddenly became obvious to me that I’d almost reached the top of an especially steep hill (which I had always climbed on foot before, leading my bicycle). And I hadn’t even switched gears!

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I dismounted and in a few moments, lost myself in the process of walking, and in this manner, walked to the top and then down and only ‘woke up’ at the foot of the hill. It went on like this for a while: me getting completely absorbed in what I was doing and then suddenly becoming aware of my surroundings, with the second half of my trip at the park feeling several times longer than the first.

I visit this park regularly and know it quite well – at least some of the trails – but I was overwhelmed by another strange sensation: I kept losing track of where I was, and for a split second, I was sure I was riding somewhere in the environs of my hometown, thousands of miles away and in a different country. I say ‘split second’, but it felt like a long, long series of fluctuations between here and there, here and there, until it finally settled on ‘here’. However, I couldn’t fight the peculiar feeling that it was somehow also possible to settle on ‘there’, like riding through a portal.

I was enjoying all this immensely, but it was time for the second part of my plan.

The Trippy Gorilla strain reviews that I’d read didn’t lie: it was some strong stuff, and I first wanted to smoke just one more bowl, but then decided that I needed a full trip and eventually smoked two. I picked a nice sunny spot, not on a bench or anything, but off the trail – a lucky choice since after the second bowl, I felt like lying down.

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As I’d expected, the smell and taste now felt heavenly: I was alternately relishing the smoke without giving its flavor much thought and then really paying attention and savoring every note on the exhale. The smell was very strong: pine, eucalyptus, even camphor, but also some citrus fruit. I tried to give a name to the taste, but all that came to my mind was ‘honey’. It tasted so sweet without actually being sweet – like a kind of a sensory hallucination.

A Gorilla Strain That Actually Goes Trippy

Critical Orange Punch trip report

As I mentioned, I felt a strong desire to lie down. As soon as I closed my eyes, the visuals began in earnest, and not your run-of-the-mill fractals, either. No, in this case, I kept seeing, in endless succession, fences, hedges, walls of houses and doorways, and sidewalks with all their cracks and fallen leaves, wet spots and puddles. I realized that I was seeing all this from a height of a kid of three or four years old, and that I was back on the streets of my childhood. I knew you can’t overdose and die on weed, but couldn’t fight the thought that I was dying and that my life was coming full circle all the way to my earliest conscious experiences. It was kind of frightening but also sweet to walk again through my childhood like this.

I can’t say how long it lasted, but, at some point, I became aware of a new sensation, completely physical this time. The euphoria in my body felt like too much – it was coming in waves, making me shudder, I’d say even orgasm, with pleasure. I had to sit up and open my eyes before it slowly dawned on me that the sun had moved, and that I was now in the shadow of a fur tree and shivering with cold. Luckily, by this time, the effects had subsided a bit, so I dared to mount my bike again and head home.

My Final Thoughts On Big Head Seeds’ Trippy Gorilla

All in all, it was an epic experience, but also very intense, so I wasn’t particularly eager to repeat it. By now, I’ve already smoked the rest of my harvest, sometimes alone and sometimes with my friends or boyfriend, but always in moderation, enjoying the clear-headed focus and sensual euphoria of this incredible strain. I still have some Big Head Trippy Gorilla seeds left and will pop them as soon as I finish my current grow.

I hope you enjoyed my Trippy Gorilla review!

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