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My Holy Grail Kush Grow Journal

Last updated: 1 December 2023

Holy Grail Kush Grow

Hi, everybody. Here’s my Holy Grail Kush grow review. It took me 16 weeks to grow this one, and despite some issues along the way, she brought me 5.36 oz (152g) of top-quality buds, reminiscent of GG#4 Original Glue and Bruce Banner.

DNA Holy Grail Kush Grow

I decided to try a Holy Grail strain grow because I’d read a lot of positive reviews and liked the description by the seed bank. DNA Genetics promises yields well above average after just 9 weeks of flowering, and in my case, they fulfilled their promise to the letter.

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My DNA Holy Grail Kush Grow Week By Week

My Experience Growing Holy Grail Kush

Holy Grail Kush by DNA Genetics

The first week from seed was all smooth sailing: under a 12W CFL for 18 hours a day in a small pot filled with Mykos mycorrhizae. I also used a heat mat, and the seedling was coming along beautifully. In week 2, however, I ran into trouble: my heater broke, and I didn’t notice it immediately. As a result, all growth stopped and the seedling turned yellow. I did my best to keep it alive with the heat mat while resolving the issue with the heater. All this time, I didn’t give my Holy Grail Kush much water because she basically stopped drinking, but at the end of week 2, she received her first feeding:

  • SHOGUN Katana Roots - 0.15 tsp/gal (2 ml/l)
  • SHOGUN CalMag - 0.38 tsp/gal (5 ml/l)
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I proceeded to give her Katana Roots for the rest of the veg phase and the first 2 weeks of flowering, and CalMag for exactly the same period except in weeks 3 and 4 (both nutrients at the same dosage as before).

Holy Grail Kush grow review.

DNA Holy Grail Kush Grow Week By Week

I was glad that by week 3, everything was back to normal – the seedling grew some and the green color came back. I decided she was healthy enough for a transplant into a 5.28-gallon (20-liter) grow bag. I used 0.5 gallons (2 liters) for the first time watering.

Week 4 was marked by slow but steady growth as Holy Grail Kush got used to her new 20-liter ‘home’. All I did was water her with 0.13 gallons (0.5 liters) every 2-3 days.

I’m Starting To Give Her Main Nutrients

I harvested my Holy Grail Kush

top-quality buds Holy Grail Kush

In week 5, the growth was disappointingly slow, at least compared to my other plants in the grow room. I was eager to see how she’d react to some nutrients, so I introduced SHOGUN Samurai Coco A and B at 1.54 tsp/gal (2 ml/l). I would later up the dosage to 3 ml/l for the remaining 2 weeks of veg and the first 4 weeks of flowering.

In week 6, I moved all my girls under a 400W HPS and was happy to notice a spurt in growth. I pulled my Holy Grail Kush to the side to make the side branches develop faster, and even fimmed her since she was doing so well now.

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Throughout week 7, I continued to use LST on her aggressively, trying to achieve a flat shape before the flip to 12/12 the following week. I also added 0.38 tsp/gal (5 ml/l) of SHOGUN Silicon to my mix of nutrients to strengthen her before flowering began. She didn’t mind the training, increased her water intake, and though not the biggest one of the bunch, was finally picking up her growing pace.

Week 8 From Seed: I Induced Flowering On Holy Grail Kush

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After some deliberation, I decided to keep feeding her Silicon for another week (the first week of flowering). Meanwhile, I continued to bend and tuck the tops, which made the plant quite bushy. She looked a bit overfed, overwatered, and tired, but nothing to really worry about. To promote better light penetration and airflow, I defoliated her quite a bit and kept removing a few leaves at a time during the second week of flowering as well. There was some nice stretching with comfortable node spaces, and white pistils on the tops everywhere. I also introduced Buddy for the first time at 0.38 tsp/gal (5 ml/l). She also started to drink about 1 gallon (4 liters) every other day now.

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In week 3 of flowering, the plant was looking healthy and vibrant, with lots of flowering tops. I used a ScrOG net to tame the growth of the strongest tops by directing them to the sides and to give the branches in the middle a chance.

Holy Grail Kush from DNA

my Holy Grail Kush grow journal

The fourth week of 12/12 was marked by the slowing down of stretching. The flowers were building at every node, and resin glands began to appear. It was time to double the dosage of Buddy and to introduce Terpinator at 0.15 tsp/gal (2 ml/l).

In the fifth week, I lowered the dosage of A and B to 2 ml/l by mistake, but the plant didn’t seem to notice. The buds were getting bigger and heavier, there was a nice coating of frost on the sugar leaves, and Holy Grail Kush looked as healthy as ever.

There was no fading of leaves because of the lowered dose of A and B the week before, so during the next week, I also gave the plant the same 2 ml/l of each. The buds were stacking nicely, and there was now a strong and pleasant fruity smell in the grow tent.

Final Flush For My Holy Grail Kush Grow, Then Harvest

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It was obviously my mistake to stop giving Holy Grail Kush all nutrients (except Terpinator) in week 7. She started to show signs of hunger (yellowing of fan leaves) almost immediately, but the situation didn’t get out of hand until week 8, when they all went dry and brittle as if the harvest was long overdue. However, the smell was as beautiful as before.

I harvested my Holy Grail Kush after 9 weeks of flowering. She looked terrible with all those dead yellow leaves, but only up to the moment I trimmed them off. The bud structure was easily 8/10, the yield well above my expectations, and the smoke in my top ten: the flavor of fuel and berries came with a strong body relaxation but without any heavy-handed couch-lock. The effects rather creep on you, so if you’re inspired by my grow report to give Holy Grail Kush a try, don’t rush into smoking too much at once.

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Final Thoughts On Holy Grail Kush Grow

This strain is easy to grow, responds well to training, and is hungry for nutes except in the couple of weeks before the final flush, when you can use half the dose. With a bushy structure and long internodes, Holy Grail Kush will benefit from ScrOG and reward you with bigger yields. Just watch out for high humidity issues closer to harvest time. As for the quality of the smoke, she’s a very distinct plant and comes highly recommended.

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