Wedding Cake By Original Sensible Seeds: A Grow Diary

Last updated: 17 August 2020

Hey all, I recently had the chance to grow one of Original Sensible Seeds’ Wedding Cake plants from seed to harvest. I was pretty stoked to try this strain out – I’ve been a fan of Cookies strains forever but have never grown one myself. Fun fact: Wedding Cake is also known as Pink Cookies, and emerged as a descendant of Triangle Mints, which traces its lineage back to Girl Scout Cookies.

This strain seemed particularly hardy. It never got sick throughout its lifecycle, which I always appreciate. I’ve experienced too many pest outbreaks to waste my time with weak strains. Wedding Cake’s resilience also makes it fairly easy to grow. Even though I was growing in rock wool, which is notorious for drying out quickly, my plant never suffered any ill effects from drying out.

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All right, now that I’ve nerded out for a minute, let’s get down to business. First, I’ll go over the gear I used. Then, I’ll outline how the plant developed from seed to maturity.

My Equipment

I’ve always grown in tents at home, and I figured this wasn’t the time to try something new. Since I was only growing a single plant, I only used a single LED grow lamp. I like LEDs because they don’t use much power, which translates into a lower energy cost per grow cycle. It also helps to keep the temperature down inside the tent, which means I have to worry less about air conditioning in my garden.

I’d never grown Wedding Cake before and I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew. As a result, I only grew a single plant. I kept it in rock wool, which usually requires a hydroponic system to succeed. Rock wool can dry out extremely fast, and if you don’t keep it moist, a plant can quickly die. I fed my plants House & Garden nutrients. I’ve been using their line forever and it’s never let me down.

My Experience Growing Wedding Cake

I let my Wedding Cake veg for nearly 2 months before flipping it into the flowering phase. All in all, it took 15 weeks for this strain to fully mature. I harvested at the end of week 15 after the trichomes turned amber.

Weeks 1-8: Wedding Cake In Veg

Since I only had one seed to work with, I was lucky it germinated. I put the seed in a small rock wool cube and kept it moist. After less than a week, I saw the plant’s initial stem sprouting out of its cube, and I knew I was off to the races. By week 2, I’d transplanted my seedling into a 3 cu. in (7.6 cu. cm) rock wool cube and covered it with clay pellets.

I kept my lamps running at 18 hours per day. Some growers I know run 20 hours of light in their veg cycle, but I find that this can sometimes stress the plants out. I kept the temperature in my garden around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.67 degrees Celsius) and the humidity between 40 and 45%. Young plants like these conditions because it mimics the long, hot summer days they’d experience in nature.

During my veg phase, I adjusted my nutrient mix as needed. I began with a total dissolved solids (TDS) of about 200 PPM and pH of around 5.8. During the 8-week veg phase, I gradually increased the TDS of my mix until it reached 500 PPM. I kept my pH at a constant 5.8 throughout the process.

I topped my plant during week 4 so that it would develop two independent colas. I also heavily defoliated during the veg phase. Since I was going to be growing the plant for such a long time, I decided to develop a few large colas instead of multiple smaller branches.

Week 9-Harvest: Wedding Cake In Flower

After week 8, I switched my lights to an even 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Over the first 2 weeks of the flowering phase, my plant stretched to more than double its size. During this time, I ScrOGged my plant, spreading out its main colas to give some of its smaller branches a chance to develop. I defoliated again around weeks 6 and 8 of the flowering cycle (weeks 14 and 16 overall) to ensure proper light penetration through the canopy.

As the plant continued to mature, I increased the TDS of its nutrient mix. When I flipped the plants into flower, I’d been feeding them a 500 PPM mix. By the last week before harvest time, I’d increased my TDS to 1100 PPM. I didn’t change my pH though, keeping it at a steady 5.8.

During the last week before I harvested the plants, I began to flush their roots out with un-pH’d water. This helps to flush out any leftover nutrients in the medium – a process that lets the plant’s natural flavors shine through when it’s smoked.

I also lowered my temperature and humidity toward the end of the flowering cycle. This was meant to mimic the climate conditions as the seasons change from summer to early fall. I gradually lowered the temperature in my garden to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) and my humidity to 30% as I approached harvest time.

My Impressions After Harvesting Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake took plenty of time to mature. Between when it germinated and when it was ready to harvest, I’d waited nearly 4 months. However, my patience was rewarded. My yield was fairly average at 96 grams (3.39 oz).

While my yield was average, the quality of this strain was not. Its smell is incredible, featuring citrus and sweet tones mixed with the warm smell of cake. Its high is a nice balance between the euphoric effects of a Sativa and the kind of sedative properties you’d expect from an Indica. All things considered, I’ll definitely grow this strain again.

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