Do-Si-Dos OG By Original Sensible Seeds Grow Diary

Last updated: 22 May 2024

do si dos og by original sensible seeds grow diary

Hey guys, after 4 months of work, I’ve finally finished growing Do-Si-Dos OG. Before I started, I was hunting for new strains to fill my home grow, and I decided to try out a feminized version of Do-Si-Dos OG by Original Sensible Seeds. This Indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between OGKB and Girl Scout Cookies. Since GSC is one of the biggest strains in the world right now, I was excited to try Do-Si-Dos OG out.

Do-Si-Dos grow diary

Another reason I wanted to try growing Do-Si-Dos OG was that I’d heard it was particularly hardy. It’s supposed to be resistant to infections and also pretty flexible with the nutrients it needs. As I grew this strain, the rumors I heard were confirmed: Do-Si-Dos OG is highly durable and can thrive all the way until harvest day.

Preparation For Growing Do-Si-Dos OG By Original Sensible Seeds

I used a fairly simple setup for my garden this grow cycle. I figured that since I was growing on such a small scale (just a single plant), I could forego a complex setup for something quick and easy.

I live in a house in a large city, so I always grow inside. Sometimes I dedicate an entire room of my house to my garden, but I also like to use tents. Tents give the grower a greater level of control over the climate in their garden, and they also help to keep out pests and unwanted light. Since I was only growing a single plant, I figured a 2 x 2.5 ft (0.6 x 0.76 m) tent would work nicely.

Do Si Dos original sensible seeds

Since I wanted a high level of flexibility and endurance, I decided to use soil for this grow. Soil is one of the most forgiving mediums to grow in. It contains many of the nutrients your plants need to grow already, as well as helps to control the pH range of your root zone. Soil is also great at retaining moisture, so you don’t need to water it as frequently as you would other mediums.

While soil takes care of most nutrients that a garden needs, it’s not always perfect. That’s why I used GHE nutrients to supplement the natural minerals within my soil. I’ve used GHE before a few times and was really happy with the results it produced. Since I already had a 1.5-gallon (5.6 L) pot from my last grow cycle, I decided to use that for my container.

My Full Report On Growing OSS Do-Si-Dos OG From Seed To Harvest

All in all, Do-Si-Do took me 16 weeks from seed to harvest. This strain is photoperiodic, so I kept it in the vegetative phase for 5 weeks before switching my lights to initiate the flowering phase. Then, after 10 more weeks, my plant was ready to harvest.

Weeks 1-5: Do-Si-Dos OG In The Vegetative Stage

Do-Si-Dos by original sensible

During the first five weeks of my grow cycle, I kept my plants under a constant 18 hours of light. I needed to maintain this light schedule throughout veg because this particular Do-Si-Do strain is photoperiodic. I started off by planting my seed into a rock wool cube. Luckily, it germinated within a few days.

In the vegetative phase, plants like hot and humid conditions. With that in mind, I kept my air temperature hovering around 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) and my ambient humidity around 50 percent. At night, my temperature fell to a low of 72 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius).

I used GHE nutrients for this garden and pH’d my mix to 6.5 during veg. Here’s a breakdown of my nutrient mix week-by-week:

Do-Si-Dos OG grow

  • Week 1: Bio Roots: 1 ml/l
  • Week 2: FloraGro: 1 ml/l, FloraBloom: 1 ml/l, FloraMicro: 1 ml/l, BioRoots: 1 ml/l
  • Week 3: Bio Bloom: 0.5 ml/l, FloraGro: 1.8 ml/l, FloraBloom: 0.6 ml/l, FloraMicro: 1.2 ml/l, BioRoots: 1 ml/l
  • Week 4: Bio Bloom: 0.5 ml/l, FloraGro: 2 ml/l, FloraBloom: 1.5 ml/l, FloraMicro: 2 ml/l, BioRoots: 0.5 ml/l
  • Week 5: Bio Bloom: 0.5 ml/l, FloraGro: 2 ml/l, FloraBloom: 1.5 ml/l, FloraMicro: 2 ml/l, BioRoots: 0.5 ml/l

After five weeks, my plant had grown significantly. It was about 18 inches (46 cm) tall. Three days before I switched my garden from veg into flower, I performed low-stress training (LST), tying down some of the major branches.

Do-Si-Dos’s Flower Cycle: Week 6 To Harvest On Week 16

Do-Si-Dos veg cycle

After week 5, I switch my lamp to produce 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness. This kicks photoperiodic plants into the flower phase. I kept my light on the same schedule for the next 10 weeks.

During the flowering phase, I kept the pH of my mix at a constant 6.5. My mix’s TDS, though, changed significantly:

  • Week 6: Bio Bloom: 0.5 FloraGro: 0.8, FloraBloom: 2.4, FloraMicro: 1.6 – 800 PPM
  • Week 7: Bio Bloom: 0.5 FloraGro: 2, FloraBloom: 1.5, FloraMicro: 2 – 800 PPM
  • Week 8: Bio Bloom: 0.5 FloraGro: 0.8, FloraBloom: 2.4, FloraMicro: 1.6 – 800 PPM
  • Week 9: Bio Bloom: 0.5 FloraGro: 0.8, FloraBloom: 2.4, FloraMicro: 1.6 – 800 PPM
  • Week 10: Bio Bloom: 0.5 FloraGro: 0.8, FloraBloom: 2.4, FloraMicro: 1.6 – 800 PPM
  • Week 11: Bio Bloom: 0.5 FloraGro: 0.8, FloraBloom: 2.4, FloraMicro: 1.6 – 800 PPM
  • Week 12: Bio Bloom: 0.5 FloraGro: 0.8, FloraBloom: 2.4, FloraMicro: 1.6 – 800 PPM
  • Week 13: Ripen: 5 ml/l – 1200 TDS
  • Week 14: Flush with water
  • Week 15: Flush with water
  • Week 16: Flush with water

Do-Si-Dos OG on flowering

During the flower phase, I gradually decreased the temperature of my grow from 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 degrees Celsius) to 69 degrees Fahrenheit (20.5 degrees Celsius). I also lowered the relative humidity of my grow from 50 percent to 35 percent by week 16.

Do-Si-Dos before harvest

My Thoughts After Harvesting Do-Si-Dos By Original Sensible Seeds

Do-Si-Dos buds

After I harvested my plant, I weighed my yield, which came out to 12.7 oz (360g). After that, I hung my buds on a coat hanger in a closet for 5 days to dry them. I live in a particularly dry area, so growers in more humid climates may want to dry their plants for 7-10 days. Then, I cured my plants in a mason jar for 2 weeks.

Once they were done, I weighed them again and found I was left with 3.17 oz (90g) of dry flower. That’s significantly less than I normally pull down. I’m going to attribute this to my small 1.5-gal (5.6 L) pot, which may not have given my plant’s roots the space they needed to grow.

This strain sure took its sweet time maturing, but it was definitely worth it. Do-Si-Dos OG has a great relaxing stone effect that emphasizes its Indica lineage, with a bit of the euphoria you’d expect from a Sativa. It also has a refreshing citrus and peppery tone-based taste that I really enjoyed.

Do-Si-Dos wet and dry yield


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Green finger
Nice grow mate. Better in coco coir I’ve found. Knocks a couple of weeks off harvest
Hello Green,Thank you for your reply. The coco pallets can be used as well, some growers actually prefer them, some prefer Rockwool, there are many ways :)
Thanks, will. Try a bigger pot
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