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Brothers Grimm is an American seedbank which was first founded by a famous strain enthusiast who goes by the name of ‘MrSoul’. This mysterious character has become known for breeding some of the finest quality hybrids on the market today – known for their fast-flowering, densely resinous nature within every bud, within every pack of seeds. The company focuses on taking classic strains and reinventing them to create monster hybrids that both taste and feel great.

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Brothers Grimm Catalog – Your No. 1 Source Of Stable Genetics

The seed bank’s founder, Mr. Soul, and his friend, Sly, began to sell their seeds in 1996, and their strains soon had a cult following thanks to the uncompromised quality of their creations. The guys worked with pure landraces and inbred lines, and each and every one of their offerings was only introduced to the market after it had been fully stabilized and made to produce uniform plants with consistent characteristics.

Where Everything Happens According To A Plan

The breeders at Brothers Grimm create new varieties the only way it should be done. They start with the vision of a perfect plant: how it should look and grow, what terpene profile it should have and what effects it should produce. Then they decide what parent strains have to be used to achieve this goal. When they select a mother and a father from their unique bank of seeds, they can explain exactly why they should be crossed and how their features will intermix.

Multi-Generational Breeding Programs

When you cross two plants – no matter how great their genetics are – you get too much variance. It’s true that their off-springs will have what they call ‘hybrid vigor’ and some will be real keepers, but if you want to make desired characteristics present in every seed you sell, you’re facing years and years of work. And this is what Brothers Grimm does – they painstakingly grow generation after generation of plants, selecting only the best, backcrossing them and cubing them until they completely breed the variance out.

While it takes time, the results are worth it, because the genetics can be propagated in their original form almost indefinitely. When in 2002 Brothers Grimm abruptly shut down their operation due to security concerns, their strains lived on. In the case of Cinderella 99, for example, people used her seeds for up to five generations and still loved the results. Fortunately for all of us, the breeders opened shop again in 2015 in Colorado and resumed their breeding program, setting the bar as high as ever.

Brothers Grimm Seeds For Your Amateur Breeding Projects

With premium genetics like this, it’s only natural that people are eager to get them in their most natural form. That’s why most of Brothers Grimm’s best-selling strains come as regular seeds. You can simply use them to produce more ‘free’ seeds for your future grows and count on progeny being exactly the same as the parent plants. Alternatively, you can create your own exciting F1 hybrids. In either case, your plants will never ’hermie’ on you. Incidentally, the same goes for their feminized varieties, so be sure to check these out as well when they’re in stock. You may find the seeds by Brothers Grimm a bit pricey compared to others, but with stellar genetics like these, they’re worth every penny.

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