OSS Purple Punch Cookies Grow Report

Last updated: 30 August 2020

purple punch cookies grow report

Hey all, I recently finished growing a single Purple Punch Cookies by Original Sensible Seeds, and I wanted to share my experience. I’ve grown a few different Cookie strains before, including the original Girl Scout Cookies that started the craze. I hadn’t heard about Purple Punch Cookies before, so I figured I’d try it out.

purple punch cookies grow data table

Purple Punch Cookies is a cross between traditional Girl Scout Cookies and a Gelato x Granddaddy Purple cross. It’s a true hybrid, with a balanced Indica/Sativa ratio hovering at 50% each. I don’t typically grow hybrids (I’m more of a purist), so I was taking a chance on this strain. Some growers describe Purple Punch Cookies as a “white” strain thanks to the thick sheen of trichomes that coats its bus. Its THC content is described as fairly high, coming in at about 25% according to the breeder.

One of the most important traits for a strain is its resilience to infections and adverse conditions. Even in a perfect garden, something can go wrong. When that happens, a grower wants to be sure that they can rely on their plant to survive. Fortunately, Purple Punch Cookies is a tough, hardy strain that can fight off infections and survive for a decent time in subpar environments. Time and again, this strain proved to me that it just wouldn’t quit.

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Everything I Used To Grow Purple Punch Cookies

I’ve always grown indoors. I have neighbors and a small yard, so it’s my only option. To help control the environment of my grow and keep it secret from neighbors, I use a medium-sized tent for my grow space. Tents also help to block out light leaks, which keep plants from turning into hermaphrodites|.

I usually grow in clay pellets with a hydroponic feeding system, so I did the same for this strain. I like clay pellets because they dry out quickly, making them a poor place for infections to start. That same trait can also work against a grow, though. If a plant growing in clay pellets dries out, it will die in an hour or two. That’s why hydroponic systems are necessary when growing with clay pellets.

I used GHE nutrients to nourish my plants. Rockwool that I use for rooting is made of crushed up glass and insulation, so it doesn’t have any inherent nutrients in itself. Instead, I need to provide my plants with everything they need to grow. I’ve used GHE for years and trust its effectiveness.

Finally, I used a LED lamp for this garden. I usually like to keep one of these lights per plant, and since I only had a single plant, I figured one light was fine. LED lights consume very little power, so they’re great for cost-conscious growers. They also help to keep the temperature down within a tent, so I can spend less energy on climate control.

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OSS Purple Punch Cookies – Week By Week Grow Progress

purple punch cookies sprout

purple punch cookies germinate

It took 12 weeks for me to raise this plant from seed to full maturity. I let it develop in the veg phase for 6 weeks before changing my light schedule and flipping the plant into the flowering phase. It took 6 weeks more for the plant to fully flower after I flipped it.

6 Weeks Of Purple Punch Cookies Veg

I planted my seed in a rockwool cube until it sprouted. The first week after my seed germinated, I kept my plant under 24 hours of constant light. I lowered that to 18 hours after week 2. I know that plenty of growers leave their plants under 24 hours of light through the entire veg cycle, but I find this can sometimes lead to unhappy plants.

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My nutrient mix hovered at a steady 6 pH throughout the grow process. I usually go a little bit lower, around 5.8, but I wanted to see how a higher pH would affect the plant. It seemed to like it, so I kept the same pH right through to the end of my grow cycle.

My first week, I fed my germinated sprout a mix of MaxiGro and CaliMagic, both at 0.33 ml/l. Week 2, I changed my mix to include:

  • Humic/Fulvic: 0.13 ml/l
  • MaxiGro: 0.65 ml/l
  • ArmorSi: 0.33 ml/l
  • CaliMagic: 0.33 ml/l

I used that mix until Week 6, when I changed it to:

  • Humic/Fulvic: 0.13 ml/l
  • MaxiGro: 0.65 ml/l
  • ArmorSi: 0.33 ml/l
  • CaliMagic: 0.65 ml/l
  • MaxiBloom: 0.33 ml/l

Proper environmental controls are one of the most important parts of a successful garden. In veg, plants like hot and steamy conditions. Because of this, I kept my air temperature at around 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius) and the ambient humidity around 60%.

At the beginning of week 6, I topped my plant so that it would develop two main colas. I always wait at least 3 days between topping and switching from veg into flower. This helps reduce the stress that the plant goes through and keeps it from becoming a hermaphrodite.

6 Weeks Of Purple Punch Cookies Flowering

purple punch cookies on veg

Once I reached the end of week 6, I changed the timer on my grow lamp to provide 12 hours of light and 12 of darkness. Because this strain of Purple Punch Cookies is photoperiodic, I had to change its light intake before it would switch into the flowering phase.

I kept all my conditions fairly similar from veg to flower, except that I gradually lowered my temperature and humidity as I got closer to harvest. This helps create the same conditions a plant would experience when the seasons change in nature. I gradually reduced the temperature to 69 degrees Fahrenheit (20.5 degrees Celsius) and the relative humidity to 40% throughout the flowering stage.

Beginning in Week 7, I updated my mix:

  • Humic/Fulvic: 0.13 ml/l
  • MaxiGro: 0.33 ml/l
  • ArmorSi: 0.33 ml/l
  • CaliMagic: 0.65 ml/l
  • MaxiBloom: 0.65 ml/l

    purple punch cookies vegetation

I changed it in Week 8:

  • Humic/Fulvic: 0.13 ml/l
  • Liquid Koolbloom: 0.25 ml/l
  • ArmorSi: 0.33 ml/l
  • CaliMagic: 0.65 ml/l
  • MaxiBloom: 0.98 ml/l

In Week 9, I kept the same nutrients but added 2.6 ml/l of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. I kept that mix until Week 11, when I changed it again:

  • CaliMagic: 0.65 ml/l
  • MaxiBloom: 0.98 ml/l
  • Liquid Koolbloom: 0.26 ml/l

    purple punch cookies flowering

    purple punch cookies before harvest


In Week 12, I flushed with water. I usually don’t pH my water during flush, that helps the buds pronoun their colors.

Original Sensible Seeds’ Purple Punch Cookies Harvest Outcome

purple punch cookies flower stage

purple punch cookies ready to harvest

After harvesting my plant and drying it out for about a month, I was left with 4.37 ounces (124 grams). Purple Punch Cookies provides an interesting high that I wasn’t expecting, balanced between energizing Sativa and sedating Indica effects. This keeps me kind of on the edge the whole time, but in a good way. I’ll definitely be adding it to my garden with my next round of plants.

purple punch cookies yields

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