Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants

Last updated: 30 January 2020

hermaphrodite weed plant

Although considered rare among humans and other animals, the existence of both male and female features, also known as hermaphroditism, is a curious phenomenon rather common in plants. In some cases, plants depend entirely on hermaphroditism in order to grow, thrive and spread within a given environment. However, when growing marijuana, it is paramount that you identify and remove hermaphrodite plants from your cannabis crop to avoid pollination that could cause your whole garden of female plants to start forming seeds, significantly lowering the quality of your harvest.

In the discussion that follows, we explore cannabis hermaphroditism in detail to understand its overall effect on the plant, ways to prevent it, stop from developing, and use hermies to your good in case hermaphrodite genes overtake. Let’s dive in!

What Exactly Is A Hermaphrodite Cannabis?

what is a hermaphrodite cannabis

Simply put, hermaphrodite marijuana produces both male and female flowers. This means that an individual plant simultaneously has male and female characteristics such as pollen sacks and buds. More often than not, hermaphroditic tendency is highly undesirable in the cultivation of cannabis. Why? Because even a single hermaphrodite cannabis plant can pollinate the rest of the weed crop and deprive you of sinsemilla, unpollinated buds with high THC content that growers use for smoking or making cannabis products. As you’ll see later in the article, hermaphrodite cannabis plants can still be put to use. However, their potency, quality and quantity of bud will never compare to that of female cannabis.

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What Does A Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plant Look Like?

How does a hermie plant look like

If you have some experience with pot farming, you will easily pick out the early signs of hermaphrodite plants. Just by observation, it’s easy to distinguish hermies from male or female plants:

  • In their younger stages, these plants start to form pollen sacs along with female bud sites even before they are mature enough for flower production.
  • Hermie weed plants also grow mixed-sex buds often referred to as “nanners” – a name derived from their banana-like shape. They are easily identifiable because they grow like a bunch of bananas.
  • Seeds of hermaphrodite plants stand out because they develop outside the flower bud.
  • A hermaphrodite plant also tends to be shorter than other plants because the effect of the process hampers and stunts normal growth.

What To Do When A Hermie Plant Is Found

what to do with hermie weed plant

If you spot a hermaphrodite plant in your crop, it is advisable to remove it as soon as possible, as a single hermie can pollinate an entire crop and deprive you of the potent female buds every grower wants. If you’re not looking for a crop that has a lower THC level and overall lower quality, you must not only learn to identify hermaphrodite plants but also distinguish between male and female plants. On a positive note, if your plants have already entered the flowering phase and you detected a hermie that has produced just a few male flowers, you can still save the harvest.

Can You Save A Hermie Plant?

Yes, luckily you can save a hermie plant and still harvest sinsemilla buds from it. These are the steps you need to undertake:

  1. At first sight of a hermaphrodite plant, immediately remove it from the garden and place it apart from the rest of your plants. You need to do it to minimize the risks of unwanted pollination.
  2. Closely follow the development of the hermie’s sex organs. When you detect male cannabis pollen sacks/balls/”bananas”, carefully remove them with a pair of sterilized tweezers.
  3. Keep checking the plant daily and remove any reappearing male organs.

If you do everything correctly and timely remove all of the male cannabis sex organs from the hermie plant, you’ll be able to have the harvest you were hoping for.

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How Can A Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plant Be Used?

A hermaphrodite cannabis plant can still be useful in a number of ways.

Pollinating Cannabis And Feminizing Seeds With Hermie Weed

pollinating cannabis with hermie weed

In a situation where you want to produce seeds and have no alternative methods of pollinating your crop, you can produce a hermaphrodite plant from your females and use it for pollination. Nonetheless, you need to remember that seeds from hermie plants will have a higher chance of growing into another hermaphrodite.

Similarly, a hermaphrodite cannabis plant is useful in feminizing seeds. This is the process of pollinating cannabis crops with hermie pollen so that eventually, all the seeds that grow out of it are feminized. All you need to do afterward is remove the seeds and dry them properly, then grow them under the right conditions.

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Making Concentrates From Hermie Weed

making concentrates from hermie weed

The amount of THC in hermaphrodite cannabis is very low. However, you can still make concentrates from it that will be as potent as those made from female plants.

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Smoking Hermaphrodite Weed

can you smoke hermaphrodite weed

Although it doesn’t have as much potency as pure female plants, hermaphrodite cannabis can still be smoked*. It may not give you the desired effect, but it does no harm to feel the difference.

What Causes Hermaphrodite Plants In Cannabis? Avoid These Factors!

If you came to read this article in order to prepare yourself for meeting a possible hermie plant in your cannabis garden, you need to know that there are several main ways through which hermaphrodite plants form.

The first is simple genetics, where the hermaphroditic features are carried along the plant’s DNA and passed down through generations. Hermaphrodite cannabis seeds that genetically acquire their traits from a hermaphrodite mother plant are referred to as “true” hermaphrodites. While these offsprings don’t necessarily become hermaphrodites, they have a higher chance of this at the slightest provocation by stressful conditions. That’s why it’s crucial to choose cannabis seeds from trusted seed banks - it brings the chance of getting a true hermaphrodite seed in a pack to the minimum.

The other cause is environmental influences. As a response to unfriendly or stressful conditions of growth, a cannabis plant will become a hermaphrodite as a coping mechanism. Conditions such as lack of water, low or too much light and lack of important nutrients may lead a plant to become a “hermie.”

In other situations, once a female plant realizes there are no male plants for pollination (fertilization), it may become hermaphroditic in an effort to procreate. Because of that, failing to harvest your crop on time increases the chances of producing hermaphrodites.

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What Are The Chances Of Getting A Hermaphrodite Weed Plant?

All female cannabis plants are potential hermaphrodites. However, in ideal circumstances, chances of females becoming hermaphrodite cannabis plants during cultivation are low. The good thing is that since we already know what causes hermaphroditism, it’s easier to keep the potential of this under control.

Hermie Cannabis: The Round-Up

The desire of any cannabis grower is to produce as many female flowers as possible, as this gives users the chance to consume cannabis with a higher concentration of desired compounds such as THC and CBD. However, hermaphrodite weed can sometimes come in the way. Luckily, you can still save the harvest early identification and closely following the growth of your crop is key to getting an overall harvest you’ll be satisfied with.

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When a hermie plant pollunates itself you get feminized seeds. They can turn into hermies if they are not kept stress free and taken good care of but they start as fem seeds not hermie. This is how they get feminized seeds to sell.
So my first successful grow to harvest produced decent bud besides it having many seeds as well. It turned out that the plant was both male and female which would explain how it pollinated and bred. I have a lot of seeds but I’m not sure whether I should use them considering their bloodline. Does the fact that they came from a herm, mean they would produce herm children?
I have been told this. if you have a seed that turn hermie and gives you seed, they have a 80% hermie trait. If you go from a clone (female) that turned hermie, you have femmed seeds... I may have it backwards
Hello Jasp, Doobz is right, female plant that polinated by female-hermaphrodite will most likely give you female seeds, although if you have not done that process on purpose - we advise to check this plants dayly to prevent hermaphrodites, as they will be more vunereable to hermaphrodization
Hermies produce hermies. Doesn't sound like it was a female force hermie so the trait should be passed on. I'm not sure they all will be hermie but they will have a much higher likelihood to turn hermie. Now if you had a female clone and stressed it to the point it turned hermie like it’s said in the article then you would have seeds that will mostly be female.
When you feminize from stressed out female plants you end up with a a higher rate of hermaphroditic feminized seeds than you would using something like colloidal silver. they shouldn't even be suggesting that in the first place. When you breed with male plants you end up with regular seeds about half male and half female.
I’ve found that wild seeds are 70 percent male and 30 percent female, not good odds
Why do most people view a hermie as a bad thing? Some of the best weed i've ever bought had a few seeds in it, and a hermie will produce all female seeds on itself and other females around it. So what’s bad about all that?
Read the piece again, I would assume they are bad because they spend time making pollen instead of nice buds and thc.... apart from that, I don’t think it’s a big deal....
Most hermed plants produce too much pollen and or seeds to have good but in the first place, and they can do the same to all of your other plants. Generally the plants you're probably referring to are F1 or S1 seeds that haven't been stebelized by F or S 2ing, which would stop them from the likelihood of producing pollen during flower. True breeding strains are IBL's, which means you've bred them enough to reduce the bad traits so they are nearly impossible to herm on you. The more hermed seeds one would use without breeding out that trait, the more likely the trait would appear.
What will happen if you remove seed pod before flowering is complete
If you keep removing "bananas" the plant will produce a decent harvest, but one missed pod can pollinate the entire greenhouse
*bud not but
Hello everyone!Hermaphrodites are mostly not desirable to avoid sudden pollination, a single germ plant can destroy a whole harvest, unless needed measures are taken. As follows, it is better to transplant a Herm plant to an isolated grow space, and remove all "bananas" from it, thus it will still produce a decent harvest and won't damage other plants
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