Purple Punch Cookies feminized seeds

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Purple Punch Cookies is a strain for those who are looking to take their cannabis experience to the next level. Her tastes and aromas combine the berries and grapefruit of one parent, Granddaddy Purple, with the world-famous sweetness of a second parent, Girl Scout Cookies. As if that wasn’t enticing enough, her THC content of 25% is truly mind-blowing, with extremely strong cerebral effects followed by a couch-locking body high.

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Original Sensible Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
Sativa / Indica hybrid
THC 25 %
All characteristics

Purple Punch Cookies Strain Info

Coming from a family tree with three impressive strains, Purple Punch Cookies is a perfect blend of sweet candy-like and fruity smells, incredible potency, and medicinal effects.

Purple Punch Cookies Grow Report

Purple Punch Cookies Grow Report


The amazing trichome-laden Purple Punch Cookies was born from breeding Gelato and Grandaddy Purple with Girl Scout Cookies – three absolute legends giving life to a new one.


Purple Strain offers more than just a delightful flavor. The strain can quickly induce a cerebral high before allowing the body to go into a deeply relaxing state. Its high THC of 25% is best suited for seasoned smokers, as first-timers may be unprepared for its quick and potent effects. It's also a great choice for those battling stress, anxiety, and depression.

Purple Punch Cookies effects
Purple Punch Cookies weed effects
Purple Punch Cookies strain effects
Effects of Purple Punch Cookies

Smell And Taste

Purple Punch Cookies offers a sweet fruity taste and aroma thanks to one of its ancestors, Granddaddy Purple, which is popular for its berry and grapelike flavors and scents. Adding a layer to Purple Punch Cookies’ terpene profile is the contrast of the incense and hash notes that perfectly balance out the sweetness.

Grow Tips

Purple Punch Cookies is a visual treat resembling a snow-flaked plant. True to its name, dark purple shades spruce up its appearance, while its fiery hairs provide a pretty contrast.

  • Thanks to its ancestor, the strain is a "white" one due to the trichomes surrounding the bulky buds.
  • It’s a high yielder that can provide 700g (24.7oz) per plant if grown outdoors, and 600g/m2 (1.97oz/ft2) if grown indoors.
  • Harvest time comes after 65-70 days of flowering.

Purple Punch Cookies Auto Seeds

These wonderful seeds deserve a spot even in the gardens of the most seasoned connoisseurs. Luckily, Purple Punch Cookies seeds are now available for purchase at Herbies.


  • Brand Original Sensible Seeds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Stoned giant
  • Genetics Gelato x Grandaddy Purple x Girl Scout Cookies
  • Height 90 - 140 cm indoors
    120 - 180 cm outdoors
  • Flowering indoors 65 - 70 days
  • Outdoor finish October
  • Genotype Sativa / Indica hybrid
  • THC 25 %
    • Advantages
      A great plant
    • Disadvantages
      Nothing yet
    • General impressions
      2 week of flowering.
      Everything is going great.
      The plant is growing well and she looks healthy.
      Next week I will give her nutrients.
    • Advantages
      One of the most giggly and tasty strains I’ve tried.. haha. Pleasant taste and beautiful dense buds.
    • Disadvantages
      Can cause dry mouth
    • General impressions
      I’ll be growing this strain again as soon as possible. This pheno tastes like girl scout cookies and I like it! Many thanks to you, guys!