High Vs. Stoned: How Does Weed Make You Feel?

Last updated: 25 February 2020

what does it feel like to be high

If you’re a regular user, you likely already know that there are different types of highs and plenty of words used to describe how you feel: buzzed, high, stoned, baked, faded, fried or even zooted, just to name a few. If you’re not that experienced and feeling curious about the various effects of cannabis, Herbies has you covered. Here’s a breakdown of the distinguishing qualities between being high and stoned, what exactly those differences are, and which strains are great for achieving an ideal level of inebriation for your needs.

It All Starts With The Buzz

After the initial hit, users may be wondering, what does it feel like to be buzzed? It won’t be long before they have their answer; the buzz is the first stage of being high and typically kicks in within a few minutes of smoking, depending on strain type and potency. As your level of inebriation increases, you’ll start to feel a little giggly and euphoric as the buzz develops into a high. However, your experience will definitely depend on your consumption method, smoking experience and the strength of strain you’re enjoying. For example, smoking a Sativa will have a different effect and timeline than, say, an Indica-heavy edible.

What Does It Feel Like To Be High?

high on weed

That initial buzz doesn’t last too long, and can morph into a high within minutes. If you’re indulging in some high-quality weed, this high can last around three or four hours. Of course, the experience of being high depends on the individual and the strain, but users typically experience feelings of uplifting, happiness and energy after enjoying a Sativa. Life is exciting and you may have some fun, unique ideas to share with your friends! This “head high” sometimes presents itself in increased sociability among users, while others can encounter some anxiety or paranoia when at peak inebriation. Aside from an influx in creative and imaginative feelings, there are also some key physical sensations associated with being high: “cottonmouth,” heavy eyelids, and dry, red eyes are all infamous markers of this state.

Sativa For A Head High

different types of high

If you’re in the mood for some mental stimulation and extra energy, consider a Sativa-dominant strain for your next session. Keep in mind, however, that heavy Sativas can also cause a bit of anxiety, especially in the initial come-up, although this typically subsides rather quickly. Here are three strains we recommend for getting that perfect creative head high.

Orange Sherbet Auto (Fast Buds) Orange Sherbet Auto (Fast Buds)
  • Autoflowering
  • Highly creative
  • 500 - 650 g/m² indoors
    60 - 300 g/plant outdoors
  • 24 %
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Orange Sherbet Auto Is A Strain That Means Business

And by business, we mean that this cannabis strain offers an incredible cerebral high with electrifying energy spilling all over the place. Orange Sherbet Auto is a Sativa-dominant cannabis variety with a multi-hybrid history. With a THC level of 24%, you’re guaranteed to experience a long-lasting and euphoric high. Chances are you’ll be flying high in no time after just a few puffs of this fruity, zesty, and fragrant strain.

Bruce Banner #3 (Original Sensible Seeds) Bruce Banner #3 (Original Sensible Seeds)
  • Photoperiod
  • A good balance between high and stone
  • 800 g/m² indoors
    1000 g/plant outdoors
  • 28 %
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Bruce Banner #3 Boosts Your Imagination

Bruce Banner #3 is another very strong cannabis strain with 28% THC. This Ghost OG x Strawberry Diesel x Auto Ghost OG hybrid is brought to you by Original Sensible Seeds. You can expect a fantastic Sativa effect from Bruce Banner #3 that’s balanced out by its 35% Indica content. This strain is perfect for extra alertness and getting those creative juices flowing – a great choice for recreational daytime smokers.

Super Lemon Haze (GHS) Super Lemon Haze (GHS)
  • Photoperiod
  • On wings of High
  • 800 g/m² indoors
    1200 g/plant outdoors
  • 19.33 %
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Super Lemon Haze: Award-Winning For A Reason

Green House Seeds has graced us with the wonderful citrusy strain, Super Lemon Haze. This is another active strain with hype-inducing and rejuvenating effects. Expect to feel particularly lively after enjoying some Super Lemon Haze, and don’t be surprised if you fall in love with the way it fills you with energy and ambition! The motivational effects are complemented by the lemony and hazy flavors, making this strain a perfect daytime treat.

How Will I Know If I’m Stoned?

You might be asking yourself, why is it called getting stoned? There’s no one clear answer, although this could be a reference to how heavy and ‘stone-like’ you can feel after smoking a strong Indica. If you’ve ever gotten really stoned before, chances are you’ve experienced the “couch lock” effect, when you become incredibly lethargic and either incapable (or deeply unwilling) to move. Stoned effects include feeling calm, relaxed, silly and hungry. Indica-dominant strains are ideal for stoney vibes. An Indica high feels like everything has slowed down, your body is extra-relaxed and your anxieties just melt away. Often enough, a high will develop into a stone after peak intoxication, so the term is not mutually exclusive between Sativas and Indicas.

Stoney Strains: Go For Indica

what does getting stoned mean

Ready to get stoned? Reach for an Indica or an Indica-dominant hybrid when you’re ready to dedicate some time to serious relaxation. Indicas are perfect for nighttime chilling on the couch, relaxing for both the body and mind. They’re also great for users who are prone to anxiety, as Indicas are generally balanced and not trippy.

Purple Punch (Barney's Farm) Purple Punch (Barney's Farm)
  • Photoperiod
  • Epic relaxation
  • 600 - 700 g/m² indoors
    1000 - 2000 g/plant outdoors
  • 25 %
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Purple Punch: A Slice Of Heaven

Developed by Barney’s Farm, Purple Punch is the first of our Indica recommendations. This cross between two legendary Californian families, Granddaddy Purple and Larry OG, will get you stoned in no time without a doubt. Effects include happiness, euphoria and deep relaxation. Make sure to have some snacks nearby for later; it’s certainly possible to experience a sleepy couch lock effect after indulging in some Purple Punch.

Glookies (Barney's Farm) Glookies (Barney's Farm)
  • Photoperiod
  • Begin your own mind trip
  • 700 - 800 g/m² indoors
    2000 - 3000 g/plant outdoors
  • 25 %
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Kick Back With Glookies

Glookies is a feminized cannabis variety from Barney’s Farm that’s notorious for its strong stoney high following its initial rush of euphoria. Give in and let yourself be enveloped by a state of total relaxation that starts with a warm head high and travels into a dreamy, balanced body sensation. This strain is delicate and tranquil – perfect for those evenings when you just want to unwind. Glookies is well worth your time to lull you into a long-lasting stoned state, and can also be your ticket to blissful, restful sleep.

The Incredible Bulk (Dr. Krippling Seeds) The Incredible Bulk (Dr. Krippling Seeds)
  • Photoperiod
  • 20 - 24 %
  • Makes life easier and happier
  • 600 - 1000 g/m² indoors
    800 - 1500 g/plant outdoors
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Powerful And Green: The Incredible Bulk

Just like its namesake, The Incredible Bulk is a total heavyweight and certainly provides a strong body high. Developed by Dr. Krippling Seeds, The Incredible Bulk is amazing for smokers with body aches and pains, whether it be chronic or after a particularly hard day. This strain is the perfect companion for some self-care, so get cuddled up, turn on your favorite show and surrender to a powerful stoney sensation that’s second to none.

Head High Vs. Body High

So, are you curious about how you can achieve a head high vs. a body high? As previously discussed, a head high is associated with Sativa-dominant strains and is characterized by euphoria, creativity and energy. Conversely, Indica strains are affiliated with the feeling of a body high and sensations such as total relaxation, anxiety reduction and general happiness.

The way you consume your cannabis also plays a vital role in how it will affect you. Aside from smoking, there’s also dabbing and edibles. Dabbing high-THC concentrates will usually deliver a quick and powerful cerebral high, while edibles take considerably longer to kick in and are accompanied by a heavy, long-lasting body stone.

How do you choose what you like? Head and body highs each come with their own distinct vibes, advantages and disadvantages. Experiment with different strains and methods to see what’s right for you! Consider what time of day you’ll be enjoying your cannabis as well as your mental condition. If Sativa strains make you feel too anxious but you’re interested in the creative spark, settling for a balanced hybrid can give you the desired effects.                      

Can I Get High And Stoned At The Same Time?

difference between high and stoned

We’ve already discussed the difference between high and stoned, so you might now be wondering, can I get high and stoned at the same time? Simply put, absolutely! The two feelings are not mutually exclusive and often go hand-in-hand, especially considering that most strains these days are hybrids. Particularly with Sativa-dominant hybrids, what starts as a high can develop into a relaxing stone after peak inebriation. Meanwhile, you can usually expect a stoney body high accompanied by a clear-minded head high with Indica-dominant hybrids. The nice thing about balanced hybrids is that these effects are often well-balanced between high and stoned, without either being too overpowering. If you live in an area where you don’t have the opportunity to choose what strain you’ll be enjoying, chances are you’re smoking a hybrid.

Although these effects are determined by strain type, the time of harvest also plays an important role. Early harvests typically lead to buds that will have you feeling more high, while late harvest crops tend toward stonier vibes. Keep in mind that cannabis affects everyone differently, and specific results are never guaranteed!

Baked: Beyond High Or Stoned

head high vs body high

We’re guilty of it too; sometimes, you consume just a little too much and get baked. Depending on the type and quantity of cannabis consumed, getting baked can have a very different meaning! It could be as simple as being extra giggly and hungry, or being totally couch locked by a strong Indica. In other cases, being baked could stem from a Sativa that surprises the user with a rather overwhelming, anxiety-inducing high. If you feel like you’re “too high,” there’s no need to worry. The effects will wane sooner than you think and you will feel better soon! Regardless, we understand what it’s like to be too baked, so here’s a tip for what you can do when you’re too high: chew on some black peppercorns or even just smell some pepper! Pepper contains terpenes that help reduce the psychoactive effects of cannabis.

Cannabis is a wonderful plant that hides a wide range of sensations behind its miraculous buds. Each experience is unique and sometimes can’t even be put into words. We at Herbies are interested in how weed makes you feel. Leave a comment below and tell us about your experiences being high, stoned and baked!

*All text and images on our website are for informative, entertainment or scientific purposes only. Herbies Seeds in no way condones, promotes or incites the use of illegal or controlled substances.

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buzz, high, stoned. GREAT terms for getting high. A buzz is when you are slightly feeling it, everything feels good. High is when you are into your thoughts and music but can still function. Stoned is when you are too high to do anything but think..about what you are into.
Thank you, guys! ❤ The article is fantastic!
Worrying about the specific meaning of these words is pretty pointless, as everybody's understanding of what they mean varies depending on their environment/generation. My Mom tends to refer to smokers as stoners, and when she's describing that someone is high, she says they're stoned. I think that's just her preferred vocabulary. She isn't implying that everybody who smokes is as enthusiastic about weed, nor does it mean she's implying that everybody who's high is super baked.
Here’s my personal take on it: High: When i'm high I get social. I enjoy talking and I become slightly more animated and expressive. It elevates the mood and just makes everything feel kind of better... Kinda like having a beer or two with your friends. Stoned: When i'm stoned I get lazy. There's nothing wrong with being lazy and sloth like in the right place at the right time. Being stoned is not a social thing and more often will lead to sleep or Netflix Marathons and nothing more.
high and stoned are 2 different things not on the same scale,read the piece again. high is when your on one of those active weeds you want to clean the house call your friends do stuff, stoned is when your couchlocked and barely can move your arm to grab a drink or whatnot. atleast thats how i have always seen it
I do Tend to use "stoned" when I am heavily impaired and stuck to my couch and "high" when I've smoked some but can still function and think lol. Come to think of it, I guess I do differentiate for indica\sativa strains. Huh...never thought about it I guess.
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