Mangoes and Marijuana: A Magical Mix You Should Know About

Last updated: 4 July 2020

eat mangoes for a better high

You know the famous combinations: salt and pepper, peanut butter and jelly, bacon and eggs… anyone else getting hungry? Well, have you heard about mangoes and marijuana? That’s right, mangoes and weed is another classic combination you have to try, and not only for the delightful flavors. Munching on a mango will bring out the best in a fruity strain, and it’s also known among cannabis enthusiasts to intensify the effects of cannabis. Follow along to learn more!

Myth Or Reality: How Mangoes Affect Smoking Weed

All this talk about mangoes probably has you curious – do they really affect your high? What is it about this combination that can interact with cannabis? As it turns out, there are multiple ways mangoes can influence your high, and there’s even some science behind the pairing.

Mangoes Intensify Your High

how mangoes can increase a cannabis high

This tropical tasty treat has some amazing interactions with a cannabis high! The effects will depend on the individual’s metabolism, but the answer to “does mango intensify your high?” is yes! Mangoes upgrade your smoke session due to the terpenes present in the fruit. The same chemicals are also in cannabis, which means our favorite psychoactive ingredient, THC, will interact with double the amount of terpenes. Mangoes and THC go hand in hand; not only will you get higher, but your high will also last longer!

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Mangoes Help You Manage The Munchies

After smoking a doobie, it’s totally normal to feel in the mood for some snacks. Mangoes can help you break that habit, or at least represent a healthy alternative to junk food. It goes without saying that this exotic fruit is not only delicious but also nutritious. By snacking on some mango before you light up, you can hinder the onset of munchies later. Not only does the fruit take the edge off your salty or sweet cravings, but it’ll also improve your high – a double win!

The Science Behind The Dynamic Duo

mangoes and thc

So why do mangoes get you higher? We already mentioned earlier that mangoes have terpenes similar to those present in cannabis. Mangoes are full to the brim with myrcene, a terpene found in cannabis that interacts with THC. These chemicals attach to the same receptors in the human body, working together due to an “entourage effect” to get you higher for longer. Myrcene is primarily responsible for the relaxed, pain-relieving effects of cannabis. When you eat a mango before smoking, the myrcene in the fruit can increase saturation levels, meaning you’ll get a faster onset of effects with greater intensity.

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How To Increase Your High With Mangoes

eat mangoes before smoking weed

You can optimize your mixture of mangoes and marijuana to your personal preferences – try making a delicious smoothie, chopping it up and eating it by itself, or drink a glass of mango juice while you puff away. Your metabolism plays a vital role in the portioning of your mango. Those with a slow metabolism should eat one an hour or two before cannabis consumption, while people with a fast metabolism should buckle down and chomp on two or three mangoes an hour before smoking.

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It’s Mango-Nificent!

Eating mangoes prior to smoking is the best way to go, but honestly, it doesn’t really matter when you consume them. Whether it’s an hour before or minutes after you smoke up, you should still experience an elevated high as long as the myrcene terpenes are in your system. So munch on that mango, smoke that doobie, and sit back and relax as the myrcene terpenes work together with the THC to give you a truly awesome experience.

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