What Are The Most Common Ways to Smoke Weed?

Last updated: 31 March 2020

best way to smoke weed

One of the best things about smoking* cannabis is that there are numerous ways of doing so, and that each of the classic methods of smoking weed comes with its unique set of benefits. Depending on the method of consumption, cannabis consumers will experience an array of different effects. Exploring the classic ways to smoke cannabis can help you decide which route of delivery might be best for you.

The Basics Of How To Smoke Weed  

Are you new to cannabis and not exactly sure how to smoke weed? We’ve all been there. Every cannabis consumer needs to start somewhere, and knowing how to smoke weed properly is one of the very first steps to take – after acquiring some high-quality cannabis, of course.

The basics behind smoking weed are simple. All you need to do is light up your smoking device, inhale, hold in the smoke for a few seconds, and exhale. That’s it! Now that you’ve got the general idea of how to smoke pot, let’s take a look at all different ways you can do so.

Smoking Weed Rolled Up In Paper

Rolling up weed in a rolling paper is about as classic as it gets when it comes to smoking pot. Dry and ground cannabis bud is placed on the inside of a special type of rolling paper, where it’s then rolled up, lit and inhaled. Rolling joints and blunts are the most common.


Best for: users who prefer to roll it and smoke it old-school

ways to smoke weed

Joints are created from rolling papers that are made from wood pulp or hemp fiber and covered in wax or gloss to keep them from burning too quickly. Dried bud is ground up by hand or with a grinder, where it’s then placed inside the paper. Rolling a joint is easy once you get the hang of it.

Smoking weed from a joint couldn’t be simpler. Instead of lighting it and inhaling immediately like you would a cigarette, hold the flame to the end of the joint first, slightly roasting it to ensure a more even burn. Then put it in your mouth, light the end you’ve roasted, draw the smoke into your mouth first, and inhale and enjoy.


Best for: people who want something bigger and stronger than a joint

different ways to smoke weed

Blunts are very similar to joints in that they’re rolled up, but they do contain some significant differences. Instead of rolling papers, weed is placed in cigar paper. Since cigar wraps are bigger than joint wraps, more weed is put inside the paper itself, resulting in a much stronger high than you’ll get when smoking a joint. Because the paper blunts you roll with contain tobacco, smoking a blunt offers a bit of a different feeling than a joint. They also burn much more slowly, allowing for a longer physical experience.

Smoking Weed Out Of A Pipe

Best for: those looking for an easy, compact everyday option

things to smoke weed out of

Smoking weed from a pipe is almost just as classic as smoking a joint, and is one of the most common ways to smoke weed. There are several different types of pipes, with glass pipes typically the most popular.

If you’re wondering how to smoke weed from a pipe, rest assured, it’s not difficult at all. Simply put the desired amount of cannabis you want to smoke in the pipe’s bowl, put the stem of the pipe to your lips, light the cannabis in the bowl, and inhale.

Smoking Weed From A Bong

Best for: people who prefer stronger and smoother hits

homemade ways to smoke weed

Bongs are designed to get you high quickly, and come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. At the most basic level, bongs contain a base chamber, a stem with a bowl to hold your weed, and a neck with an opening at the top where the smoke is inhaled, this slightly resembling a flower vase. The water in the base chamber acts as a filter for the smoke as it travels up through the neck where a large hit is inhaled, allowing for a stronger, more rapid high than you’ll get from smoking from a pipe or joint.

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Smoking Cannabis In A Bubbler

Best for: those who can’t decide between a bong and a pipe

easiest way to smoke weed

A bubbler is a mix between a pipe and a bong. Bubblers contain a chamber that holds water, with a small stem that connects to the actual stem of the pipe. Cannabis flower is packed in the bowl, where it’s lit and inhaled through the pipe’s mouthpiece. The water filtration offers a smoother hit than you might experience when smoking pot from a pipe, but doesn’t get you as high as you would by smoking out of a bong. Bubblers are great for those who enjoy smoking out of a pipe but find it to be too harsh on their lungs or throat.

Vaping Weed

Best for: users on the lookout for a healthier method

most efficient way to smoke weed

The popularity of vaping weed has increased exponentially over the last couple of decades. Vaping entails inhaling the vapor of cannabis that has been heated in a device known as a vaporizer. There are countless different types of vaporizers, from large apparatuses that sit on a table to small, handheld portable vape pens.

Vaping heats cannabis at lower temperatures than smoking, resulting in vapor instead of smoke. This vapor doesn’t contain any of the tar or toxins associated with smoke and is usually considered the “healthiest” way to smoke weed.

Vaping Concentrates

what can you smoke weed out of

Vaping cannabis concentrates has become one of the most popular ways to smoke weed. Vape pens are the most common ways of vaporizing concentrates, whether with a wax vape pen or dab vape pen. Vaping concentrates tends to result in a stronger high than vaping flower, as there are more active compounds in a smaller space. Vaping concentrates also significantly enhances the flavor of your smoke. Common concentrates used in vaping include liquid concentrates, shatter, wax, crumble and budder, each of which varies in flavor, consistency and potency.

Vaping Flower

what to smoke weed out of when you have nothing

Before cannabis concentrates hit the scene, vaping dry cannabis flower was extremely popular. Vaping burns flower at much lower temperatures than smoking, preserving terpenes and resulting in a smoother hit that’s bursting with the kind of fresh flavor you just don’t experience when smoking. It’s one of the safest ways to get high, as it doesn’t release any of the toxins associated with smoking. Because of this, vaping flower is one of the most popular delivery methods among medical marijuana patients looking for rapid relief.


Best for: experienced cannabis connoisseurs

safest way to smoke weed

Dabbing is one of the newer ways to smoke weed and is known for producing an extremely powerful high. Dabbing is done with concentrates like shatter, wax, budder and crumble, all of which can contain THC levels ranging from 60-90%, making this method best reserved for experienced cannabis consumers. These concentrates are heated on a hot surface, such as a nail, with a handheld torch and smoked out of a device known as a dab rig. The effects of dabbing tend to be quick and powerful, making dabbing a go-to for those looking for the fastest effects. 

What’s The Best Way to Get High?

When it comes down to it, there isn’t really one best way to get high. Smoking weed is as individual as the people who smoke it, and what works for one person doesn’t always vibe with the next.

Learning how to roll a joint can come in handy, as it’s super convenient and all you need is paper, some weed and a lighter. However, those new to cannabis might consider learning how to smoke weed from a pipe. It’s really easy, doesn’t require you to know how to roll a joint, and allows you to easily gauge how much you’re smoking. Bongs and bubblers, on the other hand, are best for those who want to smoke at home. People who prefer smoking weed out of a pipe also tend to enjoy the smoother smoke from bongs and bubblers. Vaping is another great option for those who enjoy smoking pot, but don’t like the harsh burn on their throats or want to avoid actually “smoking.” It’s also one of the healthiest ways to smoke weed, making it a popular choice for medical patients looking for rapid relief. Finally, because the high associated with dabbing is so intense, this method is best suited for experienced cannabis consumers with high tolerance levels.

When it comes to figuring out the best method of smoking weed to suit your specific needs, experimenting to find your own personal favorite is half the fun!

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One of our favourites was what we called a "ground pipe."Easily enough made when all the materials are at hand - but potter's clay or riverbed clay aren't generally household stock items.We used 2 glass "bottlenecks" - one inverted, serving as the pipe, the other acting as a mouthpiece.The two were connected by a length of clay, through which a hole had been bored by means of a broomstick or some such.A "headrush" creator....
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