Unconventional Ways To Smoke Weed

Last updated: 13 April 2020

different ways to smoke weed

You've heard of the classic methods of smoking weed: pipes, bongs, joints and so on. But did you know there are more creative ways of smoking* weed? If you're in a pinch, forgot your smoking essentials at home or are simply in a place where getting the classic smoking devices is impossible, you’ll discover that it’s possible to turn almost anything at your disposal into a fun and creative smoking device. From using the leftover fruits and veggies in your fridge and even stuff that's been sitting in your recycling bin, if you’re creative enough, any one of your household items can be used to smoke.

different ways to smoke weed

Recycle, Reduce, Reuse: Plastic Bottles

Although you can easily fashion your everyday plastic bottle into a simple hand pipe, there are even more fun and creative ways to use plastic bottles for smoking! You can recycle your empty bottles into two smoking methods that are guaranteed to get you incredibly blazed and are definitely unconventional ways to get high.

homemade ways to smoke weed

How To Use A Gravity Bong

To make a gravity bong, you only need a large plastic bottle and a bucket of water. After manipulating the bottle correctly, adding your bowlpiece to the cap and, placing it in the bucket of water, the force of gravity as you pull the bottle out of the water will burn your weed and fill the jug with smoke. To inhale, push the bottle into the bucket of water, forcing the smoke up. This method is guaranteed to get you super baked and is fun to share with friends!

what can you smoke weed out of

What Is A Waterfall Bong?

For a waterfall bong, you’ll only need one plastic bottle that has been filled with water, a little hole carved in the bottom, and your bowlpiece where the cap should be. As you ignite the weed, release the water from the bottle and watch it fill with smoke. This is the same type of force that ignites your weed in a gravity bong. Waterfall bongs are easy to make, fun to smoke out of and is guaranteed to get you high.

what to smoke weed out of when you have nothing

Using Fruits And Vegetables To Smoke Your Weed

So, you're trying to get your smoke on but seem to have forgotten all your smoking equipment. What can you use to smoke weed now? No need to worry – you can use almost any fruit or vegetable to make yourself a fun, disposable smoking device.

creative ways to smoke weed

Just Chillin' With Your Carrot Chillum

Making a carrot chillum is a fun and creative way to smoke weed. You get the aesthetic feeling of smoking a joint or blunt, but with the added bonus of using your leftover vegetables to make a fun, portable pipe. From one end of the carrot to another, carve out a hollow center. You’ll probably need a screwdriver for this, as carrots can be pretty tough. Cut a little bowl in the top, closer to one end than the other, and connect the top bowl to your middle chamber. Simply place your weed in that little bowl and use the side farthest from the bowl as your mouthpiece!

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cool ways to smoke weed

An Apple A Day... For Your Smoking Pleasure

Apple pipes are classic, fun ways to smoke weed. The apple itself will give your weed some added sweetness, and after your smoke, you can have a little snack or easily ditch your apple. Apple pipes are also super easy to construct – all you need is a pen and the apple of your choice. Just use your pen to carve a bowl in the top where the stem should be and chambers from the top and the side for the smoke to travel!

household items to smoke

Go Bananas For This Banana Bowl

Banana pipes are pretty simple to make, only requiring a banana and a pen or a straw. Cut an inch (25cm)-long piece from the flat end of your banana and cut the very tip off of that piece. The place of the cut on the banana will be where you inhale from, while the small part (with the pulp removed) will become the bowlpiece. Make a hole in the banana for your bowl, place it there, and carve out a chamber to connect your mouthpiece with the bowl using a pen or a similar thin object. Now pack your bowl and enjoy some delicious, banana-flavored weed!

The Truly Unconventional: Even Crazier Methods Of Smoking Weed

If you thought the different ways to get high listed above were bananas, then get ready for these truly crazy ways to smoke weed. These are some of the most out-of-the-box methods of smoking weed, which may even inspire you to think of your own unconventional ways of enjoying bud!

ways to smoke weed with household items

When And Where To Hotbox

Hotboxing, as the name implies, is the act of smoking weed in an enclosed space. “Hotboxing” usually refers to smoking in a car with closed doors and windows, but you can hotbox virtually any closed chamber. You can also try out a “Jamaican hotbox” in your bathroom: turn on your water as hot as possible from all faucets in the bathroom, let the steam fill the room, then light up, basically creating a weed-sauna. Just be careful with hotboxing: do not immediately drive after hotboxing your car and know your own limits, as hotboxing can sometimes lead to a very intense high.

new ways to smoke weed

Weed As Sweet As Candy: Starburst Pipes

The Starburst pipe is one of the most creative ways to smoke your weed and proves that you can basically smoke weed out of anything. Get a pack of Starburst and line them up, length-wise up. Once you have the right length, create yourself a little Starburst “tower” at one end (length-wise sideways), which will act as the bowlpiece. To make sure they’re firmly squished together and won’t collapse, place the base and the bowlpiece in the microwave for 10 seconds. Use a screwdriver or pen to create the pipe chamber and bowlpiece, then stick the two together. The waxiness of the Starburst makes this super easy to mold, and the sweetness of the candy will give your weed some added deliciousness!

other ways to smoke weed

Cold As Ice: Your Own Ice Bong

Ice bongs are definitely one of the craziest ways to smoke weed and will definitely impress your friends if you can make one for yourself. This entire bong is made of ice using regular household items (think bowls and shot glasses filled with water), which have been frozen and fashioned all together! Simply make molds of the different parts of the bong and freeze them all together. This total-ice experience will cool your weed down to such low temperatures that even the harshest of buds will be enjoyable. Be sure to make yourself an ice bong during those hot summer months to cool down and enjoy your smoke at the same time!

Final Thoughts

Although there’s something special about the classic methods of smoking weed, it’s sometimes fun to expand your horizons and find a new method of smoking. Whether you're trying to get wicked blazed from a gravity bong or simply going for something more portable and discreet like a fruit or veggie pipe, these unconventional methods of smoking are sure to impress your group of stoner friends and are fun skills to share with your group.

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