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Smoking Weed Stems: A Foolish Idea To Avoid At All Costs

Last updated: 29 November 2023

 can you smoke stems

After harvesting cannabis and then drying, curing and trimming buds, every grower starts thinking of what to do with the leftover materials. Some may even wonder, “can you smoke weed stems?” While we all appreciate and value being as resourceful as possible when it comes to cannabis, smoking cannabis stems is definitely not an idea that should be encouraged. Keep on reading and we’ll explain why you should NOT smoke cannabis stems.

THC, the main psychoactive component of marijuana, is present throughout most of the different parts of the plant. However, the concentration of it is not even, with the biggest amount of cannabinoids being stored in cannabis flowers and the least in cannabis seeds. Where do stems stand in this range, and can you get high off them? The truth is, stems are much closer to the non-psychoactive seeds than buds when it comes to their THC content. While cannabinoids are present in stems, smoking isn’t the best way to get high off them.

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So Why Is Smoking Weed Stems A Bad Idea?

If you’ve come across this article looking for the best way to smoke stems, sorry to disappoint: it’s simply non-existent. Smoking stems is a bad idea not only because it won’t get you high, but also because it leads to a plethora of drawbacks for your health and overall wellbeing.

Smoking Stems Won't Get You High

The amount of THC in stems is too insufficient to get anyone high by means of smoking. Instead, any attempt to enjoy a joint of stems will provide you with only a highly unpleasant and disappointing experience. The problem with smoking stems is that the process is painful and ineffective – it would take a dozen stem-filled joints to equal a single regular joint in terms of THC content. However, this doesn’t mean cannabinoids in cannabis stems are useless – their potential can be realized through making stem cannabutter or stem teas.    

It Causes Headaches

can you get high off weed stems

If smoking cannabis buds leads to bursts of energy, creativity and a much lighter headspace, smoking cannabis stems is the evil twin of that experience. The main side-effect of smoking weed stems is severe headaches. Trust us, no good thing leads to a headache! Special notice should be taken by users suffering from migraines, because smoking stems may induce painful symptoms and cause worsening of the condition, so it’s better to avoid smoking cannabis stems at all costs.

Smoking Stems Is Bad For Your Lungs

is there thc in stems

As we’ve mentioned before, it would take a lot of stems burned and smoke inhaled to provide you with even a portion of the desired “high” effect. Surprise surprise, all smoke is bad for your lungs! It fills them with toxins and causes them to contract, which is why users with asthma and other respiratory conditions shouldn’t even think of smoking stems.

And For Your Digestive System, Too

can you smoke marijuana stems

If you’ve ever ground cannabis buds with bare fingers, you must have noticed that stems are much harder and denser than the rest of the flower. Such a structure means that the smoke from the stems is actually so harsh and unpalatable that it affects not only the lungs but the human digestive system as well. In fact, the flavor of it is so unpleasant that the aftertaste causes various undesirable side effects such as nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting.

Weed Stems: Toss Them Or Keep Them?

thc in stems

The answer is simple – keep the stems and even collect as much as possible! Even though smoking weed stems is something to avoid, this part of the plant is still usable in many ways. If you’re running short of your stash and all you have left is a bunch of stems, consider decarbing and turning them into cannabutter, edibles and teas. Stems are also a great fibrous material that many love to get crafty with; you can make paper out of it, use it for weaving and even create homemade ointments. If you want to know more, follow the link to our article on all the possible ways to use weed stems.


Now you know that while there is some THC in stems, it’s never a good idea to smoke them. Hopefully, we’ve proven that such a venture isn’t worth dealing with the harmful consequences to your health. Even so, every part of the cannabis plant is precious and can be put to great use in a variety of other ways!

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