What To Use For Rolling Joints Besides Your Traditional Rolling Paper

what can i use as rolling paper

We’ve all been there before: you’ve got your bud, you’ve got your buddies, you’re ready to smoke and... you’ve got nothing to smoke out of. No papers, no glass, nothing. If you ever find yourself in a pinch to roll one up, or you’re just looking to try something different, here are some alternatives to rolling paper for you to try out.

What Can I Use as a Rolling Paper Substitute?

There are many ways to smoke weed without papers, like bongs, pipes, or other homemade devices, but there are also several rolling papers alternatives that you can try out. Use these alternatives when you’re out of rolling papers, or if you’re just looking to try something new!

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Smoke One Up In A Corn Husk

One of the more common substitutes for rolling papers is a corn husk. Smoking out of a corn husk is not a ludicrous idea as it may sound; in fact, it’s the traditional method for smoking cigarettes for many Native American tribes. Corn husks might smoke harsher as a rolling paper substitute, but the method of smoking remains the same: simply place finely-ground cannabis in a husk and roll with your thumb and forefingers.

You might need to use a few of the husk fibers to tie the ends together, but it will smoke just like a regular joint.

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Try Using Rose Petals Instead of Papers

One new trend as a rolling paper replacement is the use of rose petals. Rose petals add a nice floral taste to your weed and the process is simple enough. Using food-safe flowers, place three petals in an oven on the broiler setting for about 10 seconds to get rid of excess moisture. Add your bud and a crutch, roll it up like a normal joint, then place the rose joint back in the oven for another few seconds to solidify your joint!

Roll Your Joint With An Onion Skin

what can you roll weed in

Another substitute for rolling papers is onion skin! Onion skins are pliable, but also dry enough that they act as a perfect substitute for rolling papers. Use the outer layer of an onion, but make sure your onion is fresh: an older onion can develop mold on its outsides and can sometimes be too dry to roll. Place your finely-ground cannabis in the center of the skin and roll it like a joint between your thumb and forefinger, much like you would in the rose petal method. Your onion skin is now a perfectly usable joint paper!

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Use An Empty Cigarette Instead

substitute for rolling papers

Though many cannabis enthusiasts might think this next method to be a bit taboo, a cigarette is a great replacement for rolling papers when you’re in a pinch. Simply empty the cigarette of all the tobacco, pack your weed in, and voila! Just remember to remove the carbon filter from the cigarette and add in your own paper or cardboard filter, as carbon filters will also filter out the THC from your cannabis.

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How To Use Gum Paper Instead Of Rolling Paper

Another rolling paper replacement is to use the paper side of a gum wrapper. Gum wrappers come in two layers: the thin paper and a coating of aluminum. If you can manage to scrape the aluminum off of the gum wrapper, the remaining paper will act as an excellent substitute for rolling paper. Add your cannabis and a filter and roll it like a normal joint.

The stickiness of the gum will also aid in rolling up the gum paper. However, be careful: it is very important to scrape all the aluminum off of the paper, as inhaling aluminum is extremely dangerous and bad for your lungs.

Deciding On The Best Substitute For Rolling Papers

Whether you’re trying to roll a joint but find yourself out of papers, or are just trying to spice things up a little by experimenting with a different method, there are many alternatives to rolling papers for you to test out. Try each of these methods to decide which is your favorite!

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