Looking For The Best Way To Smoke Hash? Here Are 8 Great Options To Choose From

Last updated: 17 September 2020

best way to smoke hash

Concentrates are hardly a new concept in the history of cannabis, and there’s one in particular that’s been around the longest: hashish. This has been used both medicinally and religiously in Asia for thousands of years, and its popularity has spanned the world since. Nowadays, hash is still a favorite of stoners everywhere. However, when you get your hands on it for the first time, the question might arise: “What’s the best way to smoke hash?” Today, we’re covering eight great ways of hashish smoking – read them all and pick which one you like the most!

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What Is Hash?

Hash, or hashish, is a cannabis concentrate made by collecting trichomes from cannabis flowers and compressing them. Not all hash looks the same, though! It can vary in both color and consistency, coming in red, black, yellow, brown, or even green. In texture, it can be dry and crumbly, or paste-like, resinous, and pliable. And, most importantly, it gets you really high. Weed smokers tend to consume it by smoking it in a bong or pipe or dabbing it with a rig. Keep reading to learn more about ways to consume hash.

Cannabis Flower Vs. Hash

hashish smoking

What’s the difference between marijuana buds and hash, anyway? Well, hash is a byproduct of cannabis flowers, which means it’s processed after marijuana buds have been dried. Separating and compressing the trichomes makes for a much more potent product than the buds themselves. Cannabis flowers usually have around 10-20% THC, while hash can contain anywhere from 20 to 50%. Specially filtered products like bubble hash can even reach levels of 60% THC! You do the math: hash can be up to six times more potent than buds!

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8 Best Ways To Smoke Hash

Just as there are plenty of ways to smoke cannabis flowers, there are a variety of methods you can use to consume hash. If you’re looking for the best way to smoke hash, or you’re not sure how to smoke hash by itself, these are eight tried-and-true methods to get high with hash.

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Smoking Hash In A Pipe Or A Bong

what is hash

Loading hash into a bowl (with or without flowers) is great when you’re passing a pipe around, since the hash will “roast” once it has been lit, and it will smoke quite a lot. Sharing is caring, and you won’t let any of that hash go to waste. Plus, if you smoke out of a bong or water pipe, the water helps filter and cool the smoke before it hits your lungs. All you have to do is break up the hash into smaller pieces to allow proper airflow. Mixing it with weed will make the overall experience less harsh.

Adding Hash To A Joint

it’s up to you to choose the best way to smoke hash

Hash also has its place among joints and spliffs. If you’ve got a block of hash and no flowers, you can definitely break it up and sprinkle it into a spliff with some tobacco. Alternatively, if you do have cannabis flower on hand, try mixing it with your hash to create a powerful doobie or hash blunt. You can also get artistic and roll out the hash into a long snake to sandwich into the center of your joint! The flavors of cannabis flowers and hash combine into a delicious symphony that will deliver a solid body stone lasting for hours.

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Using Hookah To Smoke Hash

best way to smoke bubble hash

Both hashish smoking and hookah have been popular in the East for ages, so why not combine them? Smoking cannabis with a hookah isn’t always the most effective method, especially with flowers, since it burns faster than shisha tobacco. However, hash burns low and slow compared to bud, and putting it in your hookah could be a great way to get the group high. Fill your hookah up three-quarters of the way with water, roll your hash into big balls, and load it into the bowl on top of the shisha tobacco. Cover it with aluminum foil, poke some holes in it, and get that charcoal red-hot. Pass out the hoses, and you’re ready to go!

Hot Knives Method

hash or hashish is a cannabis concentrate

Old school stoners are familiar with the hot knives method of hashish smoking. Here’s what you need to do: grab two butter knives and heat them up on the stove. Once hot, add a little ball of hash to one blade and sandwich it between the two knives. It will start smoking, and that’s when you should start sucking! Grab a straw and inhale, making sure not to get the straw too close to the hot knives. The smoke is also going to be much hotter than if you were smoking out of a bong or doing a dab, since the hash is being incinerated in the process. Considering that you’re playing with hot metal, this is a good method to have a buddy there for you to add the hash between the knives and hand you a straw as necessary. Oh, and maybe don’t use your mom’s nice silverware for this project. Just a thought.

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Dabbing Hash

a cannabis concentrate

As mentioned earlier, hash is a cannabis concentrate – meaning you can dab hash as easily as shatter or wax! Some forms of hash are better suited for dabbing, and it’s definitely the best way to smoke bubble hash. By using a dab rig to consume your hash, you can get a big hit filtered by water, vaporized instead of burned. We recommend cleaning out your nail after you hit that dab (let it cool down though). Otherwise, the residue from your hash dab could leave a yucky aftertaste when you switch back to your other concentrates.

Vaping Hash

 you can dab hash, you can also vape it!

Just as you can dab hash, you can also vape it! There are a lot of portable vaporizers on the market these days, so chances are you can find one that’s capable of vaporizing hash. Even some vapes made for flowers can handle hash, though we recommend checking out the manual for your specific vape or reading some reviews online before chucking a ball of hash in the chamber. You should also make sure to clean your vape out often, as hash can clog it up.

Glass And Pin Method

old school method of hashish smoking

Another old school method of hashish smoking involves using a pin, a drinking glass, and a straw. You’re going to capture the smoke in the glass so you can inhale it with the straw. Place a small ball of hash on the pin and use a lighter to set it afire. Once it catches, blow out the flame and immediately position the glass over the hash. The glass will fill up with smoke from the hash. Once it’s done smoking, lift the glass and use the straw to inhale all that good stuff!

Bottle Tokes Method

 you can use a plastic bottle to take tokes from your stash of hash

Finally, you can use a plastic bottle to take tokes from your stash of hash. This technique works similarly to the previous method of hashish smoking, in that your goal is to fill up the container with smoke before inhaling. Grab a water bottle and cut a hole big enough to stick a cigarette through. Keep the lid screwed on the bottle until you’re ready to take a hit. You can either put a bit of hash resin on the end of a cigarette or use the pin from the previous method. Light the hash on fire, blow the flame out, and stick it through the hole. Once it’s filled up, put a finger over the hole, unscrew the cap, and take a hit! Smoking with plastic isn’t great for the lungs, however, and you should never reuse plastic bottles. Heating plastic can release harmful toxins which you, in turn, could inhale.

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Hooray For Hash!

Bottom line, there’s a bunch of different ways to smoke this famous concentrate, and it’s up to you to choose the best way to smoke hash that will fit your needs perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you’re kicking it old school with some butter knives or getting fancy with a dab rig, hash will get you stoned no matter what. Do you have a favorite way of hashish smoking? Let us know in the comments!

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Teperature controlled soldering iron, anyone?
Thank you for all the wonderful information 😊
Hello! Thank you for your comment - we're glad to hear that :)
The hot knives method is best with a glass bottle that has had the bottom knocked out,the.knives loaded with hash are then put into the bottle squeezed together and inhaled ,much easier than using a straw...you need a friend though to help out
Or you can bend a metal coat hanger to hold the bottle for you. Here in NZ we also smoke bud this way. We call it spots. ..."keen on some spots bro?" Or "put the knives on G, I'll roll us up some spots"
Hello Mark,That's an interesting variant, thank you for sharing your experience with us!
Hot knifes all the way brother
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