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Runtz Muffin Grow Report: Another Great Run with Barney’s Seeds

Last updated: 28 September 2023

runtz muffin grow report

Hello, my friends! Let me share with you my Runtz Muffin grow report. As is always the case with Barney’s Farm genetics, this was a joy from start to finish.

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I grew my Runtz Muffin strain indoors in a 3’x3’ grow tent. She was transplanted 3 times, during the last leg of her journey in a 35-liter pot filled with soil. After 11 weeks of heavy training in veg, she flowered for 8 weeks and brought me 118 g (4.2 oz) of highest-quality bud.

And here’s a short account of this fun and rewarding Runtz Muffin grow.

Just One of the Runtz Muffin Seeds to Fill the Whole Tent

Probably, I could have grown several Runtz Muffin seeds in my 1m2 (10ft2) tent, SOG-style. But I wanted to take just one plant and train the hell out of her. I chose the germination in a glass of water, and after 24 hrs of soaking, planted the seed into a 0.5-liter plastic pot.

Three or Four Transplants Planned From the Start

My little Runtz Muffin went straight into the big tent equipped with a 245W Mars Hydro LED (which I was keeping at a comfortable distance so that the seedling would thrive without stretching too much).

She looked rather lost in her little pot, but I decided to keep re-potting her into bigger and bigger containers and train her until she filled the whole surface area.

So, in the 2nd week, when the root tips emerged from the drainage holes, I transplanted my Runtz Muffin into a 2.2-liter (0.6 gallon) pot, and in week 5, she moved into a 13-liter (3.4 gallon) one. And finally—since the vegetative phase was so long with all the training and all—I did the final repotting into a 35-liter (9.25 gallon) container in week 8.

I used a simple soil mix to which I added just a bit of perlite (5 percent), and the plant had enough nutrients in the medium to last her the first 7 (!) weeks from seed.

This Runtz Muffin Grow Was All About Training

My tent is big enough to grow quite tall weed plants, but I wanted my Runtz Muffin to stay short, with all the tops being at the same distance from the light. Only this, in my experience, ensures the uniform quality of the buds. So I settled for a long veg with a lot of topping and training.

In week 3, the lady had 5 pairs of true leaves, and the 6th one was emerging. So I topped and pruned her, leaving only two sets of side branches in place — the second one and the third one. A week later, I topped those and had now 8 side branches. And in week 6, there was the final topping which left me with 16 tops. Every time I topped her, I spread the branches wider and wider, tying them down with garden wire braces.

Also, I would prune everything (growing points and fan leaves and all) between the main stalk and the tops. As a result, my Runtz Muffin looked rather like a bagel — completely empty in the middle. And in week 10, I remedied that by directing all the secondary growth back to the center.

In the end, my lady looked exactly how I wanted her — short and squat, with a perfectly flat canopy that filled at least 90% of the tent. There were too many flowering tops to count, and I knew the outcome would be spectacular.

A Straightforward Feeding Schedule with no Issues

My Runtz Muffin grow was extremely easy because she took all those transplants and topping like a champ and without skipping a beat. She never lost her appetite either. In the first seven weeks from seed, she got enough plant food from the medium, but in week 8 — right after I repotted her for the last time — нееI decided to start with the feeding.

I was giving her the following products by Growth Technology:

  • IONIC Soil Grow, specially formulated for vegging plants, also contains humic and fulvic acids,

  • SuperDrive, a vitamin complex to help plants fight stress and increase performance,

  • Green Mist Humic, another peat-based source of humic and fulvic acids,

  • Nitrozyme, a kelp extract full of growth-promoting compounds,

  • Green Fuse GROW Stimulator, a mix of plant extracts for healthy microbial life in the root zone.

Only in week 14, when flowering was well underway and my Runtz Muffin stopped stretching, I replaced some of these nutrients with those more suitable for the budding stage:

  • Green Fuse BLOOM instead of Green Fuse GROW,

  • IONIC Soil Bloom instead of IONIC Soil Grow.

6 weeks into flowering, I switched from this complex Growth Technology mix to just Overdrive. This Advanced Nutrients product contains just the right amount of P and K to make a real difference in how the buds fill out and get loaded with THC. After one week of this, I began the final flush with water and AquaBurst (which is a wetting agent and helps water to penetrate every part of the medium).

Runtz Muffin Grow Report: The Flowering Stage

I gave my girl 3 weeks after the last transplant to grow new roots in the new medium. And I myself needed some time to finish with the training. In week 11, everything was ready for flowering, and I changed the light schedule to 12/12.

In the first two weeks of flowering, I actually continued training her because she wasn’t quite wall to wall yet and the stretch went on. Before it stopped — at 30 cm (about 12 inches) — I did what I thought would be the final defoliation in week 13. However, it wasn’t the last one. I decided to do the last, pre-harvest defoliation two weeks before the chop. The thing is that there were many lower buds hiding under the leaves and I wanted to strengthen them, too.

Other than that, it was all about watching the buds get fatter and frostier. And more aromatic of course. The smell of vanilla and sweet pastry was incredible.

I had two more tricks up my sleeve to make the buds even more potent. 7 weeks into flowering, I cut through the main stem with a knife. I was hoping that the stress would increase the potency. And I finished the life cycle of my Runtz Muffin with an extended dark period. For the same purpose.

Runtz Muffin seedsVIEW STRAIN

By harvest time, which was after 19 weeks from seed (8 weeks in flower), all trichomes were milky white, with no clear or amber ones in sight. It was incredible. And the stuff—after a proper cure—was fire. No matter what or how much you smoked during the day, Runtz Muffin would knock your lights out in the evening. As if you had no tolerance at all. And the yield was very generous — 118 g (4.2 oz). Which meant these buds would last me a long time.

That’s it. I hope you liked my Runtz Muffin strain review. I would recommend this wonderful strain to any grower or smoker. Best of luck to you all!

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I’m a first time grower and I’d like to know what you started your light cycle at?
Hello Djohnson,As usual, the best light schedule for an initial stage is 18 on/6 off. Please check out our article on light: https://herbiesheadshop.com/blog/cannabis-light-schedule that might be helpful
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