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Planting Germinated Cannabis Seeds The Right Way

how to plant germinated weed seeds

Planting germinated cannabis seeds means making them crack and show the taproot between paper towels or in a similar setup, and then gently transferring them into the medium. Knowing your seeds are viable and alive gives you the peace of mind to patiently wait for the sprouts.

It’s possible to plant pot seeds the way nature intended: straight into the medium. However, planting germinated cannabis seeds is the method least taxing to your nerves and that gives you maximum control.

Planting Germinated Cannabis Seeds: Why And When?

For experienced growers, germinating marijuana seeds is something done almost on cruise control. However, first-timers may find this a nerve-wracking ordeal. They start to panic and make all kinds of mistakes. Nonetheless, germinating cannabis seeds before planting them has its benefits.

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Why Germinate Seeds Before Planting Them?

Planting marijuana seeds after germination, not before it, is the least traumatic germination method not only for the grower, but also for the plant. When the seed is awakening, the conditions should be just right. Otherwise, you can run into problems:

  • The medium can be made too moist, and this can lead to damping off and similar issues.
  • After a couple of days, the soil begins to dry out, starting from the surface. If the seed hasn’t cracked by this time, it won’t crack at all due to the lack of moisture.
  • If you plant the seed too deep, it can suffocate, especially if the soil is soaked with water.
  • Some seeds take longer to sprout. Inexperienced growers lose their patience and begin to excavate, damaging the seed in the process.

Because of all this, it’s always safer to germinate your seeds first and then put them in the ground.

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When To Plant Germinated Marijuana Seeds

Suppose you’ve placed weed seeds between moist paper towels. The seeds may crack and show taproots after only 12 hours, but this usually takes longer – typically, a day or two.

You don’t have to rush and plant them as soon as you see that your seeds are alive and well. Provide a few extra hours for the taproot to become a bit longer – a half-inch (about 1cm) is okay, although more than an inch (2.5cm) is too much and should be avoided.

Planting germinated weed seeds

When to plant germinated cannabis seeds

Planting Germinated Cannabis Seeds Step By Step

The whole process is actually very straightforward, quick, and seamless, but for your convenience, we’ve broken it down into separate steps.

  1. Take an opaque solo cup and fill it with potting soil.
  2. Water it, but not too much. Make the soil moist, without making it wet through. The water should be drinking quality, left to de-gas for at least 24 hours, and have a pH between 6.0 and 6.5. DON’T ADD ANY NUTRIENTS JUST YET! Nutrient-rich soils are actually damaging to young sprouts. If you absolutely insist on using something, let it be some innocuous organic product such as Endoboost Hydro or Superthrive, but definitely nothing stronger.
  3. Take a pencil and make a hole in the soil big enough for the seed and its taproot.
  4. Gently put the seed in the hole with the root pointing downward. Use tweezers, making sure not to touch the root or damage it in any way.
  5. Cover everything with a bit of soil.
  6. Now spray some water on top or gently pour just one teaspoon of water. This will make the soil settle around the seed and its root.

That’s it. You now know how to plant germinated weed seeds.

What To Do Next

The seed will soon be up, shed its outer shell, and grow first the cotyledons and then the true leaves. At the same time, the seedling will develop its root structure, which will soon fill the whole medium and reach the bottom and the sides of the solo cup. Depending on its size, this could take 1 or 2 weeks. By then, the seedling will be strong enough for you to transplant it into a bigger container or plant it outside.

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How deep should I plant seeds after they’ve germinated out of their shell?

Some people leave the ‘helmet head’ stick just above the surface, while others completely cover the seed with a bit of soil. It’s up to you, really. However, try not to place the seed deeper than half an inch (1cm) under the surface.

How can I plant germinated cannabis seeds with long taproots?

If the taproot is long and winding, make the hole deep and wide enough that the root fits without bending. Then fill the hole with soil and water a little, so that the soil settles and isn’t too loose around the root.

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