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Cookies Gelato Grow Diary: My Highest-Yielding and Best-Quality Strain Yet

Last updated: 1 October 2023

cookies gelato grow diary

Hey there! I hope you're all doing well and ready to dive into my Cookies Gelato grow diary. Trust me, this strain is an absolute gem, and I can't wait to share my experience with you. From the growing challenges faced to the amazing results, I hope this grow report will serve as a source of valuable information and cultivation tips for all cannabis enthusiasts out there.

grow info about cookies gelato

Germination and Seedling Stage

I’ve been meaning to grow Cookies Gelato feminized seeds for quite a while, so I bought a five-pack and went on to germinate two of them.

For a smooth start, I used the reliable rockwool-plug method. By placing the seeds directly into the plugs, I provided them with a warm and moist environment, which is exactly what they needed. Within just two days, both seeds sprouted for a 100% germination rate. This early success set the tone for the entire grow cycle.

During the seedling stage, the above-ground development was initially modest, but I was happy with how rapidly the root system grew. To accommodate the expanding roots, I transferred the plugs into larger rockwool cubes. This gave the plants ample space for their roots to spread and build up a strong foundation.

Throughout the seedling stage, I maintained an 18/6 lighting schedule so that my little seedlings would have optimal conditions. During this period, I fed them with Velokelp, a seaweed-based organic supplement rich in vitamins and other beneficial compounds. Later on, I added Piranha, Tarantula, and Voodoo Juice – very popular inoculants that serve to populate the medium with beneficial microbes and prepare the plants for the vegetative stage.

The Vegetative Stage

As the weeks rolled by and the vegetative phase started, the seedlings transformed into vigorous young plants. However, as these plants developed, I noticed some signs of underfeeding. Recognizing the need to support their increasing nutrient demands, I introduced the two-part pH Perfect Sensi Coco Grow formula.

Once the plants started receiving this well-balanced nutrient solution, their growth and overall health improved greatly. The addition of the pH Perfect formula, along with Velokelp, created the ideal nutritional environment to foster foliage growth and strengthen the plants' stems.

In week 3, I transplanted the plants into their final 25-liter containers filled with a 70/30 coco/perlite mix. The increased root space and optimized growing medium allowed them to thrive and prepare for the training I later used to shape their growth and maximize yields.

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Training Was No Joke This Cycle

The vegetative stage was extremely long at 12 full weeks, as the flowering room was occupied by another plant that I had to harvest first. However, my two Cookies Gelato ladies were growing like crazy, so I had to employ various techniques to shape these girls into ideal forms.

One of the plants exhibited rapid growth, so I did multiple toppings to control its height and stimulate lateral branching. With each topping, the plant responded vigorously, producing an abundance of flowering tops. In contrast, the other plant had a more compact phenotype, requiring only a single topping.

To further help canopy development and light penetration, I used low-stress training (LST). By gently manipulating the branches and tying them down, I encouraged horizontal growth and created an even canopy distribution.

At the same time, strategic defoliation helped maintain an optimal balance of foliage, reducing the risk of excessive shading and promoting air circulation. This training laid the foundation for abundant future yields while enhancing the plants' disease resistance and overall health.

The Nutrient Regimen

During the vegetative stage, I stuck to a consistent feeding schedule so my plants would receive the right nutrients at the right time. A simple diet of the two-part pH Perfect formula was enough to create a well-balanced nutrient solution with all the basic macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium). This helped my plants achieve robust foliage growth and sturdy stems.

The only other thing that my Cookies Gelatos received was Mills Nutrients Vitalize with its bioavailable form of silicon. I don’t know whether it was this product or the long veg, but the plants developed enormously thick stems that were ready to support any weight. I’d never seen such sturdy branches on a weed plant before!

As the girls switched to flowering and their nutritional needs changed, I accommodated this shift by simply adding bloom boosters such as Bud Ignitor and Nature’s Candy to the mix. With increased phosphorus and potassium levels, the plants got all they needed for unstoppable bud development. I also made sure to give them MagnifiCal with every feeding – the two elements that it contains are a must in coco grows.

Btw, 25 liters of coco is a large amount of medium, so at first, I only had to water my plants every 3-4 days. Then, with the start of flowering, it was every other day, and eventually, every day.

The Flowering Stage

Finally, the moment arrived: the flowering tent was vacant, and I put my Cookies Gelato ladies under 12/12 in week 13 from seeds.

Throughout the flowering stage, which lasted 12 weeks for the slower pheno, I continued using training techniques to maximize the potential of each plant. For example, I used light pruning and defoliation to maintain adequate airflow and light penetration, ensuring that no bud went unnoticed or underdeveloped.

It was during this stage that the plants showed their individual genetic traits, with subtle variations in bud structure, color, and aroma between the two phenotypes. One was much bushier and had a great number of smaller colas, each of which was abundantly covered in trichomes. The other one was slightly less resinous but so compact that I had trouble getting inside the canopy when training, and the buds were huge, bulging balls of flower mass.

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Harvest, Yields, and Smoke Review

The first plant, which was at the back of the grow tent, reached its peak first, with luscious trichome density and mature pistils. I harvested her a full week earlier than the other one, allowing the plant to hang and undergo a slow drying process in a controlled environment.

Patience was essential at this crucial phase, and I kept a close eye on humidity levels to make sure that drying went by gradually to preserve the flowers' integrity. When it was almost over, it was time for the second plant to enter the drying room.

After the drying period, meticulous curing in glass jars ensued, allowing the flowers to reach their peak flavor and potency. My two Cookies Gelato plants yielded 314 g and 200 g of dry bud respectively, and it was a truly outstanding final product that went beyond all expectations. The aroma permeated the room every time I opened the jars, enticing the senses with a blend of sweet, earthy cookie notes and creamy undertones.

When the time came to sample the fruits of my labor, the same terpene profile was fully preserved in the smoke. The first phenotype offered a strong cookie flavor on the inhale, followed by a sweet and creamy exhale that lingered on the palate. The second pheno boasted similar characteristics but with a dominant sweet and creamy profile.

Choosing a favorite was a tough task, as both plants delivered exceptional quality and potency, as well as an enjoyable, well-rounded high. It was a true hybrid experience dominated by euphoria and happy relaxation.

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Wrapping up my Cookies Gelato grow journal, my journey with this strain was a testament to its exceptional genetics and exquisite qualities. From the early stages of germination and seedling growth to the training and nutrient management during veg and flowering, every aspect of this grow led to a bountiful and rewarding experience.

I hope this diary was useful if you’re on the fence about whether to grow Cookies Gelato yourself. Keep those green thumbs working, and happy growing!

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