My Critical Sensi Star Smoke Report: Hard-Hitting and Motivating

Last updated: 28 March 2024

My Critical Sensi Star Smoke Report

There’s absolutely nothing better than getting blazed after a long, hard day of work. And boy, today was one of those days. Working construction has me dirty, sore, and mentally exhausted by Friday evening every week. My girlfriend has the night shift at the hospital this weekend (she’s a nurse) so she was already gone by the time I got home from work. Love her to death, but I was definitely looking forward to some Me Time.

After a shower, I grab a drink from the fridge and made my way to the couch. There, sitting on the living room table, was a freshly packed bowl, a lighter, and a jar of Critical Sensi Star buds. Damn, my girl is the best. She knew that was exactly what I would want after this week. One of her friends has quite the green thumb and likes to grow weed, and the latest in the rotation is this Critical Sensi Star weed strain. This is my first time trying it, but I’ve heard good things about Critical Sensi Star seeds and buds.

Getting Stoned and Gaming

I light up the bowl and take a hit. My first impression of the Critical Sensi Star weed is that it tastes distinctly sweet, sort of citrusy, but with a copper-y aftertaste. The bowl is still cherried so my first hit turns into two or three more little puffs while it's still lit. This smoke is a little on the harsh side and leaves me coughing and reaching for my drink to soothe my throat.

Still feeling the burn, I grab the controller and turn on my PC. Yeah, some gaming right now would be perfect. After scrolling around a little bit through the library, I decide on an indie game that I really like, a farming/life sim. Yeah, I know, not the usual point-and-shoot that a lot of guys will turn to to de-stress, but whatever. This is something I like.

Getting Stoned and Gaming

I’m already starting to come up as the game loads and I get to playing. No wonder this marijuana is called Critical Sensi Star, I’m starting to get higher and higher as if I were shooting up into space with the moon, the stars, the other planets. I’m getting hit super hard, super fast right in my chest and skull. After a little while, it’s like it’s hard for my eyes to properly focus on the screen. It takes a lot of concentration to focus on the game and remember what I want to do next. I’ve got a list of tasks to complete in the game that grows longer and more confusing in my head, which as I get higher, becomes even more overwhelming and harder to keep track of. Holy cow, this weed is no joke.

A Little Too High

Damn, this game is supposed to be relaxing but it’s got me on edge for some reason. Each day in the game is equal to about 20 real-time minutes, and they are going by so quickly that I feel like I can’t complete any of the goals I set for myself. I can feel my heart beating a little fast, and there’s a feeling of anxiety in my chest and climbing into my throat.

I need to do something else. I save and turn it off and head into the kitchen. I’m feeling a little better after gulping down a glass of ice water when I look at the stove. I’m so high I get fixated on the stovetop, how dirty it is after a week of cooking. All of a sudden, I feel the irresistible urge to scrub the hell out of the kitchen.

Going On A Cleaning Spree

My hard day at work earlier fades into the past as my body buzz gets even stronger. I’m hyper fixated on my newest task at hand: scrubbing down the kitchen. Armed with a sponge and cleaning spray, I attack the dirty stove with newfound energy. My aches and pains from earlier have been washed away with the serious body stone relaxing my muscles.

Going On A Cleaning Spree

I am so not the type to get shit done when smoking weed. Some people are functional stoners, I usually just melt into the couch after a couple of hits. I’m not necessarily a lightweight, that’s just how pot typically affects me. For some reason, though, the Critical Sensi Star strain has me in the zone. The anxiety I was feeling while gaming dissipates as I finish wiping down the stove, now basically sparkling clean. I move on to the inside of the oven, which hasn’t been properly cleaned in god knows how long. I’m still high as a kite as I finish that and then start scrubbing the counters, cabinets, everything in sight! It feels good to be productive, and somehow this high cleaning session is exactly what I needed this evening. By the time I’m through cleaning everything in sight, my high has evened out into a subtle background buzz, and it’s definitely bedtime.

Final Thoughts

Like I said, I’m usually more of a couch potato than a neat freak when I get stoned, but this time was different. My takeaway from this Critical Sensi Star review is that this strain is an absolute powerhouse. It was super effective for my achey muscles, and shouldn’t be underestimated.

It was pretty overwhelming at first, but once I got into the right mindset, I didn’t have any anxiety anymore! A pretty awesome combination of relaxing and energetic vibes, I’ll have to reach for Critical Sensi Star again the next time I do some yard work, or any other sort of meditative activity. Highly recommend, and I’m sure my lady would love it if I smoked this more often. Our house would be way cleaner!

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