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Absolutely Stoned On GG#4 Original Glue: My Strain Report

Last updated: 7 December 2023

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I want to tell you about this party I brought my GG#4 Original Glue weed to, and how we all got super stoned on it.

I grew this one myself from Original Sensible seeds, and my friends, all huge fans of GG4 strain, were eager to compare my stuff with what’s sold in dispensaries and on the street. I had already tested it and knew my Gorilla was dynamite: very tasty and knockout strong, with THC levels easily in the upper 20s. It was good because for my friend who set up this party (let’s call him Mike, close enough), smoking weed means getting stoned out of his mind. Moderation simply isn’t in his vocabulary.

For this reason, I decided to roll at least an ounce worth of joints. Besides, with Mike, you never know how many people will eventually show up – his parties tend to evolve from ‘a small gathering of close friends’ to a full-blown riot. I also made a few special Js where I mixed buds with pieces of finger hash, which I had like tons of after trimming my GG#4 Original Glue nugs. I used a razor to cut not-quite-so-thin slices and put them into joints at irregular intervals, like chocolate chips in a cookie. So some of us would get a piece of hash in their hit and others wouldn't. I knew my friends would appreciate this kind of lottery.

All this took me a while, and after like a hundred of “Where are you, dude?” texts, I finally arrived at the party. It was rather tame by Mike’s standards: no more than 15 or 20 people and not a single stranger. Well, not yet. It was lively though. People were drinking beer and some were already doing shots, some were even dancing, and of course, the whole place was reeking of weed.

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GG4 smoke report

I told the guys straightaway about my special joints and sure enough, they wanted to start with them. We each grabbed a beer and went to the patio – six of us originally, but others kept approaching our circle for a hit or two. We passed around the first of the joints, then the second one immediately after, and each of us was guessing by the smell and taste whether they got buds laced with hash or not. If they weren’t sure, they blew the smoke toward someone else so another person could be the judge. So we ended up blowing smoke or (more often than not) coughing it in each other’s faces and laughing our asses off. For the second hit, I got the roach, and immediately felt the strongest buzz in my neck and shoulders. The third one made my knees weak and my face started to melt. The fourth one, I passed.

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We went inside and parked our asses on a sofa and some directly on the floor. For a few minutes, all conversation ceased because all we could do was ask each other, “You okay?” and grin and giggle helplessly. The music felt too loud and the room too full of people, and I was still nursing an unopened can of beer in my hands. After a while, we were finally able to move again and talk, and we started comparing notes. Our helpless state before seemed hilarious now, and we made fun of each other and laughed our heads off.

GG #4 Isn’t Kind To Casual Tokers

my Gorilla was dynamite: very tasty and knockout strong

A girl we know who just arrived came up and asked what was so funny. We told her of the formidable GG#4 Original Glue strain and our “hash lottery”. She was eager to try this weed herself, so I handed her a “normal’ joint telling her honestly that it’d be the end of her. Of course, she didn’t believe me.

When she gracefully reclined on the sofa with her legs folded under her and held the doobie like a cigarette, we knew immediately she was gonna make a spectacle out of herself, and so we all gathered around with expectant grins on our faces. She lit up, made a series of tiny hits, and blew the smoke toward the ceiling meditatively like she was a connoisseur or something. Then she muttered, “Weak sauce” (my GG#4 strain? seriously?!!!), and the very next moment, she proceeded to shake off the ashes right in her lap like it was an ashtray. Maybe it wasn’t that funny, but it had us cackling like crazy. (Btw, I don’t think the girl ever got herself to stand up from the sofa that night, but I’m not sure.)

People kept coming up to me asking for a joint and soon everyone got blasted, or so it seemed to me, because I myself was long riding a wave of extreme euphoria. After a while, those of us who were still standing shared two more joints. Mike, for whom every smoking session has to be a rollercoaster ride, yelled “Chicago!” and each of us held their breath after a drag, trying to hold it until the joint went full circle back to him. For me, being a runner, it’s nothing, so I held my breath while the joint was making two rounds. It meant I passed a few tokes, but that still didn’t save me from getting totally baked.

All Great Parties Come To An End

My mouth was so dry that I was chugging beer all the time, and soon it all became a blur. I was dancing, making out with some girl, dozing off on a bed in an empty room, lecturing some small group of people on cannabinoids and terpenes (I hope it didn’t happen, but I’m afraid it did), dancing again.

That's the end of my smoke report! I may regret some things I did that night, but most of it was extremely fun and I’m glad I brought my GG#4 Original Glue with me. It wouldn’t be a party without it.

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