My Smoke Report On The Tastiest Strain I've Tried, Gelato Auto

Last updated: 12 November 2020

gelato auto review

I’ve always been a sucker for delicious-sounding weed names. While most growers choose their seeds based on THC levels, I get hooked by names like Cheese, Tangerine, and Pineapple – in short, anything that appeals to my taste buds. Quite often, it’s hard to decide whether I really get that flavor I was promised or if it’s only my imagination, but not so with the Gelato Auto strain. This time, I got everything I hoped for and then some. You’ll know what I mean by the time you’ve read my review.

I bought Gelato Auto seeds from this site. I grew them organically (to get the most out of the genetics taste-wise): just filled 5-gallon grow bags with soil mixed with organic nutrients for the whole cycle. I used only compost tea throughout, except for the last 10 days when I watered my Gelato plants with pH-balanced water.

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Gelato Auto Taste And Smell Review: The Most Delicious Weed Ever

My buddies were eager to test the buds as soon as possible, but I managed to fight them off for 5 weeks (!): one week for drying and four for curing. Not an easy task, I can tell you that, because every time we gathered at my place, they would open a jar and smell the buds. The smell was really amazing: very smooth and mellow, without a sharp note, the way some dairy products smell. If you’re hungry, you simply want to eat them raw. But after the jar is closed and you walk out of the room and presently walk back in, the stink of weed is unmistakable, and there’s some smell of citrus fruit, too.

The Taste Test Group

The day of the first smoke, my friend Chris (he’s the one who taught me to grow only organically) brought his Volcano vaporizer in a backpack, and he’d made this big-ass balloon, at least three feet long. Before he and two other guys showed up, my kid sister’s boyfriend Josh came unexpectedly. The guy has a weed radar, that’s for sure. I like him alright, but my friends find him irritating because he won’t shut up and is very loud and swears a lot, especially when high. Which is practically all the time.

Let’s Finally Hit That Auto Gelato!

gelato auto strain effects

So, when we all gathered, I broke up some buds in a grinder. The smell was very intense and penetrating. Now the fruity and piney notes came to the foreground, but the creamy and sweet influences remained as well. Chris loaded a couple of pinches into his Volcano (the temperature setting was initially at 6) and filled the whole balloon. We took turns inhaling.

The vapor was very thick inside the balloon and on the exhale. I was releasing it very slowly through my mouth, savoring every note on the tongue and palate. The creaminess was still there, but it was enveloped in intense sweetness, and the whole room soon smelled like pine and grapefruit. The high must have come on pretty fast too, because at some point, I unexpectedly stood up, and so did other guys. We just didn’t feel like sitting anymore.

I don’t know what I was expecting, maybe some kind of a discussion, like some lame book club or something, but of course, Josh would drown out any meaningful conversation with his BS. So I can only vouch for myself: Auto Gelato was the tastiest weed I’ve ever grown, period. Chris kept filling the balloon at temp setting 7 and then 8. The vapor got thinner, but it still tasted fantastic, only a little different: more like baked goods or cookies, maybe a little burned.

Gelato Auto Strain Effects Are Very Dose-Dependent

gelato auto trip report

We were all walking about aimlessly, chatting and laughing, until someone proposed we roll a few joints and go out. Which we did. The weather was crisp, so we walked quickly, and I felt like I could keep walking forever. I was filled with tons of unfocused jittery energy. Finally, we stopped at an unfenced vacant lot and smoked the joints there. I’m not sure how many, probably just one, but it seemed to me like three or four because time just stopped. I was savoring every hit and also smelling the smoke that came out of the end of the joint, feeling absolutely happy.

On the way back, Josh was walking beside me, talking and swearing and laughing very loudly. I was afraid he was drawing too much attention and that we eventually would be arrested for public nuisance if he didn’t shut up. I myself was stoned out of my mind. Somebody pointed to me that I was missing a glove. I’d probably dropped it back where we were smoking. The guys suggested we should return for the glove, but I was sickened by the thought. The only thing I wanted was to be back in the safety of my home. The rest of the way, they were laughing at me and making jokes, and I was focusing on two things only: not tripping over and falling, and trying to walk in a straight line.

Some (Minimal) Side-Effects Of Gelato Auto

At home, the first thing I did was look at myself in the mirror. As expected, I was greenish-white, with bloodshot eyes. Then I dropped on the couch and closed my eyes, wondering how the guys were still managing to stay on their feet. Judging by the sounds, they kept smoking the rest of the joints in the kitchen, running the cooker hood full blast.

The End Of The Night

auto gelato smoke report

Only after a while, I was myself again, still couch-locked and euphoric, but not paranoid anymore. Me and my buddies watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and I loved every minute of it. Josh had left earlier, but not before he stole at least a quarter ounce of my Gelato Auto from one of the jars. Not the first time, and I usually let it slide, but this time I got upset – I loved this strain too much. Luckily, the yields were high enough to last me and my friends until spring. I’ve also hoarded a small stash of this amazingly tasty strain all to myself. Guess what I’m growing now, hehe.

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Excellent story and very funny! I read it while I was smoking ... waiting for my gelato to be there
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