Bruce Banner #3 Review: A Coder’s Little Helper

Last updated: 28 March 2024

bruce banner #3 smoke report

I grew Bruce Banner # 3 seeds meaning to use this strain for nighttime relaxation and on weekends, but I never suspected that I’d be vaping the bulk of my harvest during work hours. Let me tell you how Bruce Banner helps me with work. Not exactly a smoke report, but this will give you an idea of what this weed is all about.

It actually all started by accident.

One night, I shared a bowl of Bruce Banner with my girlfriend and we were about to take a shower together, with plans to do something even more exciting after that, when a girl she’s friendly with who lives in a condo three doors down called and said her laptop just crashed and she needed my help. She begged me to do it right now because she planned to study all night and it wouldn’t take me more than 20 minutes, etc. So I caved in.

What Weed Can Do For Focus

In fact, the job took me an hour or so, but I was amazed at how easy it felt. I just lost myself in the task – no resentment, no regrets about the ruined evening. I clean forgot about the girls, too. They were probably chatting the whole time, but I only became aware of their presence when I was done. Of course, my girlfriend and I had to smoke another bowl to get ourselves back in the mood, but the point is that that night, I came to appreciate the power of Bruce Banner #3 when you need to focus on the task at hand and forget about everything else.

I remember how back in the day I got hooked on a CNS stimulant (I prefer not to say which, because it was all a mistake and I don’t recommend this to anyone). I was using it to study for exams, and one day it occurred to me to mix it with some Sativa that I had. The stimulant gives clarity and focus, while weed adds the ability to think outside the box. I liked the result so much that I even used this combination during one of the exams and aced it. I felt like the smartest person in the room and was confident that I could speak on any topic without even studying. Well, those days are over, fortunately, but now, coffee and weed seem to do the trick for me.

Bruce Banner #3 Strain Effects Let You Immerse Yourself In The Task

bruce banner #3 review

My work involves looking at hundreds of lines of code for hours on end, and my Bruce Banner #3 helps me concentrate like nothing else. I even bought a portable vaporizer for that because it’s easier to titrate and because smoking causes some grogginess, while with a vape, it’s more sharp and clear-headed. I just keep a thermos flask, mug, bin of instant coffee, and my vape on hand. Prepared like that, I can spend a better part of the day glued to my desk, with no bathroom breaks or anything. The key here is to just go easy on the weed.

When I take a deeper hit than planned, I notice it immediately. I look at the symbols on the screen and they appear 3D, somehow raised above the surface. Or I stop noticing the code altogether and become aware of the spaces in it instead, and they begin to form some intricate patterns and shapes. My mind starts to wander, I make mistakes, and my work slows down. So I take only a tiny drag at a time – no easy feat because my Bruce Banner #3 is so tasty.

Bruce Banner #3 Smoke Can Serve Any Purpose

bruce banner #3 strain review

Luckily, I haven’t yet noticed any tolerance build-up, so no matter how many hours of work I do under the influence, if I want to get baked in the evening, Bruce Banner still works like a charm. In small doses, it’s great for sex or watching a movie with a convoluted plotline, because you become very mindful and everything else just disappears from your universe. In medium doses, you feel a surge of energy and euphoria and can bore even the best listener in the world with your stream of consciousness. When you smoke too much, this weed overwhelms you: you become immobile and drown in a torrent of ideas that seem brilliant and even game-changing, but of course impossible to remember later.

To sum it all up, Bruce Banner #3 strain can be used in any situation you like. Btw, I think I got two phenotypes from my seeds: one more Diesel and the other one more OG. As far as the effects go, they seem more or less alike to me, but the OG pheno is probably more balanced and mindful and thus better for work.

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