Getting a Herbie Tattoo? Easy as 1-2-3!

Last updated: 29 March 2024

getting a herbies tatoo

It’s been noisy here at Herbies for the last couple of days. We can’t seem to calm down Herbie the mascot – his ego has swelled to the size of a small cannabis farm. The reason? His face is now on a tattoo!

A pothead who goes by the nickname Tommy Stoner has braved a tattoo session to get Herbie inked on his arm. Now he gets to see Herbie even more often than we do!

This is how it went down:

And here’s how the tat looks:

herbie tatoo

Herbie has singlebranchedly packed a parcel for Tommy with 19 Herbies Seeds strains to thank him for his loyalty. Not just Herbie, but all of us here at Herbies, are absolutely floored by Tommy Stoner’s bravery and his new tattoo.

Tommy gets our respect and the chance to grow some of our best strains. We’re sure he will use them wisely. Could you get a Herbie tattoo? Let us know in the comments!

Herbies Head Shop expressly refuses to support the use, production, or supply of illegal substances. For more details read our Legal Disclaimer.

Hell yeah I would. But how does that work for the affiliate program cause it is advertising
Hello! Please contact our affiliate manager via this page https://affiliate.herbiesheadshop.com. They will answer all your question regarding this matter
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