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Choosing Cannabis Seeds for Beginners Made Easy

The question of how to choose the best cannabis seeds for beginners is actually not as important now as it used to be. Thanks to advances in breeding, most strains on the market today are hardy and resilient enough to survive every rookie mistake in the book. The problem is that even total newbs don’t want just any harvest, but record amounts of top-shelf bud from their very first grow. And this is possible – if you choose the right beginner-friendly strain.

The very best cannabis seeds for beginners are those that show vigor from day one, don’t mind stressful conditions, are resistant to pests and diseases, and have a manageable size. The added bonus of the best strains for beginner growers is that some of them – called autoflowers – don’t require any special light schedules while others – called feminized seeds – don’t produce any males for you to worry about. Read on for more details.

Weed Seeds For Beginners Should Be Vigorous

It’s commonplace knowledge in genetics that pure inbred lines usually lack vigor. While it’s true that it’s easier to keep the desired characteristics if you don’t cross your seeds with any other variety, on the flip side, you’ll see a lot of runts and sickly plants in any batch of such seeds – and not all of them will germinate, or else they’ll take forever to do so.

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It takes many years of serious effort and clever breeding before you can create a true breeding line that also has a lot of will to live. Some great examples of this are Skunk #1 and Malawi. It’s much easier to create a hardy, stress-resistant strain by simple hybridization, meaning crossing two or more distant genetics. You’ve probably heard the term “hybrid vigor.” It’s a real thing. So, as a beginner grower, choose hybrids for your first couple of runs.

High Productivity is Important Too

Even those growers who don’t smoke much prefer their plants to be high-yielding, even if for no other reason than simple aesthetics. The bigger the buds, the more spectacular they look. However, it’s very difficult for a beginner to harvest much bud because every mistake you make puts a dent in your final yield. So, good marijuana seeds for beginners are by default high-yielding. Of course, you probably won’t get the maximum possible yield on your first try, but at least you’ll get months’ worth of smoking.

Resistance to Mold, Disease, And Pests

It’s difficult for a beginner to comprehend how many threats there are to cannabis both indoors and outdoors. The most vexing are probably mold and bud rot because they come as a nasty surprise so close to the finish line – after you’ve already invested so much time and effort into your garden.

Besides these two, there are rarer diseases like powdery mildew or tobacco mosaic virus, plus countless pests: spider mites, thrips, fungus gnats, caterpillars… the list goes on and on. If you think this is something that only happens to others but won’t happen to you, think again. A cannabis grower is by default an expert in plant diseases and pests.

Marijuana seeds for beginners are always created with all these threats in mind, but you can specifically scan strain descriptions for mentions of resistance to mold, pests, and other issues.

Size and Canopy Management

While plant height is rarely a concern outdoors, most indoor setups limit the final size of your cannabis. Many beginner gardeners realize only too late that weed doesn’t stop growing after the onset of flowering, and then begins the heroic but futile struggle with the main stem and side branches going past the light and straight into the ceiling. We’ve all been there, and it sucks.

Of course, you can counter this to some extent with timing, choosing a pot of the right size, and various training methods. However, you should start with seeds that are easy to grow in this respect as well.

Indica varieties are naturally shorter and more compact cultivars, with a less pronounced stretch in flower. This makes Indica-dominant cannabis seeds best for beginners. Balanced Sativa/Indica hybrids and those leaning heavily to the Sativa side may be very easy to grow in every other sense, but be prepared to deal with more stretching and a greater final height.

Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds

Since we’ve started to talk about genetic composition, it’s important to mention two other types of cannabis seeds – feminized and autoflowering. Both are perfect for beginners, and many strains on offer in seed shops are feminized AND autoflowering at the same time.

With feminized seeds, you only get female plants (those with buds) 99% of the time. In contrast, regular seeds turn into either female or male plants with approximately a 50/50 probability. Regular seeds are great for breeding, but as an amateur, you probably don’t need that. All you need is getting female buds without the hassle of sexing – that is, culling the males as soon as they reveal themselves.

Autoflowers are also perfect as cannabis seeds for beginners. One reason is that you don’t need to decide when to begin the flowering stage and what photoperiod (light schedule) to choose for both vegetation and flowering. Autoflowering seeds will start budding automatically as soon as they’re big and mature enough, and they are insensitive to light schedules – minus another concern for newbie growers!

They also finish the fastest – a huge asset for your first attempt. Autoflowers are easy to grow in other ways as well, such as their natural resistance to rough conditions and compact size. As for vigor and yields, modern autos are already on par with traditional photoperiod varieties.

Buy Beginner Marijuana Seeds From a Reputable Seed Shop

Last but not least, always try to purchase your marijuana genetics from vendors you can trust. Here at Herbies, we’ve compiled our own list of cannabis seeds for beginners and made sure that each of them is really easy to grow, low-maintenance, and resistant where it counts. We suggest that you start with this list, gain some experience, and then proceed to the rest of the 2,000 strains in our collection. Happy growing, first-timers! We wish you all the best of luck!