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26 July 2021
Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain Info
Content Origins and historyBlue Cheese THC and CBD levelEffectsTaste and terpene profileTherapeutic qualitiesBlue cheese strain and sexGrowing tipsYieldBest Blue Cheese strains
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A Guide to the Bruce Banner Strain Family
31 May 2021
A Guide to the Bruce Banner Strain Family
Content Genetic profile of Bruce BannerBruce Banner's effectsAroma and flavorMedical usesGrowing tipsBest Bruce Banner strainsThe Bruce Banner family of cannabis strains is as powerful as the superhero behind the name. Not to be underestimated, Bruce Banner delivers a powerful effect paired with classic aromas. If only the Hulk had some of these buds, he wouldn’t be so big, green, and angry!
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13 May 2021
Lemon Haze Marijuana Strain – A Grower’s Guide
Content Lemon Haze originTHC and CBD levelLemon Haze effectsTerpene profileMedical propertiesGrowing tipsLemon Haze yieldsLemon Haze top strains
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Gorilla Glue: Top Things To Know About The Strain
20 April 2021
Gorilla Glue: Top Things To Know About The Strain
Content Gorilla Glue’s past & historyGorilla Glue’s effectsTaste and aromaTherapeutic qualities of Gorilla GlueGrowing tips3 best Gorilla Glue seeds
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Best Wedding Cake strains
11 March 2021
All About Wedding Cake – Your Ultimate Guide To The Strain
Content Wedding Cake’s background & historyWedding Cake’s EffectsTerpene profileTherapeutic qualitiesGrowing tips and tricksSide effectsBest Wedding Cake strains
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Runtz Cannabis Strain
11 February 2021
Runtz Cannabis Strain: The Complete Guide
Content Runtz genetic profileEffects of RuntzTerpene profileMedical usage of RuntzRuntz growing tipsTop Runtz strainsThe Runtz strain is unique and rare. Most users say the strain gives a euphoric high, while some say it makes them glued to the couch. Which one is true?
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The Sherbet Strain Family
4 February 2021
The Sherbet Strain Family: The Ultimate Guide
Content Sherbet genetic profileEffects of SherbetTerpene profileMedical usage of SherbetGrowing tipsBest Sherbet strainsLike ice cream flavors, there are a few strains across the cannabis industry that are tried-and-true classics, one of them being Sherbet. Sherbet weed, no matter the phenotype or cross-breed, is a favorite among growers and consumers alike. So, let’s learn more about the Indica-dominant strain that’s serving up both sweet aromas and delightful yields.
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Granddaddy Purple
29 January 2021
Granddaddy Purple: Everything There Is To Know About The Legendary Strain And Seeds
Content GDP genetic profileEffects of GDPMedical usage of GDPFamily TreeTerpene profileGDP growing tipsBest GDP strainsA classic strain that’s made its way around the globe since its inception, Granddaddy Purple is an Indica-dominant hybrid aptly named for its vibrant purple hues.
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Guide To The Legendary AK-47
22 January 2021
Your Guide To The Legendary AK-47 Cannabis Strain
Content AK-47 genetic profileEffects of AK-47Terpene profileMedical usage of AK-47AK-47 growing tipsBest AK-47 strainsMore than anything else, AK-47 is a complex cultivar. Even though the name sounds drastic, the AK-47 strain provides a mellow and joyous high. The strain has a long history and is popular all throughout the world. It's also one of the top-selling Sativa-dominant strains all around.
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