Moby Dick Auto Feminized Seeds (Barney's Farm)



Moby Dick Auto Strain Info

Moby Dick Auto has everything you’d expect from the perfect Sativa-dominant autoflower. The breeder has painstakingly stabilized her genetics to create a hybrid that grows strong and sturdy, reaches a considerable height, and gets covered from head to toe in fat and dense colas. The harvest will bring you tons of smoke of amazing potency and delicious flavor.


The family tree of Moby Dick Auto includes such multiple cup winners as White Widow and G13 Haze – strains known for their breath-taking potency and crystally looks. Having fused their cross with Barney’s inhouse BF Super Auto #1, the breeders created a perfect autoflowering cultivar that is exactly the same quality-wise but much faster.

Flowering Time

Making a dominant Sativa finish in just 65-70 days from seed is an incredible feat, and Barney’s Farm have done just that. Make sure the conditions are right and the girl receives everything she needs, and your Moby Dick Auto will be just as fast.


Despite finishing much faster than photoperiod varieties, Moby Dick Auto is almost as high-yielding – able to bring as much as 550 g/m2 (1.8 oz/ft²) both indoors and outdoors. As far as autoflowers go, this result is way above average.


Although you can enjoy this smoke on your own, it would be a waste not to take advantage of this weed’s strong social side. Don’t overdo it, and Moby Dick Auto will be your go-to party strain – one that makes you friendly, warm, and willing to start conversations.


Medical Properties

Moby Dick Auto may help patients whose medical condition causes chronic fatigue because this smoke gives you an immediate and long-lasting boost of energy. And it lifts your spirits too, so it may be helpful in treating depression.

THC and CBD Level

While the THC content in the photoperiod original reaches as high as 27%, expect it to hover around 20% in this autoflower version. A high percentage of another, often overlooked cannabinoid, THCV, is what imbues this weed with a special kind of psychoactivity, and CBD level is below 1%.

Smell and Taste

The floral and haze influences of this strain’s grandparents combine into a very complex mix that starts with the strong smell of sour lemons and exotic herbs and then reveals subtler notes of pine, incense, and vanilla. The taste of the smoke is sweeter – with a mellow earthy background and an aftertaste of pine and citrus.


Grow Tips

Moby Dick Auto is a tallish variety even indoors, so we recommend tying her down to make more efficient use of the lights and ensure the same quality and texture of buds from top to bottom. Outdoors, the branches will need support so that they don’t snap under the weight of colas in windy weather.

  • use powerful lights to compensate for the plant’s height,
  • ensure good ventilation as mold is a risk when the buds are huge,
  • provide a sunny spot outdoors and choose the least rainy part of the season.

Moby Dick Auto Seeds

When you buy these autoflowering feminized seeds, you save yourself the trouble of watching out for males and monitoring light cycles because practically every seed will grow female and will flower under any light schedule.


  • Brand

    AKA seed bank. They create and preserve cannabis genetics, then we get them to you.

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    Barney's Farm
  • Type of seeds

    Regular or feminized. Pick feminized if you want female plants only.

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  • Type of seeds

    Either autoflowering or photoperiod. Both have their pros and cons, but growing autos is easier.

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  • Suitable for growing

    This strain is perfect for growing both indoors and outdoors.

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    Outdoor, Indoor
  • Effect *

    Each strain produces a certain effect on your body. This is what you can expect from this variety.

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    Ultimate pick-me-up
  • Genetics

    Genetic composition of the strain. Shows parent strains that were used to create this particular variety.

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    Moby Dick x BF Super Auto #1
  • Height

    This is how tall the plant can become. Use this info when planning your grow space.

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    100 cm indoors
    120 cm outdoors
  • Harvest

    This is how much bud you can get from this variety come harvest time.

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    550 g/m² indoors
    550 g/plant outdoors
  • From seed to harvest

    Total time required to fully grow a plant, from germination to harvest.

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    65 - 70 days
  • % Sativa/ Indica/ Ruderalis

    The ratio of Sativa/Indica/Ruderalis in this particular variety.

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    70% Sativa / 30% Indica
  • THC

    The main psychoactive compound in cannabis. The higher THC level, the more potent the strain.

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    22 %
  • CBD

    This compound doesn't get you high but is known to be highly medicinal and calming.

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    1 %

*Herbies sells cannabis seeds exclusively as souvenirs that aren’t meant for cultivation or germination. Customers should be aware that the germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in most countries. Herbies sells cannabis seeds exclusively for collecting and preservation for future generations. We advise customers to check with their local laws before germination, as Herbies does not accept responsibility for the illegal use of our products.

  • Chupus
    5 September 2023
    5 September 2023
    • Advantages
      A good variety that grew automatically without any problems. The bud is fluffy and not dense, displaying a distinct structure unlike any of the varieties I have previously cultivated.
    • Disadvantages
      No found, guys
    • General impressions

      The entire grove grew remarkably well, showcasing an excellent variety. Despite applying fertilizer just as with other plants, there were no issues. The harvest was quite voluminous and promising. I haven't tasted it yet as it's still drying.

    Customer's photos
  • stashio
    12 June 2023
    12 June 2023
    • Advantages
      Easy to grow
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions

      Wow, what a good harvest should be enough to last me years 😁 I double-checked the weight with another set of scales and it came up the same. I didn't think it would be possible to get so much off one plant. I think i got rid of most of the stems and leaves as well so it is a true weight.