LSD feminized seeds Barney's Farm
LSD (Barney's Farm)
THC 25 %
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
Buy LSD Auto feminized strain Barney's Farm
LSD Auto (Barney's Farm)
THC 23 %
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
LSD-25 Auto feminized seeds Fast Buds
LSD-25 Auto (FastBuds)
THC 21 %
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering

LSD Weed Strain Information

LSD seeds can trace their origins to the Afghani landrace Indica strain Mazar-I-Sharif and the old-school Skunk variety Skunk #1. With an earthy and hashy kind of smell and taste, LSD family strains deliver a potent and trippy head high that will help you ease into an evening of deep relaxation.

LSD Strain THC Levels

If you’re looking to buy LSD seeds, expect more-than-impressive THC levels topping out at 25%, plus around 1% CBD to help keep your powerful high under control.

LSD Weed Strain Effects

As you might have guessed from the name, LSD weed strains induce an immensely powerful, euphoric, and psychedelic high focused on the head. Starting as a cerebral high, the journey ends as an all-embracing heavy body relaxation thanks to the Indica genetics of LSD weed strains. One or two hours after ingestion, you’ll feel an enjoyable body-numbing effect once these cerebral properties taper off.

Using LSD weed may resemble taking an acid trip, so make sure you don’t consume too much to avoid a bad one. Paranoia is one of the negative effects attributed to the LSD cannabis family, but this won’t happen if you dose accordingly. Inexperienced consumers should be cautious with LSD seeds because they may end up feeling mentally stuck and trippy. However, despite the sensational cerebral effect, some users report that LSD weed strains stimulate creativity and social interaction. They can also be used any time of day to alleviate mild to moderate chronic aches and pains.

LSD Weed Taste and Smell

The plants kick out a smell best described as hashy, citrusy, and candy-like. If you can imagine a gummy bear made out of hash, you’ll have an idea of what to expect. The aroma is similar, but it’s capable of sticking to your clothes long after you’ve put your weed back into the stash jar.

Growing LSD Weed Strains

LSD seeds grow into high-yielding plants whether you grow them indoors or outdoors. This family is perfect for both new cultivators and die-hard green-thumbs. Each LSD hybrid can take any nutrient regimen and remain healthy and productive. They grow like typical Indica cannabis, which means they are usually densely branched and won’t get taller than 100 cm (39 inches) indoors. This might be enough to convince you if you want to be discreet or have only a small grow space.

LSD Strain Flowering Time

LSD seeds spend about 9 to 10 weeks flowering before they’re ready for harvest. This is when you’ll find enough connoisseur-grade cannabis to fill up all your stash jars – and then some. When it comes to outdoor crops, some strains, like LSD аeminized seeds by Barney’s Farm, will be ready by early October. Most LSD hybrids grow slowly and won’t stretch much during flowering, so a longer vegetative time is needed.

LSD Strain Yields

When those flowers bloom, the LSD family won’t disappoint you: these ladies are capable of yielding 600 g/m² (228 oz/ft²) and above indoors, while outdoor yields can go up to 750 grams (26.4 oz) per plant.

Which LSD Marijuana Seeds to Choose?

When picking which LSD seeds to grow, it’s important to identify the type of plant you want. You might want to start by considering their size, smell, or whether they are autoflowering or photoperiod. 

LSD Feminized Seeds

Feminized LSD seeds are bred to produce only female marijuana plants rather than male and female plants. Feminized seeds provide a 99.9% guarantee of producing large amounts of bud from each plant grown from the seed, meaning a bigger harvest compared to non-feminized plants.

LSD Autoflower Seeds

LSD autoflower seeds are easy-growing balanced hybrids created by crossing the original LSD strain with an autoflowering phenotype. This is a wise choice if you’re a beginning grower or simply impatient, as these LSD seeds are a cinch to grow both indoors and outdoors and still produce high yields.

Most Popular LSD Cannabis Strains

If you’re seeking out a marijuana strain with a psychedelic mental high and relaxing properties, LSD seeds are just what you need. Check out some of the most popular LSD seeds in our online catalog and get ready to embark on a psychedelic voyage!

LSD Feminized Seeds (Barney’s Farm)

LSD feminized seeds from Barney’s Farm grow into a successful 70% Indica/30% Sativa hybrid with high resistance to mold and pests. This exquisite variety has an earthy and musky terpene profile that features a skunky flavor and herbal scent. With a whopping 25% THC level, it will guide you through a full spectrum of pleasant feelings that are dominated by the profound relaxation of both body and mind.

LSD Auto (Barney’s Farm)

This autoflowering version of Barney’s Farm’s LSD seeds has developed excellent resistance to mold, powdery mildew and spider mites due to her greater-than-average resin production. LSD Auto is ideal for anyone who enjoys a pungent skunky aroma, while THC levels of up to 20% deliver an uplifting, cerebral high followed by a long-lasting relaxation.

LSD-25 Auto (FastBuds)

LSD-25 Auto was created as a crossing between LSD and a Ruderalis strain, resulting in a cannabis variety that can stand back-to-back with the photoperiod version. With these LSD seeds, you’re in for highly euphoric and borderline psychedelic effects that will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. The strain is also used medicinally to treat symptoms caused by multiple sclerosis, stress, anxiety, glaucoma, and epilepsy.

Where to Buy LSD Seeds Online

If you’re looking for LSD seeds to enjoy a psychedelic-like experience paired with deep body relaxation, Herbies is the right place to go. We offer a variety of easy-to-grow LSD strain seeds, so don’t hesitate to check out our catalog and buy weed seeds online at a reasonable price!

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