Quality Control


Herbies Seeds is an official distributor of seeds from European, UK, Canadian, and American seedbanks. These are all available in our catalog.

The mission of our online shop is to provide top-quality cannabis seeds worldwide; however, we are not involved in the cannabis selection, breeding or production.

What we guarantee

Cannabis seeds are stored in a cool, dry place and under stable temperatures of +4-6°С.

The packaging is damage-proof and secure.

All parcels are thoroughly inspected by our managers prior to shipment.

Germination power

Seedbanks guarantee maximum germination, meaning that 70% of seeds in a pack will germinate. However, cannabis seeds are a biological material and their ability to germinate can be affected by a wide range of external factors. Therefore, Herbies Seeds recommends observing some simple rules to achieve the best germination results:

Seeds should be stored under 4-6°С in a sealed-off container with no exposure to light.

Use trustworthy germination methods provided by reliable resources like Leafly.com to get the maximum germination results.

Defective seeds

If you have observed the seeds storage requirements and the germination guide above, but you are still not satisfied with the germination results, you can send a request for replacement of defective seeds within 60 days upon receipt of your order. Our quality control team will review your request and inform you about results within 1-2 business days upon receipt.

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