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29 November 2022
How to Make Weed Taste Better
Content What gives weed its taste?Why does my weed taste weird?Adding flavor before harvestAdding flavor during harvestAdding flavor after harvestBest flavored strains
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15 November 2022
How to Grow CBD-Rich Strains Indoors
Content Growing CBD plants & normal weed?High-CBD strains and hempBenefits of growing CBD plantsWhat you should know before growingHow to Increase CBD levels
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2 September 2022
Top 8 Veteran Tips for Growing Cannabis
Just as with any other new pursuit, if you’re a beginner or first-time cannabis grower, you’re not immune to making mistakes. We’ve all gone through that: under- and overwatering, nutrient burns, heat stress, bud mold, pests and whatnot.
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Cannabis Ruderalis Strains
19 July 2022
What Is Cannabis Ruderalis? Definition, Effects, And More
Content DefinitionOriginCannabinoid contentAuto propertiesOther propertiesQuite often in modern culture, we see how things that have been around forever undergo a revival thanks to advanced research and modern-day applications. Cannabis Ruderalis is a great example of such a phenomenon taking place in the marijuana industry. While cannabis Ruderalis plants are ancient in nature, their unique characteristics are affecting today’s world of weed more than ever before. Let’s review the past, present, and future of the species to find out how cannabis Ruderalis and its unique characteristics are used in the modern cannabis market.
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autoflower vs feminized seeds
20 May 2022
What’s the Difference Between Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds?
Content What are Feminized Seeds?What Does Autoflowering Mean?Pros and Cons of Auto SeedsGrowing Feminized Seeds vs. AutofloweringFrequently Asked Questions
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19 May 2022
Your Guide to Low-Tolerance Strains
Content What type of strains work best for those with a low tolerance?Tips for a more enjoyable experienceBest low tolerance strainsWhile marijuana can induce some wonderfully blissful states, she’s an herb that requires respect and caution for those taking a weed break, and especially for complete beginners. Having a low weed tolerance may put you at risk of a few common side effects such as paranoia or intense couch-lock.
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terpenes 101 - a guide to cannabis terpenes
6 May 2022
Terpenes 101: Your Guide to Cannabis Flavors, Benefits of Terpenes, and How to Get the Most out of Them
Content What are terpsHow terpenes affect your highMost common weed terps explainedMyrceneLimoneneCaryophylleneTerpinolenePineneHumuleneOcimeneLinalool
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The best time to harvest
25 March 2022
When Is The Best Time To Harvest Your Cannabis Plants?
Content Flowering time-based harvestPistils color-based harvestTrichomes color-based harvestTransparentMilky whiteAmberLonger is not betterQuick and potent strains
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4 March 2022
Calculate Electricity Costs of Growing Weed
Content Why Do You Need to Calculate Electricity Costs?A Simple Formula to Calculate Electricity CostsReal-Life ExampleHow to Save on Electricity Costs
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