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How To Increase Cannabis Yield
2 November 2021
How To Increase Cannabis Yield
Content The importance of good geneticsImproving your grow with proper lightingEffective training methods to maximize yieldsThe correct pot size can make all the difference
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Sog growing method
28 October 2021
The SoG Growing Method Explained
Content Pros and consHow to make your own Sea of GreenSea of green step by stepWhich strains are the best for SoG?Important details of a successful SoG
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low-budget grow room
4 October 2021
Low-Budget Grow Room: How to Save Money on Home Cultivation Efforts
Content What’s a grow room?Where should I set up my grow room?What’s essential for healthy growth?Tips to create your dream grow roomSet up your indoor grow room
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How to Increase Trichome Production
28 September 2021
8 Ways to Increase Trichome Production
Content Increasing the number of trichomesProper lighting and UVB raysDifferent training methodsNutrients that are specific for bloomingDialing in the environment
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Get Big Cannabis Yields in Small Spaces!
9 September 2021
Big Cannabis Yields in Small Spaces
Content What your space needsHow to set up your spacePlant strains suited for small spacesTrain your cannabisControl the climateKeep the lights a good distance from plants
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Plants Growing Too Tall? Don’t Panic – Do This
6 July 2021
Plants Growing Too Tall? Don’t Panic – Do This
Content Why are my cannabis plants growing too tall?How to keep plants shortWhat to do with tall plantsBest strains for managing plant heightFor outdoor growers, cultivating gigantic tree-sized plants is pretty normal. But for indoor growers, tall marijuana plants can spell disaster. If a plant grows too high, it can literally reach an indoor garden’s light source and start suffering from light burns. Once that happens, there’s not much you can do – get ready for scorched leaves, branches, flowers, and overall ruined harvest.
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Learn How To Trim Weed
22 June 2021
Learn How to Trim Weed and Improve Your Buds’ Potency and Quality in a Snip
Content Why you need to trim your budsWhen to start trimmingWet trimDry trimThe tools you need for trimming cannabisCannabis trimming guideDrying Trimmed Buds
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What Are Your Weed Growing Tips?
18 May 2021
People Answer: What Are Your Weed Growing Tips?
Despite its name, weed rarely grows and yields plentiful harvests on its own. Cannabis cultivation is a process that’s learned through experience and experimentation, trial and errors. Another great source of weed growing wisdom is, without a doubt, fellow growers. Today we’re asking our readers “What’s your secret to growing perfect weed?”. And here’s what they think.
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15 May 2021
Fact or Fiction: How to Reach a Gram Per Watt
Content Gram per watt: myth or reality?What stands between you and a gram per wattSkills and experienceWrong strainsPoor geneticsGrowing setupTips for achieving 1 gram per watt
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