Breeders' Overview

cannabis breeder delicious seeds
2 March 2020
Delicious Seeds – Your Pass To Yummy Buds
Delicious Seeds is a relatively new seed bank from Spain, but one that’s already gained widespread international acclaim, with strains that have earned more than 170 trophies over a period of a single decade. Inspired by cannabis’ medical benefits, this seed bank has made it their mission to work and experiment with the world’s top genetics until their full potential is realized, both in terms of their healing properties and their exquisite flavors and effects.
Humboldt Seeds Best Strains
22 June 2020
Humboldt Seeds And What Made Them Famous: Flagship Strains Series
In our previous article, we presented you with Seed Stockers and 5 of their affordable yet high-quality strains that represent the best of their collection. Today, we want to do the same for Humboldt Seeds Organization. This seed company is absolutely worthy of your attention, and the 5 varieties we’ve chosen to describe are real champions in many respects.
auto seeds cannabis breeder
13 March 2020
Breeder - Auto Seeds
Forming back in the mid-2000s, Auto Seeds are specialists in high-quality autoflowering cannabis strains who have, through years of development and innovation, amassed a portfolio of stable, high-yielding autoflowering cannabis strains that are among some of the best on the market.
Female Seeds
11 March 2020
Female Seeds – Thanks For Girls!
Female Seeds is a company established more than 15 years ago in the Netherlands and now sells high-quality marijuana seeds worldwide. The founder of the seed bank was among the first to perfect the ground-breaking technology of feminization and autoflowering genetics – products which, according to grow and smoke reports, are among the best in the market and reliably produce female plants in almost 100% of cases.
Breeder's review: Bomb Seeds
16 March 2020
Bomb Seeds: Mind-blowing Potency
Bomb Seeds are a cannabis seed bank based in Holland and offering a variety of high-quality cannabis seeds. They specialize in a unique range of seeds, meticulously selecting and improving classic strains and combining them with their in-house Bomb genetics. The results are high-performing, award-winning genetics so that each strain provides a high yield, high THC and resin production, rapid growth period and amazing yield potential.
15 June 2020
Seed Stockers’ Top 5: Flagship Strains Series
The best seed companies vouch for the highest quality of every strain they sell. Yet even they have several varieties that stand out from the rest and become bestsellers. Today, we’re starting a series of articles, all of which present the 5 top strains from some of the most reputable seed banks and tells you exactly why these plants have become so popular. First on our list is the incomparable Seed Stockers.
Original Sensible Seeds
29 June 2020
Original Sensible Seeds And Their Bestsellers: Flagship Strains Series
We continue our series of articles dedicated to the world’s most trusted seed suppliers and their essential strains. In today’s installment, we present you 5 weed varieties by Original Sensible Seeds that perfectly illustrate why this UK-based seed bank has become such a huge success among seasoned and discerning British growers, and why it’s established itself as one of the most reputable sources of cannabis genetics worldwide.
Heavyweight Seeds Top 5 Strains
20 July 2020
Heavyweight Seeds' 5 Highest Achievements: Flagship Strains Series
We continue with our long series of posts that are intended to answer two main questions: what’s trending in the world of cannabis and what are our customers buying and growing these days? In this regard, we couldn’t possibly leave out Heavyweight Seeds, a company that offers so much more than an attractive and promising name. Read about this seed bank and their 5 most popular creations, and you’ll see what pleasant surprises are in store for you.
most popular varieties in the Dutch Passion catalog
6 July 2020
Dutch Passion’s Top 5 Trending Autos: Flagship Strains Series
Here’s another piece in our series of posts dedicated to the seed banks and strains that made them famous. These are perfect if you want to begin your acquaintance with cannabis cultivation and enjoy it from start to finish. Today, we’re featuring one of the oldest and most well-known seed companies in the world: Dutch Passion.