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Top 5 American Seed Banks
21 October 2020
Stars And Stripes: Top 5 American Seed Banks And Their Signature Strains
You know that you want cannabis seeds with American genetics, but you aren’t sure which seed banks to trust? We at Herbies work alongside all of the best American seed banks, and we can point you in the right direction. Whether you’re looking for autoflowering, regular, THC, or CBD-heavy cannabis seeds, Sativa, Indica, or hybrid, we have the top 5 recommendations coming straight from the Land of Stars and Stripes! Read further to check out which stateside seed banks we love most, along with some of their signature strains.
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Dr. Krippling top strains
31 August 2020
Dr. Krippling Seeds’ 5 Most Potent Creations: Flagship Strains Series
In our previous articles, we’ve featured many major-league seed companies and their most sought-after strains. This is our final piece of the series, at least for now – and what better way to wrap it up than with Dr. Krippling Seeds, who insists on having the final word as far as powerhouse genetics go?
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Fastbuds top strains
24 August 2020
Fastbuds’ 5 Delicious And Potent Autoflowers: Flagship Strains Series
Here we are again with the next installment in our series of posts dedicated to the essentials of the cannabis market. Today, we’re featuring Fastbuds. This team of breeders is so famous that you’ve probably heard of them and maybe even tried some of their autoflowers. If not, you may find our short account of this seed bank and five cannabis strains that it owes its fame to an interesting read!
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GHS top strains
10 August 2020
Green House Seeds’ 5 Celebrity Genetics: Flagship Strains Series
In the previous articles of this series, we introduced you to many cannabis breeders worthy of your attention. Today, it’s Green House Seeds’ turn. This seed bank is famous for its active participation in the High Times Cannabis Cup, where it has won many major awards. These guys know how to raise champions, and the five strains featured in this post are great proof of that.
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Top 5 Favorites By Sweet Seeds
3 August 2020
Top 5 Favorites By Sweet Seeds: Flagship Strains Series
You may have already read our previous posts dedicated to some of the world’s most reputable breeders and their most important creations. This list wouldn’t be complete without Sweet Seeds, who has made quite a contribution to the genetic diversity of today’s cannabis market. So meet this Spanish seed bank and their best selling varieties.
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Pyramid Seeds’ 5 Top Plants
27 July 2020
Pyramid Seeds’ 5 Top Plants: Flagship Strains Series
In today’s post, we continue to present you with trending seed banks and their most popular current strains. And in this context, Pyramid Seeds definitely deserve a mention! Keep reading to find out more about this Spanish seed company and the five plants that many growers want so much to have in their gardens.
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Heavyweight Seeds Top 5 Strains
20 July 2020
Heavyweight Seeds' 5 Highest Achievements: Flagship Strains Series
We continue with our long series of posts that are intended to answer two main questions: what’s trending in the world of cannabis and what are our customers buying and growing these days? In this regard, we couldn’t possibly leave out Heavyweight Seeds, a company that offers so much more than an attractive and promising name. Read about this seed bank and their 5 most popular creations, and you’ll see what pleasant surprises are in store for you.
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most popular varieties in the Dutch Passion catalog
6 July 2020
Dutch Passion’s Top 5 Trending Autos: Flagship Strains Series
Here’s another piece in our series of posts dedicated to the seed banks and strains that made them famous. These are perfect if you want to begin your acquaintance with cannabis cultivation and enjoy it from start to finish. Today, we’re featuring one of the oldest and most well-known seed companies in the world: Dutch Passion.
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Original Sensible Seeds
29 June 2020
Original Sensible Seeds And Their Bestsellers: Flagship Strains Series
We continue our series of articles dedicated to the world’s most trusted seed suppliers and their essential strains. In today’s installment, we present you 5 weed varieties by Original Sensible Seeds that perfectly illustrate why this UK-based seed bank has become such a huge success among seasoned and discerning British growers, and why it’s established itself as one of the most reputable sources of cannabis genetics worldwide.
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