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Cannabis Ruderalis Strains
19 July 2022
What Is Cannabis Ruderalis? Definition, Effects, And More
Content DefinitionOriginCannabinoid contentAuto propertiesOther propertiesQuite often in modern culture, we see how things that have been around forever undergo a revival thanks to advanced research and modern-day applications. Cannabis Ruderalis is a great example of such a phenomenon taking place in the marijuana industry. While cannabis Ruderalis plants are ancient in nature, their unique characteristics are affecting today’s world of weed more than ever before. Let’s review the past, present, and future of the species to find out how cannabis Ruderalis and its unique characteristics are used in the modern cannabis market.
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autoflower vs feminized seeds
20 May 2022
What’s the Difference Between Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds?
Content What are Feminized Seeds?What Does Autoflowering Mean?Pros and Cons of Auto SeedsGrowing Feminized Seeds vs. AutofloweringFrequently Asked Questions
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12 April 2022
Best High-CBD Autoflowering Seeds of 2022
When the medical marijuana movement began to gain momentum in the 1990s, many people still viewed the idea of being treated with weed as just another excuse for getting high. Luckily, this has all changed now, and CBD is one of the reasons for this shift in attitude. No wonder high-CBD autoflowering seeds are being created in greater and greater numbers by the world’s top breeders.
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Male Vs. Female Cannabis
18 August 2020
Male Vs. Female Cannabis: How To Identify The Sex Of Your Plant
Content Female cannabis plantsHow to identify female plantsFemale cannabis plant anatomyMale cannabis plantsWhat are pollen sacs?Identifying weed sexHow do plants reveal their sex?
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feminized vs regular seeds
6 August 2020
What is the difference between feminized seeds and regular
Content DefinitionRegular seedsFeminized seedsRegular or feminized?Growing regular plantsGrowing feminized plantsHow to tell the differenceRegular Vs. Feminized bud
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what the difference between auto and photo cannabis
27 July 2020
Autoflowering Vs. Photoperiod: Definition, Grow Info And More
Content DefinitionsWhat are photoperiod strains?Autoflowering strainsWhich one to choose?Growing photoperiod strainsGrowing autoflowersIs there a difference?
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white marijuana buds
23 July 2020
Albino Weed And Other Reasons Behind The White Color Of Your Cannabis
Content What is albinism in plants?Is albino weed real?What causes albinism?Light bleachPowdery mildewWhite strainsIf you’ve ever seen photos of all-white weed, it’s hard to deny that it isn’t beautiful. For years, cannabis enthusiasts and breeders have been trying to obtain weed in a variety of colors – purple, blue, red, even black. When it comes to white weed, it may be gorgeous to look at, but its reason for being such a pure white might surprise you.
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grades of weed
30 April 2020
Different Grades Of Weed: How High Can You Go?
Content How to choose the best quality weedSigns of low-grade weedSigns of mid-grade weedSigns of high-grade weedMarijuana is a natural product. While most of the time, this aspect of weed is celebrated and even revered, it also means that every single bud consumed has gone through several stages of life before coming to you. With each of the steps such as breeding, flowering or storing, there’s the opportunity to add quality and value to the product. However, there’s also the chance of something going wrong, with the end product coming out as nothing more than schwag. But what’s the actual difference between different grades of bud? Let us explain.
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how to grow purple weed
8 April 2020
How To Grow Purple Cannabis
Despite the fact that weed is often referred to as “green” or “grass”, sometimes cannabis plants mature and turn purple instead of the more commonly expected emerald. What does this mean for the plant and its user? Unusual plant color has brought many myths to life that we’re going to debunk in this article. Keep on reading and you’ll soon find out what it means if a cannabis plant is purple rather than green, and what one needs to do to grow a plant of unusual hues.
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