Common Cannabis Problems

Hermaphrodite marijuana
30 January 2020
Hermaphrodite Cannabis Plants
In both the animal and plant kingdom, hermaphroditic organisms elicit a lot of interest. Luckily, this is an area that has been widely studied, thus availing us with a wealth of knowledge. The existence of both male and female features in plants and animals, also known as hermaphroditism, is mainly a natural occurrence. Although considered rare among humans and other animals, this is rather common in plants. In some cases, plants depend entirely on hermaphroditism in order to grow, thrive and spread within a given environment. It is paramount that you identify and remove hermaphrodite plants from your cannabis crop to avoid pollination that could cause your whole crop of female plants to start forming seeds, significantly lowering the quality of your harvest. In the discussion that follows, we explore these phenomena in detail to understand its overall effect on the cannabis plant.
how much light is too much for cannabis
6 February 2020
Cannabis Light Stress And Light Burn
Experiencing cannabis light burn can be very stressful – especially if it’s your first time going through it. However, with the right precautions and growing know-how, it’s possible to bounce back from even the worst light stress! Let’s learn how to do it.
Marijuana plant problems
13 March 2020
Starting With The Symptoms – What Your Plant Is Telling You
There are a multitude of health problems that can plague a marijuana plant. Nearly all of these issues share one thing in common: they present symptoms. When a grower ignores these symptoms, it can have negative repercussions on their marijuana plants. However, if you pay attention to what your cannabis plants are telling you, it’s possible to cure these problems! You can learn more about how to diagnose sick cannabis plants below.
Cannabis Nitrogen Deficiency
19 February 2020
When Your Cannabis Has Yellow Leaves: Nitrogen Deficiency
Growing cannabis is easy, but it does require a certain amount of effort by the grower. One of the biggest requirements when it comes to growing weed is to give your plants the nutrients necessary to keep them healthy and ensure a harvest you can be proud of. If you’ve ever noticed your marijuana leaves turning yellow, this is definitely a sign of nitrogen deficiency. Left untreated, nitrogen deficiency in cannabis can take a serious toll on the plant’s health and decrease yields come harvest time. If you’re serious about growing the best weed possible, knowing all you can about marijuana nitrogen deficiency is crucial.
heat stress weed
19 February 2020
Cannabis Heat Stress
Cannabis heat stress might sound pretty self-explanatory and avoiding it can seem simple, but your cannabis plants can experience many issues – such as discoloration or burning – as a direct result of heat stress. This can have severe implications on the health of your plants as well as the quality and size of your harvest. As you might imagine, this isn’t a pleasant experience, so before you get growing, it’s important to understand the causes of cannabis heat stress, as well as how to prevent it and how to treat it should you find your plants in need of rejuvenation.
cannabis roots
28 February 2020
Are Your Cannabis Roots Healthy? Here’s How To Check
Starting from the moment your cannabis seed finally pops, its root becomes the basis of the young plant’s healthy maturing. As time passes, the root system never loses its importance in terms of the overall health of marijuana plants. Even though we can’t really see what’s happening in the dirt, there are ways to check on the health of your cannabis’ root system – and as soon as it falls victim to a disease or pests, the problem translates into clear signs both below and above the ground’s surface. In this article, we’ll be covering the importance of a healthy root system for cannabis health, as well as the main problems with cannabis roots that could put your harvest in danger –tips on solving each issue included. Let’s dive right in!
potassium deficiency in marijuana plants
15 June 2020
Potassium Deficiency In Cannabis: How Can I Spot And Treat It?
Potassium, one of the three macronutrients most important to a plant’s growth, is necessary for the flowering stage of cannabis and bud development. If you’re seeing weird discolorations and stunted growth in your marijuana garden, potassium deficiency might be responsible. Without a fix, potassium deficiency can quickly ruin months of hard work in your garden. Don’t let this happen – gain all the knowledge you need to successfully combat potassium deficiency from this article.
yellowing leaves with brown spots
18 May 2020
Leaf Septoria – An In-Depth Guide To Yellow Spots On Cannabis Leaves
There’s nothing worse than taking a routine look at your plants and spotting anything but beautiful, healthy green leaves. Discovering yellow spots or brown and black spots on leaves can be discouraging, to say the least. Luckily, it’s just a sign from the plant showing you that changes need to be made. If leaves could talk, this is how they’d do it. Leaf septoria shows up initially as yellowing leaves with brown spots. This plant disease is a fungal pathogen that can affect the growth of your marijuana plants. It’s therefore important to know how to prevent as well as effectively treat it if necessary. Here, we’ve put together an in-depth guide into leaf septoria and everything you need to know about this cannabis condition. 
cannabis feminization
18 June 2020
How Can I Feminize My Cannabis Seeds?
You may have heard of feminized seeds before, either online or from another grower. This progressive type of seed has become possible thanks to feminization – a fairly new technique for cannabis growers that rose to prominence during the 1990s. Usually, feminized seeds are those that have undergone a chemical process to make them always germinate into female plants. If you’re curious about how to feminize marijuana seeds yourself and are interested in learning more about the process, be sure to check out the following guide.