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Cannabis Problems

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Cannabis Nitrogen Deficiency
11 April 2022
When Your Cannabis Has Yellow Leaves: Nitrogen Deficiency
Content Nitrogen & cannabis plantsSigns of nitrogen deficiencyNitrogen deficiency treatmentPreventing nitrogen deficiencyVegetative phaseFlowering phaseForgiving strains
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16 November 2021
Leaving Cannabis Plants Unattended: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Them Alive
Content How long can you leave your plants unattended?Can you leave hydroponic systems unattended?Consider the growing cycleLeaving plants in veg cycleLeaving plants in flowering
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29 July 2021
How to Stop Algae from Growing in Hydroponics
Content What is it algae in hydroponicsDoes algae affect plant growth?Symptoms of algae build-upPreventing the onslaught of algaeAlgae is a necessary evil in any hydroponic system. So while it’s no use dreaming about running a completely algae-free environment, we can teach you a couple of tricks to stop algae from growing in hydroponics and not let the problem spin out of control.
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27 July 2021
Damping Off in Cannabis: Treatment and Prevention
Content What is Damping Off in SeedlingsSigns of Damping Off in WeedHow to Save Damped Off SeedlingsHow to Prevent Damping OffSo, you’ve just received a few packs of cannabis seeds. Everything looks great after germination, and the first plants are growing their initial sets of teensy leaves. Then, one morning, you go to check on your plants and see that one of them is drooped over, lifeless in its little pot. What happened?! As you research, remaining weed seeds in hand, the term “damping off” appears. What does that even mean?
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23 June 2021
Mealybugs: How To Get Rid of Those Fluffy White Bugs on Cannabis
Content What are mealybugs?Identifying mealybugsDangerouses of mealybugs for plantsSigns of mealybugsWays to get rid of mealybugsHow to prevent and control mealybugs
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8 June 2021
Snails and Slugs on Cannabis
Content Snails and slugs on cannabis 101What damage do snails and slugs do to plants?Signs of weed damageIneffective and harmful solutionsHow to get rid of snails and slugs
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Leaf curling in cannabis plants
16 April 2021
Leaf Curling In Cannabis Plants: Why It Happens, What Causes It, And How To Fix It
Content What is leaf curlingCauses of curled leavesWind burnOverwatering/underwateringNitrogen toxicityBad soilDamaged rootsRoot rotRootboundHeat and cold stress
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9 April 2021
Rootbound Cannabis: Signs, Symptoms, And Solutions
Content What is rootbound?Why you want to avoid itSigns of rootbound cannabisHow to save a rootbound cannabis plantA healthy root system is essential for your plant’s growth, since that’s where it absorbs water and nutrients. Whenever you grow indoors, your plant’s roots won’t be able to grow as freely as in the great outdoors. It’s your job to make sure your cannabis plants always have the right amount of space both above and below the soil. Your plants becoming rootbound is a danger you can face if close enough attention isn’t paid to the size of your plant in relation to the container. Let’s break down some of the symptoms of a rootbound cannabis plant and what you can do if you ever find yourself in this situation.
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Powdery Mildew
31 March 2021
Powdery Mildew, AKA The White Scourge: What Is It, How To Identify It And How To Treat It
Content What is powdery mildew?Is powdery mildew dangerous?Causes of powdery mildewSigns of powdery mildewHow to treat powdery mildewDIY solutionsPowdery mildew spray
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