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27 September 2021
12 Absolute Best Strains for Rosin Press
Not all cannabis strains are created equal. This is especially true when choosing a strain to turn into rosin. Some buds that perform exceptionally well when smoked, vaped, or made into edibles could be a little underwhelming when squeezed into a concentrate.
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2 June 2021
Best Weed Lube Recipe To Ignite Better Intimacy
Content What is DIY weed lube?Weed lube: THC or CBD?THC weed lube effectsBest strains for making THC lubeCBD weed lube effectsBest strains for making CBD lubeEffects of combined THC and CBD
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1 June 2021
Our Foolproof Weed Candy Recipe (Using Cannabis Tincture)
Content How do weed candies work?Cannabis tincture: the main ingredientStep-by-step recipeEquipmentIngredientsThe potency of cannabis hard candyLow-key and discreet, cannabis candy is as easy to make as it is moreish. THC hard candies are the perfect snack for late-night movie marathons and lazy summer BBQs. If you’re not in the mood to experience the high associated with THC, you can opt for CBD sweets – the ultimate inconspicuous pain reliever.
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Cannabis Tinctures
24 February 2021
Cannabis Tinctures: The What, Why, And How
Content What is a cannabis tincture?Benefits of THC tincturesMethods for making weed tincturesAlcohol or glycerin?Type of alcoholHow to make tinctureWhat you'll need
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sun rocks bud
16 December 2020
Sun Rocks: What They Are And How To Make Them
Content What are sun rocks?Sun rocks & moon rocksHow to make sun rocksIngredientsStep-by step guideHow to smoke sun rocksStoners are always finding new and creative ways to spice things up when it comes to smoking weed. Cannabis products come in seemingly limitless forms in this day and age, sometimes as updates to tried-and-true methods. The cannabis “upgrade” we’re talking about today is sun rocks – a way to smoke your bud that builds on the foundation created by moon rocks. And it’s out of this world!
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dab strains
26 October 2020
Best Strains For Extraction – The Ultimate Top 10 Every Grower Needs To Have In Their Garden
At one point or another, the exploration of the cannabis world leads to concentrates, both making and consuming them. This marijuana product comes in many forms, all of which are known for their potency, clean effects, and pronounced taste. But what strain should you choose to make a concentrate with? Today, we’re helping you out with this question – let’s learn more about concentrates and find out what cannabis strains are best-suited for extraction.  
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what’s the best way to smoke hash
17 September 2020
Looking For The Best Way To Smoke Hash? Here Are 8 Great Options To Choose From
Content What is hash?Cannabis flower vs. hash8 best ways to smoke hashSmoking hash in a pipe or a bongAdding hash to a jointUsing hookahHot knives methodDabbing hash
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sugar leaves
20 August 2020
Cannabis Sugar Leaves: What They Are And What To Do With Them
Content What are sugar leaves?SmokingSugar trim usageVapingCannabutterKiefSugar leaf teaTinctureWhen you think of cannabis leaves, you probably think of the big, broad fan leaves with five or seven leaflets. This iconic shape symbolizes stoners everywhere, but did you know there’s another type of cannabis leaf? They’re called sugar leaves. If you grow your own cannabis or have bought some with a bit left untrimmed, you’ve seen sugar leaves! These cute little bud leaves are nestled in among the flowers and are also plentiful in trichomes, so sugar leaves needn’t be cast aside when trimming. Let us fill you in!
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Terp Sauce
4 August 2020
Terp Sauce: Discovering Potent And Flavorful Liquid Gold
Content What is terp sauceThe importance of terpenesHow is it madeHow to consume itTerp sauce is potentIs terp sauce for meThe cannabis concentrate market is the fastest growing area of retail weed, and within the realm of concentrates, one in particular, has been getting a lot of attention: terp sauce. So today, we’re looking at how to make terp sauce, or HTFSE (High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract), and why it should be in your next stash purchase.
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