6 May 2020
Making Hash From Weed Stems
 1. How potent are weed stems?2. Making stem hash2.1. Making hash oil2.2. Making bubble hash2.3. Making charas2.4. Making kief
kief tea recipe
28 May 2020
How to Make Kief Tea: Two Ways Of Making A Potent Brew
Have you ever wondered what to do with all of that powder that accumulates on the bottom of your grinder? Of course, the first thing coming to your mind is probably smoking it, but sometimes, we want something a bit more exciting. Luckily, there’s another, more delicious method of consumption that you’re sure to be able to incorporate into your daily routine! We’re talking about having a cup of hot and satisfying kief tea. Follow up for all the details!
homemade dabs
24 March 2020
DIY Dabs At Home
Dabbing is the latest and greatest method for cannabis consumers to enjoy elevated effects. The pure concentrated extracts used for dabbing are not only heightened in potency but deliver instant relief, with refined flavors too. However, these desirable dabbing benefits come at a cost, as concentrates are typically the priciest products on the shelves. Many cannabis consumers are therefore asking themselves, what’s an easy way to make dabs at home? We’ve got the answers to saving on dab costs with the easiest ways to make your own delectable concentrates.
cannabis concentrates
27 February 2020
Cannabis Concentrates
With today’s advancements in processing cannabis flowers, there are more concentrates and extracts on the market than ever before. With so many options. it’s hard to tell the difference between them or know the type of process it takes to make the various types of concentrates. But don’t worry - we’ve compiled the only guide to cannabis extracts you’ll need. Let’s dive into the world of weed concentrates and find out more about each. 
extract thc with alcohol
7 April 2020
Extracting THC With Alcohol: 2 Main DIY Techniques
Not everyone knows this, but alcohol works as a great solvent when combined with cannabis. By using it to strip the THC, CBD and other cannabinoids away from the plant matter, you can get crafty and create your own concentrates. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to extract THC with alcohol, get ready, because now you’ll finally learn all about it.
27 April 2020
Kief: Everything You Need To Know
Every cannabis lover can probably recollect a similar memory of a happy revelation – the stash is over, there’s no more weed for the night, but they open the bottom chamber of the grinder thinking, “Maybe, just maybe, some stuff has fallen through? Miracles happen, right?” And they do! They can’t believe their eyes as they’re blessed by the sight of airy green powder that smells like fun times. What is it? That’s kief!
26 May 2020
Easy Concentrates: Make Your Own QWISO Extracts At Home
Wax, hash, shatter, dabs… the wonderful world of concentrates and extracts is delicious and diverse! Instead of navigating the dizzying number of options in a dispensary, why not give it a go in your kitchen? Introducing the QWISO method – a way to make extract in the comfort of your own home!
weed lemonade
4 June 2020
Weed Lemonade: Simple Recipes For Your Next Favorite Summer Drink
Summer is right around the corner and you may be starting to ask the heavens for a drop of rain or a cool gust of wind. As much as we love weed, when the numbers on thermometers grow higher and higher, our favorite herb can’t do much to save us from heat. Well, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a special solution for you! Of course we do, and it’s weed lemonade – a beautiful refreshment that keeps you cool while also getting you high. So, get your lemons ready and continue reading!
1 June 2020
Top Secrets Of Moon Rocks: How To Make And Smoke Them
There are so many different ways to smoke cannabis these days, it can be hard to keep track. If you’re tired of your ordinary cannabis routine and want to try something new to spice things up, or if you find you’re just not getting to that same level of high you used to, try using moon rocks, one of the most hardcore ways to enjoy your bud.